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Performance Assessment and Engagement Tool that Works


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Teamgager is a performance assessment tool that your team will love; and you will, too.
If "Lean" and "Agile" are on your mind right after "Team," this is the tool for you. Trusted by teams, tested and loved by business owners that are ready for a disruptive change.
Teamgager is an approach that you can implement yourself, subscription-free, accessible to the team on mobile and PC.

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Performance Assessment and Engagement Tool that Works

  1. 1. Trusted and Transparent: TEAMGAGER Performance assessment tool that works
  2. 2. Effective performance management creates a significant competitive advantage in developing, motivating and retaining the best employees. However, using the outdated methodology, many companies fail to see positive returns on investment and neglect the process or give up on it altogether. This opens a great opportunity to create a new process that will attract and engage the best. TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 2
  3. 3. According to research, well over 90% of employees, managers, and HR people agree that the APRs are not working – at best; at worst, they have a negative effect on company performance. In particular, the annual performance reviews are a major source of dissatisfaction at many organizations. The Teamgager tool by Collectiver is a zero-cost solution to your performance management problems. TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 3
  4. 4. TEAMGAGER unique ADVANTAGES: 1. Genuinely objective: – As the tool is “on” throughout the year, it gathers and retains ALL performance feedback and is not prone to “recency bias.” – 100% anonymous, it guarantees honest feedback unaffected by office politics, political correctness, or fear of retaliation. – It has a 360-assessment element, reinforcing its objective nature and making the results valuable to team members as well as to team leads. TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 4
  5. 5. TEAMGAGER unique ADVANTAGES: 2. Future-oriented – naturally more engaging: – As only positive feedback is collected, it excludes instances of frustration venting and “acts of vengeance.” – It does not register past errors or wrong behaviors; however, it gives a true picture of who is worth what on the team. Busy beavers and politically savvy free riders soon consider leaving the team. TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 5
  6. 6. TEAMGAGER unique ADVANTAGES: 3. Provides factual background for formal and informal reviews and coaching conversations: – Each team member’s individual position on the performance chart is a visual indication of the person’s contribution to the team effort and of the probable performance gaps that need to be addressed. – A formal report can be generated for the assessment period and stored in the HR file. TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 6
  7. 7. TEAMGAGER unique ADVANTAGES: 4. Individual team members’ scores can be used for bonus calculation: – As the tool is perceived by the team as objective and fair, the differentiated compensation calculated based on the individual performance score will be likewise perceived as fair. – Significantly variable and fair compensation is a powerful engagement driver. TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 7
  8. 8. TEAMGAGER unique ADVANTAGES: 5. The tool is free and does not require special skills to set up and administer: – A zero-cost version of the tool uses online polls (Google offers a free option) accessible from desktop PCs or mobiles or tablets. – Once a week feedback provides timely engaging info – scores, ratios, graphs and thank-you notes – for weekly one-on-one and team meetings, and does not require a paid subscription. TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 8
  9. 9. TEAMGAGER process FLOW: TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 9 Team members are encouraged to provide feedback on a weekly basis by accessing the online form (link received by email).
  10. 10. TEAMGAGER online FORM: The form contains three statements to be completed with a team member’s name selected from the pulldown menu, followed by an option to write a thank-you note. The completed statements are 100% anonymous. The thank-you note (tweet-sized, 280 characters) may contain any information, including the sender’s name. The four items on the note are independent and are completed voluntarily and in any combination. TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 10
  11. 11. TEAMGAGER form STATEMENTS: 1. (TEAM): I would love to be on the same team with: [name] 2. ($$$$): I would give a big bonus to: [name] 3. (UP!!): I would definitely promote: [name] 4. My Thank-You Note this week: [280 char text] Once the form is sent out, a copy of the answers is emailed to the sender to ensure authenticity and anonymity. TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 11
  12. 12. DATA OUTPUT: Once a week (or as desired), the data (names and notes) are processed by the tool administrator. Then the individual scores are calculated and mapped: Y-axis shows the “TEAM” score X-axis – the “$$$$” score, and Bubble size is the “UP!!” score. TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 12
  13. 13. TEAM $$$$ UP!! Alpha 19 27 33 Bravo 21 12 12 Charlie 13 21 15 Delta 13 11 2 Echo 12 18 19 Foxtrot 13 16 22 Golf 22 27 14 Hotel 19 23 16 India 11 22 19 Juliett 29 21 31 Kilo 26 16 20 Lima 25 14 21 Mike 11 21 12 November 16 19 15 Oscar 20 18 20 Papa 38 22 36 Quebec 17 17 18 Team Member TEAM $$$$ UP! Alpha 0 0 0 Bravo 0 1 0 Charlie 0 1 1 Delta 0 0 0 Echo 0 0 0 Foxtrot 0 1 1 Golf 1 0 0 Hotel 0 0 0 India 0 1 0 Juliett 0 0 1 Kilo 1 0 0 Lima 0 0 0 Mike 0 0 0 November 0 0 0 Oscar 1 1 0 Papa 0 0 1 Quebec 2 0 1 TEAM LEAD’s DASHBOARD: TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 13 The TL receives a weekly file that contains the last week’s charts, cumulative annual results, and the confidential team scores list. Thus, the TL knows all scores, current and historical, while team members receive only the charts, with one bubble highlighted – their own.
  14. 14. General TEAM DASHBOARD: TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 14 The Dashboard sent out to the entire team contains current and cumulative charts, and thank-you notes received during the reported week. The Dashboard may also contain the team’s engagement indicators – Participation Rate (% of TMs responded) and Response Rate (% of feedback provided by the team).
  15. 15. Sample TEAM Performance Chart: TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 15 The Red Bubble on this sample chart indicates the approximate average performance result for the team. Team members above it are better team workers, to the right – perceived as hard workers by their peers. Thus, TM #1 is ahead of the entire team by all indicators and is probably a HiPo ripe for a promotion. TM #2 is a hard worker deserving a raise – but may need to be coached on teamwork skills. TM #3 definitely requires attention. The TL needs to find out if there is an external problem, or this is not the right person to work here.
  16. 16. Teamgager Admin sends out the link to the form on Wednesday, followed by a reminder on Friday. Team members can send feedback at any time and may add feedback during the week. The weekly poll closes at 23.59 on Sunday, and the Dashboards are sent out and/or posted on Monday, providing a good start for the Morning Huddle. Individual scores are discussed during F2F coaching conversations with the TLs. TEAMGAGER WEEKLY INTERACTIONS: TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 16
  17. 17. Formal performance reviews use individualized reports (monthly, quarterly, annual). The tool does not replace the reviews, only provides the unbiased feedback that helps pinpoint performance gaps and reward achievements, regardless of when they have happened during the assessment period. The TL’s role remains instrumental in setting goals, directing the development and adjusting the objectives in real time. PERFORMANCE REVIEWS: TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 17
  18. 18. After a complete cycle of performance assessments and reviews and once all the teams become comfortable with the tool, the Total Team Performance Chart may be generated for the entire company. Together with the Q7 tool, Teamgager will help you assess and regroup the entire team, based on individual performance and values convergence. ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 18
  19. 19. Teamgager offers an innovative and efficient approach to employee performance assessment. It is based on the available best practices and our research findings of our team. Although it may look “simplistic” to some organizations, being naturally agile and lean, the tool is an organic fit with self-managed teams that are key to success in the knowledge economy. Try the Teamgager approach today and share your results with our team at Collectiver. CALL TO ACTION: TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 19
  20. 20. For more tools and performance improvement insights visit us at We are making good companies better TEAM TRUST TOOL: TEAMGAGER Collectiver Inc., © 2018 20