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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Computer Tech Update
  2. 2. Gigahertz radar on chip• 5 x 5 mm radar transceiver chip for distance sensing – Nanosecond short pulses – Has 64 radar shells, can track up to 64 things at once. – It can also see through same materials at this frenquency range. – Can detect down to mm range
  3. 3. Organic Eletronics• Pentagonal tiles self assembly of organic building blocks – Ring like molecules with five fold symmetry • Copper substrate strong bonding • Weaker interaction with neighbors – Perfect for creating self assembling high-density thin films – Applications in computing, solar power, display technologies.
  4. 4. High Temperature SpintronicsCommercial (85 C), industrial (100 C), and military application (125 C)temperature viability achieved. Stable up to 235 C.Key step for general devices relying on electron spin rather than electroncharge.
  5. 5. $1.5 billion graphene R&D• Target at applications and manufacturability (European project)• Graphene advantages – High strength and flexibility • Twist and flex without breaking – High conductivity and optical transparency • Touchscreens, LCDs, OLEDs. Alternative to indium tin oxide
  6. 6. Intel mass production: trigatetransitors
  7. 7. Active Optical Nanoantennas
  8. 8. Future of OLED TV
  9. 9. Tiny transistor, artificial atom
  10. 10. Plasmonic Resonance in Nanocrystals• For the first time plasmonic resonance has been shown in semiconductors – Allows much more direct coupling of electronic and photonic devices
  11. 11. Magnetic needle 5 Ghz switching
  12. 12. Speeding Data Storage 1000 timesLasers are used to magnetize and x-rays are used to read data.