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Corozal town beach frontage properties – a haven for retirees


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The ocean frontage properties in Corozal Town are only a few hundred feet away from the beach, having ample green space within the premises of the lot. These condominiums or homes also come with electrical power, which is not common for all residential subdivisions. Find a home nestled between rich natural resources for a relaxed lifestyle away from the hustle bustle of the city.

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Corozal town beach frontage properties – a haven for retirees

  1. 1. Corozal Town Beach Frontage Properties – a haven for retirees When you think of beautiful beaches, the waves from the ocean gently lapping the shore, white sand, green trees and the abundance of picturesque natural resources, Belize is the place that strikes your mind. This Central American country has become one of the top destinations for tourists and expats. People come in from across the globe, but is mostly crowded with tourists from the U.S.A, Canada or Europe. As soon as you put your foot down on Belizean land, you can feel and absorb the beauty of the place. The slow lifestyle of Belizeans is contagious; even if you’re coming from a fast paced country where your day is all about struggling to maintain work-life balance, it gets to you.
  2. 2. Living in Belize This country is becoming increasingly popular for retirees and those nearing their retirement years. This is because the cost of living in this breathtaking country is relatively low as compared to other Caribbean countries. A family can live in comfortably in only $2000-3000 per month. Some families even live on $1000; the expenditure depends on the type of lifestyle you adopt – simple or luxurious.
  3. 3. Retiring in Belize Many foreign retirees are relocating to this country, one of nature’s best kept secrets. Many colonies are now populated with retired persons and their families. The clean and pollution free air, cool breeze, relaxed atmosphere and low cost of living are the reasons why so many families are magnetized towards this beautiful state. The Belize Retirement Incentives Program is also a big attraction for those above 45 years of age. This program enables retirees to qualify for great benefits and tax exemptions.
  4. 4. Relocating to Corozal Town – Serenity Paradise Moving to Belize can be a good decision. It is a place where you can implement healthy lifestyle changes; create work-life balance, work to earn well and at the same time spend quality time with your family without stressing or losing your mind. Building your own home and owning it is not a great hassle as the government regulations regarding property ownership aren’t too strict like in most other countries. Many Corozal beach frontage properties and lots are available for sale; all you need is the right kind of real estate advisor to help you find a home that best fits your requirements.
  5. 5. Serenity Paradise Belize Contact Details: Address: 1720 Mars Hill Road Suite 8-365 Acworth, GA 30101 Number: 863-877-0397 Email: Website: Thank you.