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  1. 1. Space News 02.10.2013
  2. 2. Asteroid Mining• 10 m platinum asteroid - $670 billion• 10% 10m nickel asteroid - $8.1 million• Metallic asteroids have far richer metal, including precious metal veins than on earth• Majority of asteroids of varieties with bound water (air, hydration, shielding, fuel)• Smallest known M asteroid has metallic content worth > $30 trillion.• Side industries of earth sensing from space – Cheap plentiful telescopes – Also decrease risk of being surprised by a planetary impact.
  3. 3. Deep Space Industries
  4. 4. Planets everywhere• One in six stars have earth sized planets – Billions more roam interstellar space• Over 100 billion planets in galaxy• Red dwarf stars have small planets in habital zone – Some within ~10 light years of earth• Ground and space based telescopes can characterized exo-planet atmosphere by 2020
  5. 5. Resolving exo-planet atmosphere
  6. 6. Electric Solar Sail Tethers Produced
  7. 7. Mach Effect Thruster Experiment
  8. 8. Bigelow get $17 billion NASA contract