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The success of sia changing image in flight


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The success of sia changing image in flight

  1. 1. 1 The Success of SIA Changing Image In Flight (In Service Excellence) Septo Indarto (Team Double S) In the services Singapore Airlines is the most innovative airline. The development of service strategy performed continuously without stopping. Singapore Airlines is the best icon so far beat many rivals from around the world. Singapore is known as a developed industrial countries-class services. The country is small but still capable of being a major player in the international economy. Clean and efficient bureaucracy and citizens who work hard is one of the strengths Singapore to compete competitively with other countries. In the past with aircraft is a very tedious and can create severe stress for passengers, boredom, scary and passengers often do not feel free because it feels to be in a confined space and walking on air. SIA is a breakthrough service that passengers always in happy circumstances by providing food, beverage, media, watch movies without interruption. So make passengers always feel comfortable when using the airline Singapore Airlines. SIA cabin crew have also been known throughout the world, they look always charming, pleasing to the eye, smiling, giving service with a touch of heart and humanity, passionate and energetic, able to speak several languages. It makes passengers happy and unwitting passengers feel like in your own home, because their service is so good, passengers were able to talk to friends, colleagues, or family members for getting service so special.
  2. 2. 2 Unwittingly SIA success has prompted its competitors to do the same, and they learn from SIA. While SIA is not the first airline in the world, but it is the most innovative pioneers first service in the world, they have created a brand that is strong, that the SIA is the perfection of service to all passengers. SIA has also become the ambassador of Singapore and a marketing tool that has a global reach in introducing Singapore to the world, so the airline has become the ambassador of its nation to introduce Singapore to the world. SIA has also brought many tourists from all over the world to come to Singapore for shopping, entertainment, and technology. Singapore today is not only focused on trade but also focus on developing technology that can create added value for the progress of Singapore, especially medical technology and technology to create entertainment buildings futuristic shades, including the iconic Singapore esplanade besides lions, Singapore as the State does have a focus that can bring world-class entertainment stage. SIA is the airlines always use the latest aircraft from both Boeing and AirBus, age of their aircraft less than 10 years, it has always maintained that the safety of passengers, because the airline industry has the most stringent safety standards in the world, need skills Leadership, Marketing , Service, Entertainment for maintaining the image that is already known by people all over the world. Being the first technology users will always be an advantage for SIA, because it is
  3. 3. 3 concerned for the safety of passengers and see the future as an opportunity to always be the best in the airline industry.