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Cathy Connolly, CEO at Care Merseyside


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Evidence building and demonstrating your impact

Published in: Healthcare
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Cathy Connolly, CEO at Care Merseyside

  1. 1. Care Merseyside Evidence Buiding and Demonstrating Impact
  2. 2. We are a ‘hub’ by which various agencies and GP’s can refer people to and we in turn support and direct them to community services and programmes either delivered by ourselves or other partners to support their welfare, health and well-being. We offer a bespoke Care Navigation service tailored to individual’s needs and measure and report and record an individual’s journey via a Social Prescribing software tool - Elemental. Who are we?
  3. 3. What impact have we had and in what areas? People – referrals from GP and Self- referrals and other agencies. Partnerships – allows for expansion of provision. Progression – how has this helped beneficiaries?
  4. 4. Our project operates by mapping out and identifying existing available community activities and services (assets) available in Knowsley, developing an active relationship with these service providers via our digital engagement platform ( Elemental ) and then populating these activities with referrals received from our extensive network of referral agencies. This allows us to monitor numbers on activities and the progress made as a result.
  5. 5. GP Referrals and Demographics
  6. 6. Reasons for referral
  7. 7. Attendance Almost 1000 visits 180 people Over 700 recurring visits Nearly 200 new users
  8. 8. Our collaborative approach as having a two- pronged effect. 1. We have a range and variety of services to direct referred clients to. 2. We are supporting the development of local groups within the community and voluntary sector. Here is a short video demonstrating our work in action.
  9. 9. We have managed to capture two sets of scores for 80 patients since last year who took a GAD7 Score on beginning and intervention and another score on completing. This translates to a 42% reduction overall.
  10. 10. Since August 2019 we asked people who have been referred on to interventions who have low self-esteem we chose low carb, drama and creative writing class participants. Collectively they have seen an increase of 275%.
  11. 11. T. 02871 271800 For a recent National Lottery application we asked some of our participants to give us feedback on what social prescribing meant to them – here is what they said.