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Deep dark side of git - prologue


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Published in: Software, Technology, Art & Photos
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Deep dark side of git - prologue

  1. 1. Deep Dark Side Of Git SeongJae Park <>
  2. 2. Nice To Meet You SeongJae Park
  3. 3. Git DVCS(Distributed Version Control System) Made By Linus Torvalds To Manage Linux png
  4. 4. Git Many Projects Use Git Because It’s Awesome png,_a_Mascot_of_Github.jpg
  5. 5. Git: Learning Curve Some People Says Hard To Learn png
  6. 6. This Time, We Will... See How Git Works From The Scratch Just For Fun ...Or To Be Friend With Git Forget About The Complicated Commands This Time umreO9CwJgjX2kaA9E7RkLwtEwiDnoMtOgm4iMJ0IWhvXlzlKL1kNVUYWuNa-gLRtRoyNjkVYg
  7. 7. In Short, Git Is A Content-Addressable File System Blob, Tree, Commit, Reference. That’s It =3 content/uploads/2014/03/tldr_trollcat.jpg
  8. 8. For The Rest Of Talk... Let’s Meet At Grand BallRoom 102, COEX, DevFest Korea 2014 ;) * Full Slide Will Be Shared After The Talk jpg