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  1. 1. Medicine, Longevity and More
  2. 2. A Bionic Man (of sorts)
  3. 3. Printing human embryonic stem cells
  4. 4. Solid State Sequencer Solid state gene sequencing machine Can determine structural sequences of long stretches of DNA Cheaper and faster sequences Oncology particularly could benefit Nanopore technology is a possible competitor
  5. 5. Sequence entire genome from single cell Multiple Annealing and Looping-based Amplification Cycles (MALBAC)  Just one cell to reproduce entire DNA molecule Can find a single base pair mutation in the entire genome with 70% accuracy Duplicates the DNA molecule for study Amplification is smooth over the genome  Linear rather than exponential amplification
  6. 6. New Method of Genetic Editing
  7. 7. Printing an Ear
  8. 8. Reversing Alzheimer’s New compound, molecule TFP5 Reverses symptoms and memory loss Up for clinical trials Non-toxic
  9. 9. Lab rats get sixth sense Allows rats to see or rather “touch” infrared light Infrared detector implanted in tactile processing brain area Blind could see by similar device implantation in other areas of brain. Cross sense interpretation No loss of normal sense function
  10. 10. Synthetic biology circuitcombines memory, logic
  11. 11. Graphene Liquid GateRevolutionizing Neural Implants
  12. 12. Breakthrough Prize in Life Extension Brin, Zukcerberg, Anne Wojcicki (23and Me) Rewards for curing diseases Rewards for life extension Each year 11 laureates will receive $3 million each