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What Has Tobacco Cost You? Enough Already?


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Calculate the costs of nicotine addiction. Financial is just one measure. This slide show asks you some hard hitting questions. If you need some help to break through your denial, ask yourself these question.

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What Has Tobacco Cost You? Enough Already?

  1. 1. What Has Tobacco Cost You? Face the reality of your smoking. Face the hope for recovery.
  2. 2. Nicotine Addiction: The Price Are you ready to face the costs?
  3. 3. Answer these questions as honestly as you are able, using your entire life time of tobacco use.
  4. 4. A. Tobacco Product$ Loose Tobacco $____ Pipe Tobacco $____ Cigarettes $____ Cigars/Cigarellos $____ Chew $____ Snuff $____ Total $___________
  5. 5. B. $moking Paraphernalia Rolling Papers $_____ Cigarette Tubes $_____ Rolling Machine $_____ Pipes/Pipe Cleaners $_____ Hookah Pipes $_____ Lighters/Matches $_____ Ashtrays $_____ Total $_________
  6. 6. C. Nicotine Replacement Product$ Nicotine Gum $_____ Electronic Cigarettes $_____ Nicotine Patches $_____ Lozenges $_____ Nasal Sprays $_____ Inhalers $_____ Total $___________
  7. 7. D. Smoking Cessation Method$ Medications $______ • Clonadine • Zyban/Wellbutrin • Champix Hypnosis $______ Acupuncture $______ Counselling $______ Rehab $______ Total $_______
  8. 8. E. Collateral Damage$ Decreased value of home: 30% $_______ Decreased value of vehicle: 10 – 30% $_______ Burned or ruined furniture $_______ Burned or ruined clothes $_______ Fire in home or vehicle $_______ Increased costs of Life Insurance Policies $_______ Tobacco related dentistry $_______ Loss of work due to smoking related illness $_______ Medical costs $_______ Total $____________
  9. 9. Are you ready for the Grand Total? Before you add up all the financial costs, let’s look at other damages you may not be aware of:
  10. 10. What about costs to those around you? Did you: • smoke while pregnant, or in the presence of pregnant women? • smoke around babies or children? • enable minors to use nicotine? • smoke around your, or other people’s pets? • smoke in a prohibited or dangerous area? • steal cigarettes? • buy cigarettes while neglecting food or other necessities? • throw your cigarette butts out the car window? • empty your car ashtray on the street? • use government or insurance money for products or treatments related to your smoking? • know that due to lost productivity, health and nicotine withdrawal many times a day, employers are out $6000 for every smoker?
  11. 11. What about costs to your relationships? Did you: • promise someone you would quit smoking and not? • lie about your smoking to loved ones? • choose only smoking friends or romantic partners? • lose any relationships due to smoking? • avoid activities like travel or movies, because you couldn’t smoke freely? • feel angry or abandoned by friends or family that quit smoking?
  12. 12. What about cost to your self-respect? Did you: • scrounge & smoke someone else’s cigarette butts? • ask for cigarettes from strangers? • feel embarrassed or try to hide the smell on your body, hair and clothes? • feel embarrassed about yellowed teeth or fingers? • feel guilt or shame due to smoking and/or inability to stop? • feel like a bad role model for your children or other young people in your life?
  13. 13. Total of Financial Costs (A – E): $_______________________ Grand Total of ALL COSTS: ________________________ ________________________ Have you and your loved ones paid enough? How much more are you willing to spend?
  14. 14. Nicotine Addiction: How much more will it cost you? Residential rehab for nicotine, alcohol and other drugs