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Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Computer and Device News
  2. 2. ComputerDlsplay Contacts
  3. 3. iPhone as 3D scanner• Takes several pictures from different angles• Stitches them together in mesh format• Outputs standard obj models
  4. 4. NVIDIA Monster GPU• M2090 has 512 cores and 665 double precision gigaflops• HP Proliant G7 4U server has eight M2090 cards – Used for quantum chemistry and molecular dynamics simulation• Configuration as general parallel processor
  5. 5. NVIDIA targets mobile market• Kal-El (Tegra-3) quadcore processor – 5x faster than Tegra-2 – contains a 12 core GPU . – 2560x 1600 extreme HD • Can run 1440p on a panel of this size • 300 DPI image on a 10 inch tablet – Amazon tablet may use this chip
  6. 6. DNA Stored Program Computer• Synchronized clocked pulling of stored sequence – Base pair at a time – Across multiple DNA strands at once.• So, the way in open for DNA sculpted and DNA composed modifying nanostructures over time.
  7. 7. First Quantum Computer Sold• D-Wave sells quantum computer to Lockheed – Quantum annealing processor – Almost a joint research project in some aspects – Multi-year support and consulting contract in addition to device purchase – 128 qubit system
  8. 8. Types of Quantum Computer• Gate Model – Standard QC model• Adiabatic QC – close contender – D-Wave 1 type• Cluster state (measurement based) – slightly more obscure• Topological quantum computing – Slighly ore obscure
  9. 9. Programming Quantum Computers– QCL is a language designed for quantum algorithms • Hardware and particular QC type independent • Simulation packages for testing algorithms
  10. 10. Multi-Core Throughput +40%– New prefetching algorithm • Makes best guess on which memory addresses will be accessed soon • Uses register based information to judge which cores should get what percentage of pre fetch and address bus bandwidth– 40% improvement in multi-core chips without prefetching– 10% improvement in chips that already prefetch
  11. 11. Graphene closer to production
  12. 12. Intel’s 3D chips for mobile devices
  13. 13. Rise of ARM chips• ARM is low power/performance – 64 bit multi-core ARM Cortex A15 coming soon – Some believe Apple will move to arm even for laptops • Others discount this as too much would be disrupted moving away form the ubiquitous x86 architecture – But Apple does have its own ARM based chips – Linux netbooks based on ARM Cortex 9 (dual) chip and sA15 on Cortex• ARM chips projected to have 13% of PC market by 2015
  14. 14. Home wideband audio chip• Telepresence, smart TV• Super wideband (SWB) voice input processor• High quality voice pickup and tracking up to 5 meters – Computational, communication, entertainment all voice drive• 16 bit ADC built in DSP, microphone pre-amp• $3 / chip in quantity
  15. 15. Optical devices• Applied Micro 100 gigabit/s integrate CMOS optical modules – Expands optical OTU-4 inter-connection speeds from 10G to 100G – Less than 4 watts power consumption• 26 Tb/s over a single laser at 50 km – Previously required 370 lasers• PM Sierra 40G optical transceivers – 16W, 40 nm chip
  16. 16. Ultra-thin glass display