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report on project paper

  2. 2. MGT 269AcknowledgementIn the name of Allah, the Most Gracious ,The Most Merciful Praise be to Allah, Lord of the universe, who gives the blessing and strength tocomplete this project paper for our group assignment. Peace and prayers be uponHis Final Prophet and messenger Muhammad, the ideal role model for humanbeings. We would like to take this oppurtunity to thank to our lecterer of BusinessCommunication MGT269, for her support and advice in complete this groupassignment. We very appreciate what have she done to explain about thisassignment. May Allah reward her for all her efforts. This project paper tested ourabilities mentally and physically. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude and special thanks to all whohave directly and indirectly guided us in the writing this project paper. We express ourdeepest appreciation to our beloved parents,familys,friends and colleagues for theircontinuos encouragement are greatly appreciated. Also to those people who help us with the questionnares so that we can doneour analysis. Not forgeeting, our sincere appreciation to students at UiTM Dungun fortheir concern. Lastly,we would also like to extend our warmest gratitude to UiTMT’s libraryfor valuable resouces and information which have greatly assisted we towardcompleting this research succesfully. Page | - 2 -
  3. 3. MGT 269 TABLES OF CONTENTSAcknowledgements 2Tables of contents 3List of Tables 4List of Figures 5Abstract 6Introduction 7Purpose of study 8Scope and limitation 9Literature review 10Methodology of research 11Finding and analysis 12Conclusion 18Recommendation 19Reference 20Appendix 21 Page | - 3 -
  4. 4. MGT 269List of TablesTable1.2 ;- The frequency table of students Page | - 13 - Page | - 4 -
  5. 5. MGT 269List of FiguresFigure 1.1;- Student vote for their choices according to place Page | - 12 -Figure 1.3;- The frequency graph of students Page | - 14 -Figure 1.4;- The bar chart of the level of cleaness at dine place Page | - 15 -Figure 1.5;- The chart tile of the level of various type of menu Page | - 16 - & The level of quality of food ingredientFigure 1.6;- The factor that effect the choice of place to dine Page | - 17 - Page | - 5 -
  6. 6. MGT 269AbstractIt is important to a students to have their meals. A student who skip their meal eitherbreakfast,lunch or dinner will having a problem health like gastrict and etc. Althoughthere has been many places to student have their meal but the best choice isdepends on each students.In order to further explore of the places that a studentslike the most and what the characteristic that the one places have that can attaractthe students. The purpose of the present study was to determine where is the bestplaces to dine for student in Universiti Teknologi Mara Terengganu (UiTM). Based onthe research done, convenience sampling technique was used and 50 respondentswere selected to answer the questionnaire distributed by the researcher. Thequestionnaire consists of respondent’s background and questions related to thecharacteristic of the places to dine. Data analysis method consist of frequencydistribution. As expected on average more students prefer to dine at fast foodrestaurant for their best choice. Finally, a few recommendations for future researchwere suggested. Page | - 6 -
  7. 7. MGT 269Introduction Food is a large part of campus life for students who may change how manytimes a day they eat and even what they eat. Dungun is a coastal district of the Malaysian state of Terengganu. KualaDungun is the capital of the district. In Dungun,there are Universiti Teknologi Mara that located in the SuraHujung,in front of it are Pantai Teluk Gadung. The location are very strategic for astudents with the nature and beautiful beach. There are many places to dine for students in Dungun. There are studentsfrom Collega Redang,Perhentian,Tenggol,Kapas,Duyung and Karah. At their owncollegue there were dining places to they spent their eating time. But where could we find the best places to dine for students UiTMT either intown,Teluk Gadung,Collega Dining,Fast Food Restaurant likes KFC or Pizza Hut andothers. As a students,to get the best places to dine in Dungun is very difficult becausenot all the students have the same taste. Among them,they come from Kuala Lumpuror from others site,their budgets is very limited so they need to control their expensesto buy food. They will find the places that have cheapest price of food and the tasteof food is good. Page | - 7 -
  8. 8. MGT 269Purpose of studyThe research objectives of the study are as follows:-In order to complete the full research about this study as researcher, we must surveyabout the location of the places that student usually visit in Dungun.From this research we can make conclusion about the students perception for theirplaces to dine.The study provides a valuable and priceless knowledge and experience to theresearch especially involving with the research process. Besides gaining new experience conducting research, it helps research to havemore knowledge especially understanding more about the best places that fitstudent.This study will provide additional knowledge for students and lecturers for futurereference or discussion about the best places to dine among UiTMT students. Page | - 8 -
  9. 9. MGT 269Scope and limitationsThere are several limitations of this study which are identified in order to complete theresearch. Due to this situation, precaution step is taken to avoid these factors fromaffecting the result of this research.Research limitationThe sampling frame for this research was limited to students in Universiti TeknologiMara (UiTM) Dungun only. The students who are living in residental area or collage.The convenience sampling method that we used in this research may have lead tobiases in selection respondents due to time and resource constraints.Availability of the secondary dataWe having difficulty to get additional information from the websites and lack ofjournals related to the places that best fit the student to dine. Even though theuniversity provides various numbers of academic websites, we still needs to ask fromthe state library and other university’s library for more unpublished and publishedjournals and thesis.Lack of experienceWe does not have experience conducting thesis besides lack of knowledge. This isquite difficult to conduct research especially when we itself has not enoughexperience and the ability collecting data.Time constraintsThe time given was very limited and constraints. We has to manage time carefully inorder to avoid time wasting. Besides that. We needs to spend more time in collectingdata and information from outside. Due to the time constraints it will affect theprocess of constructing solution for this problem. Page | - 9 -
  10. 10. MGT 269Literature reviewsDavid Lee.(2010). One of the biggest problems with the local Baltimore area is lack ofgood places to eat. Service and food in the local area is pretty terrible to be honestalthough a few places stand.5 best campus places to eat near campus:1. University Market - Perhaps the most convenient place to grab food nearcampus. They are mostly known for their hoagies (subs). For 5.99 you get a largedrink and a hoagie. My recommendations are: cheesesteak, chicken filet, chickensalad, and steak, eggs and cheese.2. Tambers Restaurant (& Carryout) - This an Indian/American restaurant. Theirgyros, burgers, and spaghetti arent bad, but their Indian food is pretty good. Irecommend the Chicken Vindaloo. Chipotle - Although I am not as much a fan of Chipotle (and stomachcomplications afterwards) as my friends are, the food is consistently good. Eddys Market - Great for subs and sandwiches because they use actual delimeat whereas university market doesnt. My favorite sandwich is the Italian Coldcutand is probably the best sandwich in the area.5. C&C Carryout - Although they seem to have recently closed down (for reasonsunknown), they had some of the best Korean and American food near campus. Theirpork bulgogi is unmatched around here. they out for having generally enjoyablemeals. Here is a list of 5 places close to campus and 5 places a bit further fromcampus that have the best food.5 best campus places to eat away from campus:1. Chaps Pit Beef - Amazing pit beef sandwiches. Any of their sandwiches with pitbeef are just delicious. Although I havent tried their ribs yet, it is supposedly great aswell. RA Sushi - Great sushi. Great appetizers. Amazing and very unique wings. Page | - 10 -
  11. 11. MGT 269Metholodogy of researchThe research methodology involved the administration of questionnaires on asample of the best places to dine in Dungun. This section outlines the researchinstrument, data collection method and methods of data analysis.Research instrument :The research instrument was a structured questionnaire constructed in English. It isuse to obtain the necessary data to answer the reserch questions and eventually toachieve research objectives. The questionnaire consists of 2 parts:Part A; Respondent BackgroundPart B; Respondent’s opinionA likert scale was used for part A and consis of seven questions. Part B has sevenstatements regarding the level of the places to dine and it is measured on a scale 1to 5 (the largest value indicates ‘strongly agree’ and to the lowest value indicates‘strongly disagree’). Random question also consist in part B.The sample of questionnaires can be found in AppendixData collection method:The questionnaires were distributed to all the fifty students who have been randomlychoosed. The respondent is who living in the residental area or collage. Thequestionnaires were collected immedietly after they have completed the answer. Therespond rate was 100%. It take almost a few day to collect the questionnaires.Method of data analysisA variety of statiscal techniques such as Descriptives Statistics were used to analyzethe data collected. We use primary sources as the method in our research that isquestionnaire.The using of primary data is more accurate and consistent with theobjectives of this research. Although it requires more time, manpower and higher costto collect.Descriptive statistic was used to present data in simple and meaningful form. Theresult were report in 2 parts that are; Part A : Respondent Background and Part B:respondent’s opinion. Descriptive results include charts and pie charts. Page | - 11 -
  12. 12. MGT 269Finding and analysisFigure 1.2 below shows the percentage of students who vote for their choicesaccording to place. A total of 70% of the respondents are female while 30% weremaleFrom questionnaire analysis. percentages of students vote for their choices others 6% teluk gadung 10% KFC kopitiam 40% 8% dining collage 16% Pizza Hut 20%Figure 1.1 Percentage of the students who vote for their choices according toplace.Base on the pie chart the student choose kfc, pizza hut, dining collage, kopitiam,teluk gadung and other place in dungun to dine. We found that student uitm kampusdungun mostly like to dine at kfc. Kfc have a highest percentage than other places.The percentages of the students who vote for their choices according to the place is40% that mean kfc is the best place for uitm dine because their food morequality,delicious and more faster than other places.The lowest percentages of the students who vote for their choices according to theplace is 6%. It because the place have low quality of food,expensive and so on. Page | - 12 -
  13. 13. MGT 269 Place to dine in Dungun No. of students Kentuky Fried Chicken 20 (KFC) Pizza Hut 10 Dining Collage 8 Kopitiam 4 Ria Tom Yam 5 Others 3Table 1.2 The frequency table of studentsFrom the table above, the number of students that in the highest ranking is 20. Thestudents prefer KFC than other. In Dungun, there are two fast food restaurant thatfamiliar among student in UiTM and also Politeknik.The charge of food price isaffordable that why almost the student like it. no.of data 25 20 15 10 no.of data 5 0 KFC Pizza Hut Dining Kopitiam Ria Tom Others collage YamFigure 1.3 the frequency graph of students.From the table above, the number of students that in the highest ranking is 20. Thestudents prefer KFC than other. In Dungun, there are two fast food restaurant thatfamiliar among student in UiTM and also Politeknik.The charge of food price isaffordable that why almost the student like it. Page | - 13 -
  14. 14. MGT 269 25 20 15 places 10 5 0 kfc pizza hut dining collage kopitiam teluk gadung othersFigure 1.4 the student vote for their choices.From the bar chart shown above,we can see that KFC is 20, pizza hut is 10, diningcollage is 8, kopitiam is 4, teluk gadung is 5 and the others place in Dungun is 3number of students. Kfc is the highest choices for students’s UiTMT to dine inDungun. It is 20 number of student more than other. The others place in dungun is 3number of student. Maybe students get many benefit when dine at kfc compare toanother place.Others place in Dungun is the lowest number of students. It is 3 number of students.Maybe the place do not give the satisfaction to their customer. Page | - 14 -
  15. 15. MGT 269There are also additional questions that we ask in the research.The factors that effectthe place to dine for student in Dungun. For example about the quality of the food,thequality of the ingredient to cook, various type of menu that they can get there, thefood charged and other else. The figures below show the rating of the level. Eitherthey strongly agree, agree, average, disagree and strongly disagree are recordedbelow. The level of cleaness at dine place 60 50 40 no. of data 30 20 10 0 strongly agree agree average disagree strongly disagree opinionsFigure 1.4 the bar chart of the level of cleaness at dine placeOverall result show that the respondent are 50-50 agree and disagree about the levelof cleaness at their places. Page | - 15 -
  16. 16. MGT 269 60 50 40 students answer various type of menu 30 level of quality of food 20 ingredient 10 0 strongly agree average disagree strongly agree disagreeFigure 1.5 The chart tile of the level of various type of menu and the level ofquality of food ingredientStudents are seriously disagree about the level of quality of the food ingredient andthere is no various type of menu that the student can choose. Page | - 16 -
  17. 17. MGT 269 quality food the level of agree average service disagree environment 0 20 40 60 80 100 no.of dataFigure 1.6 The factor that effect the choice of place to dineFrom the multiple bar chart above we can make a different between the three factorthat effect. Page | - 17 -
  18. 18. MGT 269Conclusions As a conclusion,we can seen that almost the students in UiTMT Dungun preferto dine at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Dungun than other places that were havebeen recommended. From the result that obtained we can seen that KFC is a fastfood restaurant that single located in Dungun. We can conclude that almost thestudents prefer to choose fast food as their meal for their dine. After doing an extensive survey of college student eating habits, we found thatwhat’s for dinner on most college campuses is fast food. This is particularly trueamong male college students who usually chose a quick meal at a fast foodrestaurant over preparing something in their apartment or dorm room. Althoughfemale college students were also found to be frequent fast food consumers, theirfast food visits were less frequent than the guys because of concerns about weight. Why are college students so partial to fast food? The researchers believe fastfood appeals to teens for a variety of reasons. Lack of time and the unwillingness toprepare their own food along with a limited budget are the main reasons college agekids head to McDonald’s for their dine meal. The other is peer pressure. When theirfriends are headed out to a fast food joint, they feel compelled to follow suit and oftenmake the wrong food choices once they get there. It’s not surprising that most collegestudents gain weight once they enter the college scene. Their favorite fast foods?Kentuky Fried Chicken (KFC) top the list of college student favorites. Page | - 18 -
  19. 19. MGT 269Recommendation As a students, the best places to dine is the healthier food that we can choose.Such like there were vegetable, fruit, fish, chicken and others food that can give usenergy and suitable to a student. Other than that, the fresh sources of ingredients offood also can be choosing. We must prefer quality not the quantity. Beside that, the cleaness of the place also have its important. The important iswe can get clean service and we are free from any dangerous problem. Example atthe place there is flies around, is the place clean? So to have the best places for dinea student must make sure and choose the clean places. Student also prefer the places to dine that have beautiful environment freefrom pollution. Dungun have a beautiful scenery because it located near the beach.For student who want having their meal maybe want the places that they can hang-up together with their members and doing assignment. In additional information, students also demand for the simple places to dine.Its mean that they will get the food easily like fast food. We just bought it fromrestaurant and eat it while it hot. Page | - 19 -
  20. 20. MGT 269ReferencesAuthor&bookGlencoe & McGraw-Hill. (2004). Discovering Food and Nutrition, Student Workbook.Mohd, Noor Fazwi B.Baharum.(2008). Business Communication.Shamsul Anaz B.Kassim.(2008). Business Communication.Deborah L. Bence and Claudia A. Lazok.(Jun 2001). Guide to Good Food: StudentActivity Guide.Kay Mehas, Sharon Rodgers, and McGraw-Hill.(2005). The Biochemistry of Food &Nutrition, Student Edition.AA Publishing.(2008). The Best Places to Dine in London (AA Lifestyle Guides).Stephen A. Wiser.(2003). A Guide to the Best Places to Visit, Dine, Br.Terry Hermsen.(2009). Helping Students Write Their Worlds.Sue Teele.(1997). A Place for All Students to Succeed.Baumann and Kaltsounis.(1993). Living in Communities - Student Text - Grade 2(People in Time and Place).Louisa M Marchionda.(1978). Between-meal-snacks of selected university studentsand the potential impact on dental health (Kent State University. Graduate College.Dissertations. School of Home Economics).Henrietta Christina Fleck.(1939). Foods and meal preparation: A laboratory manualfor college students.The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)(2005).Off-campus meals now go beyondpizza.(Higher Education)(A nationwide program now at the UO and OSU enablesstudents to eat at local restaurants without .Websitehttp// Page | - 20 -
  21. 21. MGT 269AppendicesQUESTIONNAIRES ABOUT THE BEST PLACE TO DINE FOR UITMT STUDENTS IN DUNGUNA) Respondents background please(/) for your answer1) Gender : Male Female2) Race Malay Chinese Indian3) Age : ________4) Marital Status Single Married5) Education level Diploma Page | - 21 -
  22. 22. MGT 269 Degree 6) Part: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 67)Faculty Business management Accountancy Electrical engineering Hotel and culinary Public administration Science computer Please state if not in the list .________________________B) Responden’s opinion Please bolt your answer.1) How many times you eat in a day? 3 times a day 2 times a day 1 times a day Others2) Where are you always going to dine? Dining collage Kfc Food court sura gate depends 3) Distance to your place for dine? 2 kilometer 3 kilometer depends Page | - 22 -
  23. 23. MGT 269 4) How much your budget for dine in a day? RM1-RM5 RM6-RM10 RM11-RM15 RM16-RM20 Please (/) for your answer Strongly Agree average Disagree Strongly agree disagreeThe food that you usually eatis in good quality.The level of quality of foodingredient at your dine place isgood.Various type of menu that youcan get at your dine place.Satisfied with the charge priceof food. Satisfied with the environment at your place to dine. The level of cleanness of your place to dine is clean. The level of service at your place to dine. Page | - 23 -
  24. 24. MGT 269Choose the best place to dine for you in dungunTick (/) for your choice. Food court Teluk gadung KFC Pizza hut Laila tomyam Ria tomyam Others Page | - 24 -
  25. 25. MGT 269 Page | - 25 -