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Church of Fulfillment


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Published in: Spiritual, Business
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Church of Fulfillment

  1. 1. Spirituality and FulfillmentThoughts on Techno-spirituality and Apocalyptic Visions
  2. 2. Caprica knocks my socks off• Has an upload heaven as a primary plot element and speaks of apotheosis• Has perfected virtual reality with complete sensory immersion – Some accidentally survive body death in this VR/VW – Thus an upload space• Cylons in BG are basically patterns in a computer and have new bodies tank grown when their former body dies• Many of us are big on uploads• Consider upload virtual heavens..
  3. 3. Virtual heaven?• With or without “dying”, “you” upload / find yourself in a virtual world – That matches your fondest dreams – You experience being in that world as long as you wish • With all its implications and unintended consequences?• Given the right tech – You can reincarnate/inhabit/wear/puppet a physical body or perhaps many of different kinds. – Want rebirth as a baby and to forget a lot? No problem
  4. 4. Basis for religion / spirituality?• “salvation” from mandatory death• Strong basis for faith/hope as such a scenario is scientifically possible• Changes significance of many things in life• Gives more meaning• Changes the way we view ourselves drastically• Basis for long term importance of growth• Rebalancing of perspective• You are not “flesh” not your substrate embodiment but “spirit” – information / pattern – Unlimited potential
  5. 5. Sacraments, Sacred Quests• Recording everything we experience• Deep understanding of brain• Creation of Artificial General Intelligent – Virtual (computational substrate) beings• Immortality / Longevity• Worship of life, life ever more abundant, life and mind – mind triumphant• Creation of rich virtual worlds – Fully sensory immersion detail• Open data / computation• Freedom of choice
  6. 6. What is spirituality?• The search to know our true selves• Seeking to live more deeply, ideally, fully – yearning toward perfection• Overcoming of limitation• Desire for deep union/belonging/ at-one-ment• Deep appreciation / love / joy as base state• Quest for liberation – transcendence of limitation• Beyond, beyond, beyond the Beyond..
  7. 7. What is spirituality #2• The idea or process of self discovery – Who you are and who you want to be• Reaching beyond limits• Connectedness – to self and others• Meaning, purpose, direction.• Higher power whether religious (deity) or nature or unknown essence or ultimate Mind (AGI) or ..• Living life from perspective that our current body and circumstances is only the tip of a potentially very (infinitely?) large iceberg that is our “true self”.
  8. 8. What do you want to be?• When you “put on incorruptible”, when you are beyond aging and disease and so many limitations, what then?• What type of being will you be?• How much power do you expect to have?• What are you doing to be a being that wields that power wisely?• What can you do?• Do you want to become a god? – Or do you only want an end to all pain and care? – What then?• How will you be toward others? – What do you want for them, for all the variety of “them”?
  9. 9. How do you need to be?• Given what you want to be and what you would like the world to become..• The power to transform the world is also the power to destroy the world• How much wisdom is needed to wield that power?• How will it be obtained? – By voting? – By a CEV attempt to extract our species coherent volition?• What would it take to become more wise? – Is this a spiritual practice?• If your mere thought could radically effect the world then what type of being would you need to be for that to be more likely a blessing that an unmitigated disaster?
  10. 10. A Message of Great Hope• Fulfillment of great aspirations of humanity – Immortality (or as close as possible); – End of physical suffering; – Abundance – Unlimited Intelligence – Co-creation of reality – Complete triumph of spirit (mind) over matter• This is what we offer, what we can hold up to the world – Are we brave enough to do it without apology – Are we willing to learn by as much that has gone before as may be useful? – Are we willing to go beyond our cynicism and despair? – In the face of honest appraisal of where we are, no matter how dark, do we choose to hold this light high?