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  • Only in Japan. Annual Fashion Week in Tokyo. This robot is not at all graceful can do a lot of human body and facial expressions. The eyes face and hands are based on anime characters. So this bot is a bit of a toon.
  • A robot teacher will soon be teaching students at a primary school in Tokyo. The robot, named Saya, was designed by Hiroshi Kobayashi, a professor at the University of Tokyo.Fifteen years in the making, Saya is capable of teaching students while expressing a range of emotions, including happiness, surprise, sadness, and – for unruly children – anger.The humanoid robot, whose appearance is modeled after a university student, is multilingual, can take attendance, and give textbook assignments.After passing a trial term at a Tokyo primary school, Saya will start teaching full-time. The robot was originally developed to replace workers, such as secretaries, to help businesses cut costs.Saya is the latest example of robots spreading to every aspect of life in Japan. Robots already guide traffic and recruit university graduates, and may one day provide company for Alzheimer’s sufferers.Partly as an attempt to deal with the country’s aging population, the Japanese government wants a robot in every home by 2015, and has invested $35 million toward this goal.
  • Can I have your attention?How can a robot get a human’s attention in a suitable way and know it has the humans attention? In a preliminary study, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have found that they can program a robot to understand when it gains a human's attention and when it falls short.Using the socially expressive robot Simon, from Assistant Professor Andrea Thomaz's Socially Intelligent Machines lab, researchers wanted to see if they could tell when he had successfully attracted the attention of a human who was busily engaged in a task and when he had not.With close to 80 percent accuracy Simon was able to tell, using only his cameras as a guide, whether someone was paying attention to him or ignoring him.
  • This is Sarcos, a highly-advanced robot capable of balancing on his own two legs. He's also connected to a motion-capture system that allows him to accurately mimic the actions of a human operator
  • A series of wheels and peddles allow the robot to undulate snake like on land or in water. Cameras and other sensors in it head allow it to navigate and orient itself.
  • This is a T-Hawk, a US-made MAV (micro air vedicle) commonly used to scout out roadside bombs in places like Iraq. Imagine one of these as your RL fly cam. Video here:
  • The Personal Robotics Group at MIT may have already strapped a Kinect to a iRobot Create, but BiliBot did them one better by adding an arm to the mix -- not to mention this cherry-red frame.Better yet, you can order your own BiliBot Developer Edition now for the affordable price of only $1,200.Not cheap but not bad for a very capable sensory system on a mobile platform with a manipulator. Comes with 4GBUbuntubased system running a ROS software to guide the robot.
  • SRI International built the Taurus using many of the ideas behind their very successful DaVincirobo-surgeon. The 14 x 5 inch bot is specialized for defusing IEDs and other ordinance. It rides on top of a mobile bot such as a PackBot. It takes hi-def 3D images and incorporates Haptic feedback to the human bomb spceialist.
  • FRIDA robots are designed with very flexible multiple degree of freedom arms and adapters to grasp many and manipulate many kinds of work pieces. They are designed to fit in the same space as human workers and have about a human armspan.There is a lot of excitement about possibility that they could take over many assemblyLine worker jobs in the future.Frida's arms have almost the same extension as a small-sized person, and while their dexterity is designed to match how human joints move, it can obviously surpass human motion limits at will--no person can spin their wrist 720 degrees
  • Robot news

    1. 1. Robot News
    2. 2. Best Catching Robot
    3. 3. Catching Robot• Catches balls with accuracy of 80%• This is a pretty high eye/hand coordination – Difficult to teach to even a human child – Better than average uncoordinated human• Can catch two balls at once• Uses 3d cameras• Has 43 joints. 5 in torso, f in each arm, 12 in each hand.
    4. 4. A Runway Robot?
    5. 5. First Robot Teacher
    6. 6. Balancing Highly Articulated Robot
    7. 7. Japanese Singing Robot
    8. 8. Amphibious Snake Robot
    9. 9. Flying Robot to Fukushima Reactor
    10. 10. Kinect + iRobot + Gripper Kit
    11. 11. Taurus, bomb defusing robot
    12. 12. iRobot Navy Contract• iRobot doesn’t only make vacuums and gutter cleaners• $230 million contract with US Navy – Reconnaissance robots – Bomb disposal robots• iRobot is also big in cooperating swarms of robots• Builds seaglider and other marine robots to gather oceanic data• Builders of the Packbot
    13. 13. Biometric Flying Robots• Robot seagull – Extremely realistic looking flight • Wings move in sections and take advantage of air currents • Draws some its power from air currents.