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Dksh korea seoul food 2013

  1. 1. Business UnitPerformance MaterialsGlobal Market Expansion Servicesfor specialty chemicals and food ingredientsBusiness Linelorem IpsumThink Asia. Think DKSH.
  2. 2. Market Expansion Services:dedicated to growing business in AsiaWe help companies to grow their business operate worldwide through an extensive be a trusted link between clients and cus-in new and existing markets. We expand network of experts. Swiss stability under- tomers, taking care of our business partners‘their access to knowledge, their sourcing pinned by a strong balance sheet has helped products as if they were our own.base, their revenue opportunities, and their us gain our global reputation as a strong,market shares. Providing business partners reliable, and long-term partner. Business Unit Performance Materialswith a comprehensive package of services DKSH Performance Materials provides Marketto reach their individual goals is what we We offer a comprehensive range of services Expansion Services for specialty chemicalscall Market Expansion Services. along the entire value chain: from sourcing, and food ingredients used in the specialty marketing and sales to distribution and after chemicals, food and beverage, pharmaceu-Your strategic partner sales services. Our business partners benefit tical, and personal care industries. BackedDKSH is an industry-leading Swiss company from our long-standing relationships, local by the DKSH global organization, Perfor-and the world leader in Market Expansion knowledge, and on-the-ground logistics. As mance Materials is dedicated to providingServices with a focus on Asia. Our four Busi- a strategic partner we safeguard the busi- tailor-made solutions for the distribution,ness Units – Consumer Goods, Healthcare, ness of our partners while always sharing sourcing, and application needs of its busi-Performance Materials, and Technology – our unique market insights. It is our aim to ness partners. 1
  3. 3. The best of both worlds DKSH Performance MaterialsExperience and networks of services we perform: from sourcing raw Experts and entrepreneurs What we do vices that create new distribution opportu- in our people and have been increasingDKSH has done business in and with Asia materials to setting up and running flag- In order to provide deep industry exper- DKSH Performance Materials is a trusted nities for chemical producers. We provide the number of sales and technical servicefor nearly 150 years. We are truly at home ship stores for luxury consumer brands, and tise for these many fields of business, we distributor and provider of Market Expan- reliable sourcing around the globe and in- experts through organic growth and ac-in Asia, where we have become an integral from feasibility studies and product devel- are not only organized into four Business sion Services for specialty chemicals and stant access to markets, managing the en- quisitions.part of many local business environments. opment to the many facets of marketing. Units, but are further specialized into Busi- food ingredients used in the specialty tire supply chain of our business partners.And we are no strangers to the rest of the ness Lines and Industry Clusters, maintain- chemicals, food and beverage, pharma- With our long-standing experience and Key Client Managementworld either: DKSH operates in 35 coun- Our more than 180 state-of-the-art distri- ing the hands-on and entrepreneurial style ceutical, and personal care industries. A relationships, we support our customers’ Our dedicated Key Client Managementtries, with 630 business locations in Asia bution centers work with the largest SAP of business our company was founded on. leading player in this dynamic growth mar- businesses of every size. We speak the local (KCM) function provides one point of con-and 20 in Europe and the Americas, and Business Warehouse application in Asia to DKSH provides a balance between specialist ket, we achieved net sales of CHF 697 mil- languages and understand the local busi- tact across our entire network and enablesemploying 26,000 specialized staff from 64 help execute, track, and analyze hundreds knowledge of our partners’ industries and a lion in 2011. ness environments. our resources to work for the best businessnations. of thousands of business transactions ev- practical business approach that efficiently interest of our clients (chemical companies ery day. The detailed information we gain gets things done. Global reach A constantly growing network we represent in the markets on distribu-Integrating diverse services from this process contributes to the expert We are active in 26 countries, with 80 lo- We continually invest to further increase tion contract basis). The major task of ourWe bridge the markets of Europe, Asia, knowledge that we use to provide strategic cations and 17 sourcing offices worldwide our geographic reach with prime focus KCM team is to ensure that our clients canand the Americas, and have the ability to advice to our business partners. Offering all that draw from over 70 markets, giving us on Asia, Europe, and North America. In grow their business by leveraging on DKSH’sadapt to the businesses we serve in any lo- these diverse services from a single source a network of unrivalled scope and depth. these markets, we have been expanding blanket coverage across market. The diversity of industries DKSH is another important aspect of what we call With a vast and constantly growing global our product and services portfolio for theis involved in is only matched by the range Market Expansion Services. distribution footprint, we offer tailored ser- industries we work in. Likewise, we investDKSH Group Business Unit Performance MaterialsFacts as of June 30, 2012 Facts as of June 30, 2012 Net sales: Net Sales: CHF 7.3 billion CHF 697 million 26,000 specialized staff Over 1,000 specialized staff representing 64 nationalities Operations in 35 countries Operations in 26 countries 630 business locations in 6 4 business locations in Asia Pacific Asia Pacific 20 business locations in Europe 16 business locations in Europe and the Americas and North AmericaNetwork of more than 5,500 suppli- Network of more than 4,000 ers and around 550,000 customers suppliers and 20,000 customers Over 180 state-of-the-art 17 sourcing offices worldwide distribution centers Largest SAP Business Warehouse 23 innovation centers worldwide application in Asia2 3
  4. 4. Our reach across industries and geographies Performance Materials has four Business Our unrivalled global network and com- strong sales organization and through Lines with ten distinct Industry Clusters, plete coverage of the Asian region give us technical knowledge. By working with cus- each offering the entire array of Market a competitive edge. We are a trusted link tomers across 26 countries, Business Unit Expansion Services. Our specialists under- between clients and customers in Asia, Performance Materials offers countless stand the needs of our business partners Europe, and North America, providing cli- opportunities for clients to expand their and bring deep vertical expertise to the ents with market access through our own markets. industries we serve, helping our business partners to constantly stay a step ahead of Our locations at a glance the competition. Sales Sourcing Innovation Regulatory Affairs offices offices centers competence Asia Pacific centers Australia 1 1 China 3 1 1 1 Hong Kong 1 India 7 1 2 1 Indonesia 2 1 Japan 3 2 3 1 Korea 1 1 Malaysia 1 1 1 Myanmar 1 1 New Zealand 1 Philippines 2 1 3 1 Industries we are active in Sri Lanka 1 Specialty Chemicals Industry Taiwan 1 1 1 Graphics Electronics Thailand 1 1 6 1 Paints  Coatings Vietnam 3 1 3 1 Polymers, Fibers Adhesives Europe Industrial Specialties Denmark 1 Food Beverage Industry France 1 2 1 Germany 1 Beverage Dairy Great Britain 1 Confectionery Bakery Italy 1 1 Food Supplements Nutrition Poland 1 Processed Food Food Service Spain 1 Pharmaceutical Industry Switzerland 1 Pharmaceuticals Americas Brazil 1 Personal Care Industry Chile 1 1 Personal Care USA 1 1 14 5
  5. 5. A broad and customized service portfolio It is DKSH Performance Materials’ num- our deep industry expertise and state-of- Continued growth ber one objective to maximize growth the- art innovation centers, we are unique- We are constantly working to further ex- opportunities for our business partners. ly qualified to truly understand the needs tend our comprehensive network across In order to achieve this, we follow a of our business partners and to create so- all business areas both through organic cclearly defined strategy for growth, de- lutions that meet business deadlines and growth and strategic acquisitions, there- signed to ensure the continuous expan- deliver results. by enhancing our market penetration in sion of our service portfolio for the ben- Asia, Europe, and North America. At the efit of all our business partners. Full coverage of Asia in all business areas same time, we are steadily increasing Our vast global distribution footprint, es- our portfolio of clients, especially in the Adding value pecially in Asia, leverages our size and ex- USA, for whom our expertise in Asia is What makes working with DKSH Perfor- perience to provide tailored services and particularly important. Our experienced mance Materials special is that we strive exceptional distribution opportunities for Key Client Management team is dedi- to develop relationships that add value chemical producers based throughout the cated to growing the business of our beyond the product or service. Because of region and the world. strategic partners . Services for clients Services for customers Sourcing, looking forWe have been doing business in Asia for on our detailed customer feedback and our searching and formulating solutions to meet Market research Information and hard-to-find raw materialsnearly 150 years, reliably safeguarding own research, we create business trends in- our business partners’ needs. insightsthe interest of our business partners. Be- stead of following them. Our experience and Scouting and screening Feasibility studies Market feedback to clients of new suppliers andcause of our long history in the region, we solid relationships, combined with our deep Regulatory Affairs through our IT platforms clientsare deeply rooted in many communities industry know-how and broad supply chain In seamlessly managing the value chain for Product development Clients Producers of specialty Supplier accreditationthroughout Asia and we have established coverage, turn expertise into value-added our clients and customers we have made and audits 1. chemicals and food Market studies anda vast network of business and personal results. safety, the protection of the environment, 2. 3. ingredients business plansrelationships. quality, and regulatory compliance our top Product specifications Ideas to market priorities. To do this we have established a Annual marketing plansKnowledge and coverage Innovation cycles are growing ever faster, dedicated global Regulatory Affairs team of Tailor-made product Pricing and sales Customers modifications, productDKSH Performance Materials provides val- increasing the pressure on our business part- experts for risk assessments, supplier audit- development forecasting In industries such as:ue-added services from idea to market. We ners to deliver new products more quickly ing and certification, and product registra- specialty chemicals, Marketing and food and beverage,actively accompany our business partners at and at lower cost. We operate 23 innovation tions. We have in-house quality control ca- Application testing promotion activities pharmaceutical, andevery stage, whether through supply chain centers in Asia, Europe, and North America, pabilities, a dedicated REACH (Registration, personal care Global supply chain Quality assurance andmanagement or in the development of fu- where we generate, develop, and custom- Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of management Airport or seaport complianceture product generations from concept to ize product ideas, find new ingredients and Chemicals) team, registration experts, and Import and customscommercialization. Our industry specialists technology applications, provide hands-on specialized safety officers, who support our Distribution formalities Just-in-time deliverywork hand in hand with our business part- training, and run acceptance tests. In short: business partners and guarantee full compli-ners to advance innovative solutions. Based we cut time-to-market by proactively re- ance with current regulations.6 7
  6. 6. Strategically growing your businessWhy work with DKSH Performance Materials?• We cover the whole of Asia and Western Europe• We offer a solution-driven business model• We employ an excellent team of specialists• We provide more in-depth market informa- tion than any other distribution partner• We are a financially strong partner Full Asia coverage nical facilities, which now includes 23 We are the only chemical distributor that sophisticated innovation centers. Recent covers the whole of Asia and Western additions to this network include facilities Europe. Thanks to our one-stop-shop ap- for specialized pharmaceuticals, a lab-scale proach, multinational clients receive a beverage pilot testing plant, and a coat- complete service package that extends ings laboratory. across all the industries we serve. This single-source concept allows our business We continuously improve the efficiency partners to save significant amounts of and effectiveness of our processes by Excellent team of specialists ables the creation of unique client reports. time and transactions. drawing on best practices and ensuring Our application- and service-driven business With our CRM tool we have a global com- benchmark industry standards through- model enables us to work and think like a munications platform integrating geo map- Solution-driven business model out our organization. Our efficient supply specialty chemicals company. Our special- ping and all of our clients‘ and customers‘ Another important aspect of our strategy chain allows us to fulfill the diverse re- ists act in the market on behalf of key cli- information, allowing us to spot and react is the continuous expansion of our tech- quirements of all the industries we serve. ents as if they were their employees. They to trends and demands in the market as are all highly educated industry experts and they emerge. receive regular training from our clients. A A constantly expanding network: major developments since 2009 very low attrition rate makes us a reliable Finacially strong partner long-term partner. Swiss reliability and our long-established 3 Bolt-on acquisitions to complement our regional presence market presence coupled with our strong 10 New markets developed for our various Business Lines In-depth market information finanical background make us a strategic 18 State-of-the-art innovation centers added to our network for a total of 23 We track our sales pipeline in real-time with partner of choice. 200 Highly trained specialists recruited up-to-date market information, which en-8 9
  7. 7. Specialty Chemicals IndustryBusiness Line Specialty Chemicals Industry of- worldwide to capture the best value. We Our expert teams of highly-educated crystal production, optical films for printedfers the entire range of DKSH Market Expan- also act as the marketing and sales arm for chemists and chemical engineers draw on electronics, and photovoltaic applications. Sharing success: providing the vital linksion Services to companies wishing to source medium-sized specialty chemicals produc- years of industry experience to understand Products for film coating applications suchor supply materials in the graphics and elec- ers without their own sales force outside the needs of our business partners, while as technical film, packaging films, and lami- We make it our business to bring about win-win solutions for our business partners – andtronics, paints and coatings, polymers, fibers, their home territories. their entrepreneurial mindset delivers fast nations are also part of our portfolio. as we are entrepreneurs at heart, we also go out and find that business.and adhesives industries, among others. and flexible solutions. We expand markets by enlarging the Paints Coatings ChallengeWe provide an extensive range of raw mate- chemical toolboxes of our business part- Graphics Electronics Our Paints Coatings team is a technical The global photovoltaic market is highly competitive, with Asian photovoltaic producersrials for the development of innovative and ners for faster development of their next In the graphics area we provide products marketing and sales force that provides enjoying lower production costs than those in Europe. At the same time, European pro-competitive formulations. We also offer new generation products. Our insights and rela- and services for printing plates (including key raw materials, low-cost alternatives, ducers offer technology advantages and higher cell efficiencies for converting sunlightproduct development, technical assistance, tionships open up new markets and create computer-to-plate), ink-jet receptive media and ideas to drive technology forward and to electricity.custom manufacturing, quality assurance, market presence through our experienced for paper and plastic substrate, specialty keep our business partners competitive.logistics, warehousing and distribution, as people, who globally procure the best inks, and products for photographic ap- We are industry experts in the products and Approachwell as financing and insurance services. quality chemicals at competitive prices. In plications. For the electronics industry we services for adhesion promoters, high-per- DKSH has been marketing the competitively priced high-efficiency metallization pastes addition, we have the in-house capabilities offer products and services for IC photo formance resins, and special-effect additives, of our business partner Dongjin Semichem of South Korea for some time. When a well-We help our business partners to find the to deal with all safety, environmental, and resists and color filter resists, printed circuit catering to the automotive and industrial established European photovoltaic producer tested these products and achieved a sig-right materials, while flexibly sourcing quality-related issues. boards, liquid crystal intermediates for liquid paints as well as decorative and architectural nificant increase in its photovoltaic cell efficiency, a new opportunity arose. The cus- paints industries, among others. tomer required a full quality audit of Dongjin Semichem before introducing the product on their production lines. DKSH‘s specialists jointly worked with the customer in South Polymers, Fibers Adhesives Korea for an intensive two-day quality audit. We offer a wide range of products and services for the formulation of adhesives Result and sealants, master batches, compounds, Dongjin Semichem received an extremely high audit score of over 97%, proving its high engineering plastics, and rubber. In addi- standard of knowledge and capabilities. The customer fully approved the company and tion, we source and supply intermediates its aluminum photovoltaic paste, citing it as “the best-performing paste currently avail- for resin manufacturing and offer materi- able on the market.” Rapid introduction of the paste on the customer‘s production lines als for the production of artificial leather, enabled it to regain a large market share of the competitive photovoltaic cell market in fibers and textiles, as well as films for in- Europe, resulting in a win-win solution for all parties. dustry applications. Market Expansion Services: understanding delivers results Industrial Specialties Becoming a trusted link between business partners, and understanding the needs of all Other major industries in which our Busi- concerned, requires diligence and deep industry expertise. Time and again this brings ness Line is involved include the petro- about tangible business results for all our partners. chemical, fine chemical, construction, plant protection and pest control, water treatment, and ceramics industries. technologies from a broad variety of manu- Global chemistry competency facturers. Our competence in chemistry and Business Line Specialty Chemicals Industry is our experienced technical sales and service a global organization with long-established people allow our business partners to focus business relationships, offering specialized on their core expertise of manufacturing.10 11
  8. 8. Food Beverage Industry With a multi-skilled team including chem- Food Supplements Nutrition ists, food technologists, nutritionists, tech- Food Supplements Nutrition serves the Sharing success: enabling product innovation nological, legal, and marketing experts, health ingredients, sports nutrition, food even chefs de cuisine, we work closely supplements, and infant formulae indus- Food Beverage Industry supplies the concepts and the substances to make business with our business partners to deliver highly tries. We offer concepts and applications ideas successful. specialized solutions. for products such as antioxidants, im- mune boosters, weight management and Challenge Beverage Dairy intestinal ingredients, as well as amino Our Food Beverage Industry business in Great Britain recently approached an entre- Beverage Dairy offers customized ideas acids, sweeteners, and vitamins. We spe- preneur who was about to break into the market with a new brand of soluble food and concepts developed by our in-house cialize in concepts and ideas backed by supplements. The challenge was to enlarge and supplement the product portfolio of this innovation centers as well as a toolbox scientific research and clinical trials and company with new concepts, while developing the right ingredients and guaranteeing of ingredients. We offer Market Expan- suggest the right ingredients for the right stable sourcing. sion Services for ingredients for any kind developments. Applying global trends lo- of beverage or dairy formulation, such as cally, we help to create innovative prod- Approach health ingredients, ingredients for fruit ucts and ingredient applications. Analyzing the markets for food supplements with functional and health ingredients, we juice concentrate, sweeteners, texture in- spotted several health trends that new products could capitalize on. We then designed gredients, and natural colors and flavors. Processed Food Food Service concepts for these products and developed or sourced the ingredients. Custom-made We manage the sourcing of processed raw Processed Food Food Service offers a ingredients as well as ingredients sourced from our large network of suppliers were used Business Line Food Beverage Industry of- materials while actively scouting for trends wide range of ingredients and finished in the creation of several new products. fers concepts and ingredients to the pro- around the globe. products, such as condiments, wines, olive curement as well as research and develop- oils, couvertures, flavors, frozen seafood/ Result ment departments of food and beverage Confectionery Bakery fruit/vegetables, fillings, marinades, and The venture quickly became a success as the new products gained industry industry rec- manufacturers. Products range from food Confectionery Bakery provides new toll-manufactured seasoning blends. Our ognition and were added to the portfolios of some of the largest retailing chains in Great raw materials and food additives to health product concepts and ingredient tech- products and application concepts serve Britain. ingredients and catering items. Our com- nology with full technical, quality, reg- food manufacturers in the processed meat, prehensive global network, market insight, ulatory, and scientific backup. These snack, and prepared meal industries as well Market Expansion Services: ideas and insight and broad overview enable us to scout for services are supplemented with formula- as wholesale customers including hotels, Developing concepts for new products is one thing. Having the market insight and over- developments in products and technology tion, manufacturing, and technical appli- restaurants, retail stores, and airline cater- view to judge the right time to develop an idea is another. Successfully bringing together beyond short-lived fashions and to identify cations services. Our Market Expansion ers. Our supply chain management ca- ingredient innovation, technical expertise, and the entrepreneurial mindset is the es- longterm trends. Our concepts help our Services also include global monitor- pabilities range from global sourcing and sence of Market Expansion Services. business partners develop new products ing to identify long-term trends, cover- formulation services to quality control and and applications for their ingredients. ing health and topics related to other from marketing and sales to distribution, lo- ingredients such as flavors and colors, gistics, food styling, and training seminars. We provide responsible and traceable global enzymes, emulsifiers and stabilizers, pre- Through our network of relationships and ties, and research organizations allow us sourcing for ingredients such as flavors and servatives and processing aids, glazes, industry expertise we understand what the to detect the latest changes in the mar- compounds, hydrocolloids, emulsifiers, vita- bakery fillings, and sweeteners. We have local markets need and make them acces- kets and to anticipate trends. In our nine mins, sweeteners, colors, acidulants, fat re- a strong track record of introducing suc- sible to our business partners. innovation centers we provide product placers, and other major additive categories. cessful new products while supporting solutions and in-depth application ex- We deal with all sizes of business partners, our business partners with a broad range Long-term business results pertise, perform essential basic tests and contributing superior applications know-how of training programs, toll manufacturing, Food Beverage Industry’s strong links product trials that give our business part- that is recognized throughout the industry. and logistics. with leading food institutions, universi- ner a clear competitive advantage.12 13
  9. 9. Pharmaceutical IndustryBusiness Line Pharmaceutical Industry pro- dustry. Our specialist team consists of phar- Global sourcingvides Market Expansion Services for active macists and chemists. Safety, Environment, We offer instant global access to all types ofingredients, formulations and functional ex- Quality, and Regulatory Affairs (SEQRA) is- substances for pharmaceutical manufactur-cipients, as well as advanced intermediates. sues are handled by our in-house experts, ers. Our experts have a deep understandingWe offer all related services such as pre- including a dedicated REACH group. Our of the chemistry and production processesscreening suppliers, support in current Good global customer and supplier networks offer of performance materials, which enables usManufacturing Practice (cGMP) audits and integrated win-win solutions for our busi- to manage the entire synthesis value chainregulatory affairs, while meeting the highest ness partners, who profit from our profound and to meet all quality requirements.standards required by the pharmaceutical in- in-house industry expertise and experience. We also deliver special products under spe- cial conditions, such as dangerous goodsSharing success: innovative sourcing under cost pressure and hazardous materials as well as transpor- tation in cool and top-ventilated containers,Effective co-operation and hard work enabled us to find entrepreneurial solutions that fulfill and we handle niche products and markets.expectations, as DKSH recently proved once again. The quality of our customized solutions is shown by our substantial level of recurringChallenge business and our numerous long-term rela-Most global players in the pharmaceutical industry face dramatic challenges. Blockbuster tionships.products launched in the 1990s will lose their patents over the next few years, while thenumber of new drug products launched is declining. In response, global pharmaceutical Services across the value chaincompanies have begun strict cost reduction programs. One of the top enterprises affected, Our services to pharmaceutical manufac-a DKSH customer of 20 years, set out a challenge in the form of a new program to source turers cover the entire value chain, fromproducts. They decided not to use any distributors in their supply chain. sourcing active pharmaceutical ingredients to finding the right excipients, or even pro-Approach ducing the final dosage form. We have long-Working with Nippon Soda of Japan, a long-term business partner, we addressed this chal- term partnerships with leading suppliers inlenge. Together, we were able to show the customer the real added value not only in the Europe and Asia and are continually enlarg- Catering to pharmaceutical distributors, we sponsibility and offer a single point of con-case of service offered but also in assessing possibilities for the targeted price. This included ing our portfolio to include the latest de- handle quality management and regulatory tact. We are strategically aligned and foroptimization of the supply chain, intelligent warehousing, and much more. Excellent co- velopments in the pharmaceutical industry. affairs for Finished Dosage Forms (FDF). Fol- key accounts we reduce the supplier baseoperation between Nippon Soda, DKSH Switzerland, the local sourcing team in Japan, the lowing all the necessary national policies by offering tailor-made solutions. Support-logistics specialists in Europe, as well the customer enabled DKSH to submit a bid to supply Quality management and regulatory and guidelines, we review and prepare ed by our well-established infrastructurethe customer’s worldwide manufacturing sites with excipients. affairs regulatory documents required for submis- and large and experienced sales force, our We offer quality management and regula- sions, make submissions, and establish and constant focus is on building stable long-Result tory affairs for active pharmaceutical ingre- maintain close relations with all the relevant term partnerships.As a result of these joint efforts, DKSH was one of the first suppliers and the only distributor dients following the guidelines of Interna- national and EU authorities.worldwide to have been selected for the new sourcing program. At the same time, DKSH and tional Conference of Harmonization (ICH),Nippon Soda were confirmed as strategic long-term key international partners. This excel- Drug Master File (DMF) under the Chemical Single-contact responsibilitylent relationship has strenghtened Business Line Pharmaceutical Industry‘s status as a global Technical Document (CTD) and other for- Business Line Pharmaceutical Industry is aplayer in the market, leading to rapidly increased business worldwide, while at the same time mats, as well as manufacturing portion of reliable strategic partner and we work hardopening up new business opportunities for other suppliers. market authorization (chemistry, manufac- to develop win-win solutions. Our Key Cli- turing, and control). ent and Key Account Managers take re-14 15
  10. 10. Personal Care Industry Business Line Personal Care Industry offers preservatives. Our consulting services in- Market Expansion Services solutions for the clude trouble shooting for problematic Sharing success: a sound foundation for excellence personal care industry, with a focus on in- formulations, efficacy and clinical testing, novative specialty ingredients for skin, hair, sensory evaluation, and stability testing. No company can achieve success alone. Behind every market-leading company is at least body, and oral care applications. For the Knowing the global trends allows us to one exceptional business partner dedicated to ensuring its winning performance. home care industry we provide raw mate- share insights with our business partners, rials for laundry, cleansing, and fabric care while our customized product develop- Challenge applications. ment services shorten product cycles. Our partner is a world‘s leading cosmetic manufacturer serving markets in 130 countries. With 23 global brands and a worldwide network of local production facilities, they depend We develop prototype finished product for- Close collaboration with partners on efficient supply chain management services to deliver raw ingredients in the right quality mulations to support sales and marketing With our strong global DKSH network and at the right time. Finding the right supply chain partner for their Asian markets was a initiatives, and are a constant source of inno- and the synergies it produces, we can save key challenge. vation through introducing ingredients with costs for our partners by sourcing materials new applications, functionalities, and bene- from all over the world and especially Asia. Approach fits. With our global reach and the expertise Through our long-standing industry relation- Building on their existing relationship with DKSH in Europe, this leading multinational of our industry specialists – pharmacologists, ships we offer access to existing and new cosmetics manufacturer entrusted DKSH with providing supply chain services across Asia. chemists, and chemical engineers with ex- markets for our business partners, whether By drawing on our extensive global supplier network, DKSH ensured smooth delivery of tensive industry experience – we deliver reli- mass marketers, contract manufacturers, raw materials – from hair dyes to waxes, silicone, actives, and preservatives. able sourcing and technical support through and marketing or other companies. our seven innovation centers, while offering Result an established portfolio of ingredients meet- By focusing on long-term success rather Thanks to DKSH’s 100% delivery conformity rate, flexibility in keeping safety stock, short ing all quality and safety regulations. than short-term advantages, we accompa- average lead times, and delivery of pragmatic solutions for special cases, DKSH China, India, ny new products from idea to market for and Indonesia in 2010 were honored by the partner with a Supply Chain Excellence Award Our Business Line Personal Care Industry as long as necessary, including plant trials for outstanding performance in supplying all production facilities in Asia Pacific with high- provides a wide variety of specialty ingre- and after-sales services. quality raw materials. DKSH is particularly proud to have won this award in 2010, when dients, from actives such as anti-aging, their China office became our partner‘s number three cosmetics subsidiary, and DKSH anti-acne, exfoliants, skin lightening and Our total supply chain management servic- clearly played a key role in supporting their impressive growth in Asia Pacific. whitening, self-tanning agents, UV pro- es leverage our global expertise and exten- tection agents, botanicals and extracts to sive network. Together with our expertise in Market Expansion Services at work: supply chain services going all the way colorants, liposomes, and delivery systems. collaborating with customers and profes- DKSH’s global relationships, industry expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit deliver the excellent In terms of functional ingredients we offer sional services, this enables us to provide supply chain management services our business partners need to ensure successful Market surfactants, conditioning agents, moistur- world-class logistics and distribution as well Expansion, especially in Asia. izers and humectants, emollients, emulsi- as cost-effective sourcing of raw materials fiers, fragrances, rheology modifiers, and with guaranteed quality and safety.16 17
  11. 11. Regulatory Affairs With global business comes global re- Global presence and local knowledge sponsibility. We manage this challenge REACH competency DKSH has seven established quality and and offer the best service to our business In 2007, a new and very strict chemi- regulatory affairs competence centers partners with an independent team of cals regulation took effect that fun- around the world in order to leverage our regulatory affairs and compliance experts. damentally changed chemical control accumulated global experience and fully We serve our business partners in compli- in the EU. In response, DKSH offers utilize the knowledge we have gained for ance with with all applicable regulations coordinated action from both the the benefit of our business partners. for safety, health, and environment. We regulatory affairs and business sides, actively manage quality assurance and reg- and a proactive way of dealing with Our tools istrations to leverage business and build a those challenges. Critical factors are To achieve all this we work with state-of- competitive advantage in our markets. business-driven decisions combined the-art IT solutions that are tailored to fit with regulatory expertise. The deep the needs of our business partners. Our Compliance industry knowledge of our REACH ex- functions for Safety, Health, and Environ- Full compliance for safety, health, environ- perts and the leverage of our global ment; Quality Assurance; and Registrations ment, as well as quality assurance and add- DKSH networks are a real competitive are staffed with experts at global and local ed value registrations are top priorities at advantage for everyone affected by levels. DKSH. Our highly qualified experts manage the legislation. all aspects of regulatory affairs, set policies, define clear rules, and set standards to en- Supplier audits hance reliability and compliance. We have The Supplier Agreement Program global reporting systems to improve compli- Our services (SAPA), is a unique new service de- ance at all levels, offering information that Safety, Health, and Environment signed by DKSH to conduct supplier is used in our key client reports. Safety of- • Safety audits and inspections auditing and certification. This service ficers set the highest standards for global • Classification, labeling, and packaging assures our customers that the prod- safety concepts and deliver professional • Safety Data Sheet ucts they source from us are delivered risk assessments to guarantee compliance • Global Harmonized System support on-specification and ensures consis- with safety regulations for manufacturing, tency in terms of quality and sustain- transport, warehousing, and handling of Quality Assurance ability. With SAPA in place, customers any chemical compound. Registration spe- • Supplier pre-audits and audits can rely on the work done by us and at cialists support our business partners with • Supplier qualification and certification the same time reduce non-compliance value-added product registrations and full • Change control risks, recalls, and major deviations. Ul- documentation. We have the resources and • Claim management timately, we can help improve our sup- expertise to anticipate future regulatory pliers‘ business and products and by needs to support your business. Quality au- Registrations doing so, both our suppliers and our ditors conduct independent supplier audits • REACH services customers can gain professional cred- and certifications to comply with industry • Regulatory strategies ibility in their markets. standards and customers’ requirements. • Registration management18 19
  12. 12. Leading brands we represent Contacts Key Client Management Europe DKSH Management Ltd. Wiesenstrasse 8 8034 Zurich Switzerland Phone +41 44 386 7253 Fax +41 44 386 7282 Key Client Management Japan DKSH Japan K.K. 4-3-11, Minami Senba Chuo-ku Osaka 542-0081 Japan Phone +81 6 6282 0173 Fax +81 6 6282 1718
  13. 13. DKSH Holding Ltd.Wiesenstrasse 8, P.O. Box 888, 8034 Zurich, SwitzerlandPhone +41 44 386 7272, Fax +41 44 386 07/2012