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Web performance for LAMP developers (front end)


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Sergey's short introduction to web performance for LAMP developers, presented at July 2011 NY Web Performance Meetup:

Back-end presentation was done by Ronald Bradford

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Web performance for LAMP developers (front end)

  1. 1. Web Performance for LAMP developers Sergey Chernyshev @SergeyChe
  2. 2. Performance? Why?User experience$$$ Money $$$• Shopzilla +7-12% conversions! & -50% operation costs• +15% (+60M) downloads for Firefox. (-1sec => +2.7% downloads)• Slowness is sticky (Google and Microsoft)SEO: Google uses sites speed in ranking
  3. 3. "Front-end"• Read waterfall diagrams• Measure users version of performance• Use browsers cache• "Compile" your web apps
  4. 4. Waterfalls
  5. 5. Metrics• TTFB• Time to load• Time to first render• Above the Fold (AFT)• Your business metrics• Technical metrics (# of requests, page size, etc)
  6. 6. Quick wins! gzip (Apache configuration)Browser Caching (Apache & PHP code)
  7. 7. gzipreduction of download time ~75% for text-based ~37% total
  8. 8. Use Browser CacheKnow your last updateNo download time is spent
  9. 9. Use Browser CacheNever expire specific URLUse update time as fingerprint
  10. 10. Compile• Combine CSS and JavaScript• Minify CSS, JavaScript and even HTML• Optimize images• Version static / code URLs
  11. 11. Drop-in .htaccess
  12. 12. TrendsTrack your metrics over time