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Abundance 061712


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  • I don't share that negative an opinion of corporations. A corporation cannot force anyone to use their product. It is up to agricultural concerns and more local farming communities whether they use GM crops or not. The participants need some vetting. Many people have a rather reactionary aversion to GM. That isn't going to be fruitful as part of a decision making process. GM foods have been out there and in literally millions of meals for years. The fears and concerns as to what is in the food seem to not have a sound basis in any actual harm evidence.
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  • All yes, BUT I think GM that is controlled by narrow, short-sighted corporations IS a problem. GM is fine, but there needs to be a participatory, democratic process for deciding what, how, when GM is used. A process involving the people who will actually be consuming and/or using the products, rather than the situation we have where a corporation is 'pushing' GM products on unknowing consumers. Transparency, transparency.
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Abundance 061712

  1. 1. AbundanceThings are better than they appear
  2. 2. Back to Basics• A positive future is possible• This group exists – To affirm it – To track how it can come to be – To help it where we can – To watch out for that which may block it• It is easy to get sidetracked – Easy to be distracted into fear and apathy
  3. 3. Read this book!
  4. 4. Poverty is falling all over the world
  5. 5. The Base of the Pyramid• Nutrition• Water• Energy• Shelter• Information and Communication• Education• Opportunity
  6. 6. The Rising Billion• The advantage of being late to the party• How the cell phone is transforming Africa• Africa, land of abundant energy• Micro-lending• The Energy Trap• The China Miracle
  7. 7. Communication magic• Cellphones will soon be available to nearly everyone – Over 4 billion in the world now• Doing well by doing good
  8. 8. Water• One billion people lack access to safe drinking water• 2.6 billion lack access to basic sanitation• Half of all serious hospitalizations and disease are from unsafe drinking water• What if we solve this problem? – 135 million people live that wouldn’t otherwise – Nutrition improves – Several disease vectors are wiped out
  9. 9. Food• GM food are NOT the problem – They are a very big and proven part of the solution• Hydroponics and aeroponics• Sensors everywhere lead to maximal irrigation and nutrient feeds• Protein – Sane fish farming – Lab grown meats
  10. 10. Energy• If you have energy you have – Water access – Lights – Clean heating / cooling – Refrigeration – Basis for businesses• Africa is awash in sunlight
  11. 11. Health• Diagnosis• Impact of communication• Cancer is on the downtrend• So is heart attack• So is infant mortality• Many cheaply treatable diseases are largely only a problem due to lack of diagnosis