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Past andfuture


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Past andfuture

  1. 1. Fulfillment: Past & Future
  2. 2. Original vision / ideas• A positive, proactive, crystallized vision and dedication to it is needed – That many parts of such are part of what we believe can be • I am much more informed but perhaps less sure of parts of that now – That we and others like us can make a difference• That all the major dreams and aspirations are achievable now or in near future – Abundance for all – Indefinitely long lives in perfect health – Ever growing intelligence, knowledge, happiness• Honing, spreading living the vision
  3. 3. Some areas explored• Abundance• Energy• Economy• Longevity• Space• Resources• Intellectual Property• Open Information & Computation• Freedom• Intelligence• Accelerating Change• Singularity• Future oriented philosophy
  4. 4. Abundance• Economic crisis• Necessary Technology – Nanotech – Open IP• Psychological and sociological aspects – Do we actually understand it or advocate it? • for everyone? – How would economy, work, money, distribution need to change and how can we make such changes? • Which of these can we start exploring and developing now?• Is Abundance for All realistic?• Energy• Resources
  5. 5. Energy• Breakdown of Energy sources and costs• Exploration of solar power, terrestrial and space based• Peak oil – Evidence, consequences – Importance of oil – Ways to mitigate or at least survive• Cost of energy and effects on all other prices• Alternatives – Thorium power
  6. 6. Space• Near earth asteroid (mining the sky) – Composition, mining methods, resources, value of materials therein (trillion per asteroid on average• Launch costs and methods – Rocket • Available rockets, capabilities, costs today • Alternate rocket designs – Non-rocket launch methods • Space elevators, tethers, space guns, starTram, laser, launch loops
  7. 7. Intelligence• Intelligence augmentation – Drugs, physical augmentation, wearables, AR, BCI• Artificial intelligence – FAI – Effect on jobs, economy – Danger / boon to humanity• Robotics – Robocars – Space robotics• Brain Emulation – State of the Art – Just how efficient is the brain? – Artificial brains• Singularity – Versions therof – What it is and isn’t – Cosmist vsTerran
  8. 8. Longevity• Medical nanotech• End to aging and diseases• Various anti-aging topics• Effect of aging demographics• Aubrey de Grey’s work• Genomic medicine• Dangers of “20th century medicine”• Cryonics• Brain plasticization• Uploading – Much longer or life – Or death followed by digital ghosts/progeny • Versus death followed by nothing?
  9. 9. Resources• Resource shortages on earth – Water, Food, metals, rare earths, energy• Mining the sky• Mining the moon• Advanced resource research• Future material substitutes – Artificial atoms – Catoms – Nanostrutures
  10. 10. Inner Space• Ethics – Human – Transhuman • Believing what we say we do.. – How does that change how we see things? Our ethics? Our level of energy, optimism.. – AGI toward humans • What kind of ethics can naturally arise between non-interdependent beings of radically different intelligence and abilities – Toward other species • All other species? Some other species? Are they all equal?• Self-development – How can we maximize our happiness? – How can we maximize our effectiveness? • toward what we individually and collectively value most? • what is that anyway? How clear are we about it? • What can we do to get a lot more of what we want?• Spirituality and Fulfillment• Intentional communities
  11. 11. Organizational thoughts• Some kind of Foundaiton or other form – Desirables • Tax exempt • Able to raise lots of donations – Encourage “tithes”? • Seed money or more to relevant ventures – Share of profits back where profits available• Science and reason based religions – Positives of religions – Dangers of the space – Do we have an adequately positive story? – Would it creep us out too much?
  12. 12. Some 2011 plans• Meetings and other relevant stuff at new region• Get meetings going of meat-space Fulfillment meetups• Internet presence – Mediawiki • Wiki across all the topic space we touch, continuously growing – Continuously refined future worldview – Continuous integration of information – Forum – Blog – Google group• What would you like to see? – In SL? In the physical world?• Jump in! – Add to areas you are interested and/or knowledgeable in – Invite others – Help build / maintain some of these things• Other suggestions?