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Device etc090212


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Device and Other Gadget News 9/2/12

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Device etc090212

  1. 1. Odds and Ends 09. 02. 12
  2. 2. Declining Jobs?
  3. 3. 3D RealtimeTelepresence?
  4. 4. super thin graphene-based circuits
  5. 5. Aberration Free Lens
  6. 6. Cheap micron accurate 3D sensing
  7. 7. Adapteva: 50 gigaflops / watt• 64 cores• 100 gigaflops @ 2 watts of power• 2D mesh of simple cores with high speed interconnect• OpenCL compatible
  8. 8. Light in a spin.(A) (Top) Calculated far-field intensity distribution of an optical vortex with topological charge one, spiral pattern created by the interference of the vortex beam and a copropagating Gaussian beam, and interference pattern with a dislocated fringe created by the interference of the vortex beam and a Gaussian beam tilted with respect to the vortex beam (1). N M Litchinitser Science 2012;337:1054-1055Published by AAAS
  9. 9. Wave Glider Surfing Robot