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Introduction to Testing Industry

The Introduction to Testing Industry.
February 2015, Bugsaloud, Vilnius

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Introduction to Testing Industry

  2. 2. Purpose of the Presentation ? To provide some context on the software testing industry (broader than our day-to-day duties).
  3. 3. What is Software Testing ?
  4. 4. Software Testing is … • Software testing is a process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding the software bugs (ISTQB) • The principle objective of software testing is to give confidence in the software. (Unknown Author) • Testing is an infinite process of comparing the invisible to the ambiguous in order to avoid the unthinkable happening to the anonymous (James Bach) • Software testing is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test. (Bertrand Meyer)
  5. 5. Money in Software Testing …
  6. 6. Money in Software Testing Industry Pierre Audoin Consultants ( ) has forecasted the software testing spends to hit Euro 100 billions by 2014. IDC and Gartner forecast that the enterprise spending on independent testing services would cross the benchmark of USD 30 billions (Euro ~25 billions) by 2015. ( factors-influencing-spending-testing-services/)
  7. 7. Money (Lithuanian GDP) Estimate for LT GDP 2014 – USD 50 Billions.
  8. 8. Billions of EURO 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 LT GDP 2014 Independent Testing by 2015 Overall Testing 2014 Money in SW Testing Industry vs Lithuanian GDP
  9. 9. History of Software Testing… Testing/Agile-Performance-Automation-Metrics-Development-Acceptance- Exploratory-Functional-Integration-Process-Software-Strategy-Testing-Teams- Unit-Six-Sigma-selenium-Web
  10. 10. History of Testing [before 1970] 1958 – First independent Test Team at IBM 1960s: • Testing is mentioned in “Computer Programming Fundamentals” book by Jerry Weinberg • Some of the Testing methods whitepapers are published (IBM, 1967) • NATO report mentions Software Quality (1968)
  11. 11. History of Testing [1970s] Cyclomatic complexity, Quality metrics, structure based testing, code inspections… 1979 - Glenford J. Myers in his “The Art of Software Testing” introduces separation of debugging from testing and summarizes the black box testing methods.
  12. 12. History of Testing [1980s] Boris Beizer “Software Testing Techniques”, “Black-Box Testing” IEEE 829 Exploratory Testing introduced by Cem Kaner (1988) Black-box and White-box testing techniques are defined
  13. 13. History of Testing [1990s] Boris Beizer “Bug Taxonomy”, “Pesticide Paradox” Cem Caner “Testing Computer Software” Mercury Interactive WinRunner started First Star conference (1992, Las Vegas) First EuroStar conference (1993, London) Tmap published (1995) ISEB certification created (1998) James Bach – Context Driven Testing (1999)
  14. 14. History of Testing [2000s …] James Bach – Rapid Software Testing, Session Based Testing James Bach, Cem Kaner, Bret Pettichord “Lessons learned in Software Testing” ISTQB founded (2002) IBM Rational Tester (2002), Selenium (2004) "Schools of Software Testing“, 2003 - Bret Pettichord uTest – crowdsourcing, 2008
  15. 15. History of Testing [2000s] Gojko Adzic “Specification by Example” (2011) Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) Behavior Driven Testing (BDT) (TDD -> ATDD -> BDT) Gherkin (Cucumber specification) Fitness….
  16. 16. Some More on Software Testing …
  17. 17. Schools of Software Testing • Analytical School (structural testing) • Factory School (requirement traceability) • QA School (gatekeeping over testing) • Context Driven School
  18. 18. Software Testing Contributors
  19. 19. Software Testing Industry
  20. 20. Some Software Testing Folklore
  21. 21. Some Software Testing-Related Terms Triangle Problem (1960s) Pesticide Paradox (early 1990s) paradox Software Archeology (early 2000s)
  22. 22. Expensive Bugs • Mariner Bugs Out (1962), Cost: $18.5 million Disaster: The Mariner 1 rocket with a space probe headed for Venus diverted from its flight path shortly after launch. • World War III… Almost (1983), Cost: Nearly all of humanity Disaster: The Soviet early warning system falsely indicated the United States had launched five ballistic missiles • Patriot Fails Soldiers (1991), Cost: 28 soldiers dead, 100 injured. Disaster: During the first Gulf War, an American Patriot Missile system in Saudi Arabia failed to intercept an incoming Iraqi Scud missile. • Cancer Treatment to Die For (2000), Cost: Eight people dead, 20 critically injured. blunders.html
  23. 23. A Software Testing Urban Legend Claim: A flavor of ice cream being transported affects a car's performance: every time vanilla is the driver's choice, the car stalls (vapor lock). (Collected on the Internet, 1998)
  24. 24. THANK YOU