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Free talk “Modern Opportunities in Korea, Perspectives for Tech Professionals”


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The Seoul Tech Society presents a free talk “Modern Opportunities in Korea, Perspectives for Tech Professionals”

Korea’s the most innovative country in the world, local enthusiasm for technology provides developers and designers with all possible challenges.

Let’s discuss Asian tech landscape and true innovation opportunities that exist today in Korea.

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Free talk “Modern Opportunities in Korea, Perspectives for Tech Professionals”

  1. 1. TODAYS’ TOPICModern Opportunities In Korea
  3. 3. TODAYS’ TOPIC• Mobile Technology• Startups• Robotics/Health Care• Open Source• Hardware manufacturing• Open Government• Education• ????Hot-or-Not?
  4. 4. MOBILE TECHNOLOGYMagic Cube/CelluonGuro-dong, Seoul, KoreaHomeplus QR Code Store/Seolleung subway stationGenie Talks- Kor/Eng Speech TranslatorIs there a future?
  5. 5. The YoGiYoApp order takeaway food fromanywhereWhatugot!Find people with the same tasteSTARTUPSStartup Incubators:• Seoul Space/Kstartup/AppCenter• beSuccess• ???
  6. 6. OPEN SOURCEIs there Open sourcecommunity in Korea?
  7. 7. e- GOV / OPEN DATAA lot of traction inEurope and US.
  8. 8. e- GOV / OPEN DATADid you know that:UN report “E-Government Survey 2012: E-Government for the People”Korea is on the FISRST PLACE two years in a row2010-2012. And they sell it… (export)
  9. 9. EDUCATION /e-EDUCATIONMOOCs’ are trendy these days.Any Korean example?
  10. 10. HARDWARE MANUFACTURINGElectronAccelerator/ColliderODROID-U/SOLiD TechnologiesFlexible displays, Flexible batteryGraphene?Quantum computing?
  11. 11. ROBOTICS/HEALTH CARECould robotics areabecome more open?
  12. 12. AcademiaEducation, R&D opportunities?
  13. 13. THANK YOUThank you