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How Open Data Changes Our Life?


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What is happning in terms of data and what are emerging issues around data and what young professionals should consider for their future career

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How Open Data Changes Our Life?

  1. 1. Serdar Temiz 27 August 2015 How Open Data Changes Our Life? serdar_temiz
  2. 2. JANUARY 2015 Total Population 7.210 Billion Urbanisation 53% Urbanisation 53% Urbanisation 53% Urbanisation 53% Urbanisation 53% 3.010 Billion 2.078 Billion 3.649 Billion 1.685 Billion Active Internet Users Active Social Media Accounts Unique Mobile Users Active Mobile Social Accounts
  3. 3. MORE THAN 15 HOURS A DAY The sum of media exposed to consumers on mobile devices and to their homes would take to to consume - to read /watch and hear. San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California’, 2015
  4. 4. Equal to 6.9 Million gigabytes of information, or a daily consumption of nine dvds worth of data per person per day. 6.9MGigabytes 9DVDs
  5. 5. IT HAS BEEN 5 YEARS WHEN ‘Every 2 days we create as much information as we did up to 2003’ Eric Schmidt
  6. 6. IT HAS BEEN 2 YEARS WHEN ‘A full 90% of all the data in the world has been generated over the last two years.’ Petter Bae Brandtzæg of SINTEF ICT 2013 May 2013
  7. 7. Big Data for Big Companies Google 3.5 Billion Requests Per Day 500 Terrabytes of Data Per Day 152 Million Customers’ Purchases Over 1 Million Servers Facebook Amazon Microsoft
  8. 8. 1 KB B = byte KB = Kilobyte MB = Megabyte GB = Gigabyte TB = Terabyte PB = Petabyte EB = Exabyte ZB = Zettabyte YB = Yottabyte 1 GB 1 TB 1 PB 1 EB 1 YB 1 ZB 1 MB 1024 B 1024 MB 1024 GB 1024 PB 1024 ZB 1024 TB 1024 EB 1024 KB
  9. 9. Example from France: Reference:
  10. 10. Open Water Data Initiative Overview Find source data Include RoutingConsensus Standarts Community Exercise of Tools and Data Community Built Extensions (eg map) Data Usage Tracking Catalog and Serve Visualization and Delivery Grounded to Geofabric Coupling with Models Create Water and Climate Themes Recurit/Engage Partners Water Data Catalog Water Data As a Service Enriching Water Data Water Data and Tools Marketplace
  11. 11. Emerging Issues Data management Opening Data, Open APIs Data processing Data analyze Crafting information from data Creating meaning of data Privacy of data Security of data Innovation with data
  12. 12. New Jobs Data Journalism, Digital Journalism Data Science Data Processing Data Security Experts Creating meaning of data Privacy Experts
  13. 13. Thank You! serdar_temiz Serdar Temiz