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Robot news


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Robot news

  1. 1. Robot News
  2. 2. Best Catching Robot
  3. 3. Catching Robot• Catches balls with accuracy of 80%• This is a pretty high eye/hand coordination – Difficult to teach to even a human child – Better than average uncoordinated human• Can catch two balls at once• Uses 3d cameras• Has 43 joints. 5 in torso, f in each arm, 12 in each hand.
  4. 4. A Runway Robot?
  5. 5. First Robot Teacher
  6. 6. Balancing Highly Articulated Robot
  7. 7. Japanese Singing Robot
  8. 8. Amphibious Snake Robot
  9. 9. Flying Robot to Fukushima Reactor
  10. 10. Kinect + iRobot + Gripper Kit
  11. 11. Taurus, bomb defusing robot
  12. 12. iRobot Navy Contract• iRobot doesn’t only make vacuums and gutter cleaners• $230 million contract with US Navy – Reconnaissance robots – Bomb disposal robots• iRobot is also big in cooperating swarms of robots• Builds seaglider and other marine robots to gather oceanic data• Builders of the Packbot
  13. 13. Biometric Flying Robots• Robot seagull – Extremely realistic looking flight • Wings move in sections and take advantage of air currents • Draws some its power from air currents.