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Open Data Innovation from GEO DATA Perspective


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Value Creation with Open Data from Geo data perspective

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Open Data Innovation from GEO DATA Perspective

  1. 1. Open Data Innovation geodata perspective Serdar Temiz Supervisors: Main- Terrence Brown- KTH | Robin Teigland-HHS
  2. 2. Silicon Valley’s Orthodox Approach
  3. 3. Is Open Innovation something new? • collective invention • Crowdsourcing / crowdfunding • community-based competition • user-developed innovation • open source And more..
  4. 4. Usually literature deals with how to use external knowledge to foster innovation but not much on opening up internal knowledge to foster innovation.
  5. 5. Open Data is information which can be freely used, reused, and redistributed, in machine readable format, by anyone, anywhere, for any purpose Open Knowledge is what Open Data becomes when it is made useful - accessible, understandable, meaningful and able to help someone solve a real problem
  6. 6. Why Open data in Open Innovation? Open data opens up the possibility of external innovators and it has not been researched enough. Therefore, it is of interest to study the opening up of data sets and try to understand how it influences Innovation process.
  7. 7. My Purpose Describe and analyse how organisations open up data sets to actors external to the organization and understand how these organisations (both internal and external actors) benefit from open data in terms of innovation.
  8. 8. Problem Gold Corp
  9. 9. Call: Goldcorp Challenge Call: CEO Rob McEwen Decided to run a contest Input: Provide access to the geological data of the company's Moribund Red Lake Mine in Northern Ontario Request: Solvers to have a crack at finding its richest gold deposits
  10. 10. Result 1) 110 sites identified by the solvers, of which 50% were new, 80% of which produced gold. 2) 8 million ounces of gold found. 3) Company value up from $100 million to $9 billion. (Pre contest and post contest)
  11. 11. KMZ/KML feed from for LAX airport that were intended to display the aircraft on Google Earth
  12. 12. Ali Rebaie #RIPNelsonMandela 250,000 tweets
  13. 13. Why Spain and Indonesia? Nelson Mandela wore batik shirts on formal occasions; the South Africans call it a Madiba shirt. In 2010, Nelson Mandela was present in the stadium when Spain's international football team won their first ever World Cup Football trophy
  14. 14. We need Freedom To Discover our Solutions/Answers (even Problems/Questions!)
  15. 15. Information vs Data Serdar Temiz is OKFN Ambassador of Sweden, his twitter Is @serdar_temiz
  16. 16. Now it is Data Name Last Name Twitter Organisation Country Serdar Temiz Serdar_temiz OKFN Sweden Pontus Lyckman .... SIS Sweden Patrik Lindén .... SIS Sweden
  17. 17. Open Data Ecosystem
  18. 18. Data ? Data Data Data? Data Data ? Data
  19. 19. Getting Processin g Sharing Problem Friction Friction Friction
  20. 20. Sweden’s Open Data movement is analyzed with three perspectives: Political and economical environment Legal basis Open Data Portals/Applications
  21. 21. Analysis is expanded with six OKF parameters Open data definition features availability and access reuse and redistribution universal participation Open data impact parameters Transparency, releasing social and commercial value, participation and engagement.
  22. 22. Preliminary Conclusions • 1. Promotion of civic engagement • 2 Promotion of standards (?) • 3 Promotion of Networks • 4 Promotion of Opening Datasets • 5 Identification of Citizen Needs (?) • 6 Importance of Non-Government Sector • 7 Importance of Government Sector Contribution • 8 Better Usage of Existing Data • 9 E-government versus Open data (?) • 10 Sustainability of Projects (?) • 11 Privacy Of Open Data (!) • 12 Social Activism (?) • Quality of Data?
  23. 23. Solution? “Government as a Platform” (O’Reilly, 2011)
  24. 24. Thank you Serdar Temiz PhD Candidate-KTH &EIT Labs ICT Innovation, OKFN Ambassador, Please join me at – Open Data and Innovation Community of Sweden. @serdar_temiz