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Poster Serenoa


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Poster presented by W4 during 'Mobility for Business', an event dedicated to mobile technologies and IT, held on October 10th and 11th in Paris (France).

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Poster Serenoa

  1. 1. Multidimensional Context-aware Adaptation of Service Front-Ends www.serenoa-fp7.euSummaryThe FP7 EU-funded project Serenoa is creating a novel open platform for developing context-awareapplication user interfaces. Such user interfaces are aware of the changes in the context and can properlyreact to them in a continuous way. This includes adaptation to the users devices, tasks, preferences andabilities, thereby improving the users satisfaction and performance compared to traditional approachesto user interface design. An additional benefit is a reduction in the cost and development time for crea-tion and maintenance of user interfaces.The Serenoa Architecture Goals Outcomes Extend and reuse existing frameworks An adaptive application development methodology Accelerate design and runtime UI adaptation development An innovative platform for context-sensitive Apps Fill a gap in the market for developing Context-Aware Apps Reusable authoring tools and software components Align R&D work with Business Expectations Prototypes Adaptation domains Contexts of Use Mobile terminals, smartphones and tablets User: profile, preferences, disabilities, language… Head-mounted devices Platform & devices: desktop PCs, smartphone, tablets… Web apps Modalities: click & point, touch screens, voice, gesture… Accessibility Environment: Location, light, noise, social context… Benefits Beneficiaries Better User Experience: increased usability and accessibility Developers Cross-platform consistency End-Users Shorter time-to-market Researchers Easy-to-use software tools for context-aware Apps CIOs Funded by: Follow us at: