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Tobacco Deaths - Celebrities Fatally Impacted by Nicotine Addiction


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Not even the R.J. Reynolds family is immune to the Death Sentence of Nicotine Addiction. If you want to quit smoking before you die, get the help you need. Serenity Vista Nicotine, Alcohol and other drug addiction Rehab.

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  • @martinteresaberners it is not an easy lesson, you are right. But little by little, the tide is turning in North and Central America, and some European countries too. Thanks for commenting . I appreciate it.
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  • It is time for smokers to learn from such incidents... But sadly, only a very few, if at all any, are going to learn the lesson ... as always....
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  • Smoking will kill more than 400,000 Americans this year according to the Centers for Disease Control. It's time to make smoking obsolete and end the death. I guess you can disagree with that. If you oppose electronic cigarettes and other non-combustible alternatives, you will have more people smoking. And dying.
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  • Brownstone Communications is a PR company working for the e-cigarette industry (

    The World Health Organization states that as of July 2013, no rigorous studies have been conducted to determine if electronic cigarettes are effective to help people stop smoking.

    The British Medical Association states that there is emerging evidence of smoking cessation benefits, but has concerns that they are subject to less regulation than conventional nicotine replacement therapy, and that there is no peer-reviewed evidence of their safety or efficacy.
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Tobacco Deaths - Celebrities Fatally Impacted by Nicotine Addiction

  1. 1. Up in Smoke Celebrities Fatally Impacted by Nicotine Addiction
  2. 2. Desi Arnaz Sr Lung cancer
  3. 3. Yul Brynner Lung cancer
  4. 4. Richard Burton Stroke
  5. 5. King Edward VIII Throat cancer
  6. 6. Princess Margaret Stroke
  7. 7. Vincent Price Lung cancer
  8. 8. Rod Serling Heart attack
  9. 9. Walt Disney Lung cancer
  10. 10. Rosemary Clooney Lung cancer
  11. 11. Sigmund Freud Mouth cancer
  12. 12. Albert Einstein Stroke
  13. 13. Winston Churchill Stroke
  14. 14. Franklin D. Roosevelt Stroke
  15. 15. John Wayne Lung cancer
  16. 16. Joan Crawford Pancreatic cancer
  17. 17. Clark Gable Heart attack
  18. 18. Marlene Dietrich Kidney disease
  19. 19. Audrey Hepburn Appendix cancer
  20. 20. Dean Martin Lung cancer, emphysema
  21. 21. Sammy Davis Jr Throat cancer
  22. 22. Frank Sinatra Heart attack
  23. 23. Gracie Allen Heart attack – passive smoker
  24. 24. Burl Ives Mouth cancer
  25. 25. Bill Wilson Emphysema
  26. 26. Frida Kahlo Lung embolism
  27. 27. Humphrey Bogart Throat/Esophageal cancer
  28. 28. Suzanne Pleshette Lung cancer
  29. 29. Walter Matthau Heart attack
  30. 30. Jack Klugman Prostate cancer
  31. 31. Bette Davis Breast cancer
  32. 32. Robert Mitchum Lung cancer/Emphysema
  33. 33. Lucille Ball Stroke
  34. 34. Jaclyn Kennedy Onassis Lymphoma
  35. 35. Steve McQueen Lung cancer
  36. 36. Jack Cassidy Burned. Fell asleep with lit cigarette
  37. 37. Johnny Carson Emphysema
  38. 38. Lee Remick Lung and Liver cancer
  39. 39. Pablo Picasso Heart attack
  40. 40. Nat King Cole Lung cancer
  41. 41. Roy Orbison Heart attack
  42. 42. Louis Armstrong Heart attack
  43. 43. George Harrison Lung Cancer
  44. 44. Michael Landon Pancreatic cancer
  45. 45. Patrick Swayze Pancreatic cancer
  46. 46. Peter Gzowski Emphysema
  47. 47. Peter Jennings Lung cancer
  48. 48. John Candy Heart attack
  49. 49. Bowman Gray Emphysemapast president R.J.Reynolds
  50. 50. R.J. Reynolds Sr Pancreatic Cancer
  51. 51. Nancy Reynolds EmphysemaR.J. Reynolds’ daughteR
  52. 52. R.J. Reynolds Jr Emphysema
  53. 53. R.J. Reynolds III Emphysema
  54. 54. Wayne McLaren Lung cancer
  55. 55. Nicotine Addiction is the Leading Cause of Preventable Death in the World If you or a loved one needs help to treat nicotine addiction, maybe it is time for residential drug addiction treatment Nicotine, Alcohol and other Drug Rehab Panama