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Introduction to website development


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Introduction to website development. The ins and outs of website development and design. Designing a website is more than just adding content and images. It's about developing your website

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Introduction to website development

  1. 1. Introduction to Website Development How a website is built has an impact on its usability, functionality and efficacy. As internet usage increases year by year, it is essential that business websites are not only visually appealing but are also functional and user-friendly. Beautifully designed and executed websites are useless to businesses if they aren’t developed properly; a website needs to be built to last. Theoretically speaking, web developers are responsible for the back end development of websites – building websites with frameworks and programming languages. Whereas website designers can be seen as the architects of an online presence, web developers are the professional builders of websites. Web developers create websites from scratch ensuring that they are well- coded, functional, cross-browser compatible and
  2. 2. that they meet the required W3C standards of usability and accessibility. South African web development Companies offer a range of web development services including:  Framework selection and development  Server side programming  Client side coding  Application development  Database development, integration and management  Data storage and security  Content Management Systems (CMS)  Website hosting and maintenance Businesses that require simple, brochure style sites often prefer to work directly with website designers. However utilizing web developers are a good choice for any business that wants a professional, capable website that is built on solid foundations. Many of Quote Bean’s approved South
  3. 3. African web development agencies and firms offer complete website packages which can include graphic design, web development, hosting and content strategy. An Introduction to Web Building Web building traditionally requires specific website development skills and expertise. Whilst professional website development is the best way to create an effective business website, there are some cost-effective DIY web building options available for cash-strapped businesses within the South African. Build a Web Page from scratch This is a very cost-effective DIY web building option, but it does require a substantial understanding of HTML along with good coding skills. To build your own web page you will need to do the following:
  4. 4.  Markup the web page or website using HTML 4.01  Define the appearance of the your web page or website using CSS  Describe the data contained in your web page using XML  Programme the behaviour of browsers loading your web page or website using JavaScript  Programme the behaviour of internet servers hosting your web page or website using ASP or PHP  Manage the databases of your web page or website using SQL (Structured Query Language) Online DIY Web Builders Another option for DIY web building involves using one of the many DIY web builders which are available free of charge or for a small fixed fee online. DIY web-builders are a good option for business owners who cannot afford professional website development service and who do not have
  5. 5. the skills in-house to build a web page or website from scratch. There are some drawbacks to using DIY web builders which can affect the final appearance and usability of the website. DIY web builders typically only provide WYSIWYG drag 'n' drop interfaces and editors which can limit the amount of customization which takes place with the web form builder. The Buyer's Guide to Cheap Web Development Websites are a necessary requirement for any business or organization that wants to succeed in modern times, but they don't have to be expensive. Owning and running a cost-effective website is possible, within the South African there are various ways to create and run cost-effective, cheap websites that provide excellent value for money. In this article we take a closer look at some popular cheap website development options.
  6. 6. Cheap Web Building Making use of cheap web building software, such as online web builders, is possibly the cheapest web development method available within the South African. Some cheap web building software is so cheap that it can cost virtually nothing to download and utilise! Cheap web building software and online web builders typically provide all the components and technologies need to DIY-develop a website, including design templates, PHP /MySQL databases and HTML Editors. Although the benefits of using cheap web building software and online web builders are numerous, cheap web building software needs to be used with caution. Many web builders are only suitable for use by individuals with previous experience of web development or programming and coding. Creating a bad website with cheap web building software and online web builders may well end up costing you far more than the cost of purchasing cheap web
  7. 7. development services from a professional web developer Cheap Web Development A wide range of cheap web development services are available from professional web developers and web development companies within the South African. Cheap web development services often take the form of value-for-money website development packages, which can include the design, build and coding of a website as well as cheap website hosting. Typical cheap web development packages are cost-effective, but the design used for the site during cheap web development is often a modified template which does not have the same impact as a bespoke website. An additional way to purchase cheap web development services is to purchase a website that is built using content management software such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. Content management
  8. 8. software based websites often work out to be the cheapest web development services option, since the site is flexible and can be expanded and added to by utilising the content management functions of the software. Cheap Web Developers Another cheap website development option is to utilise the services of a cheap website developer. Cheap website developers can provide a range of cheap website development services that cost significantly less than those offered by larger website development firms. Cheap web developers are often freelance developers that specialise in certain areas of website development; or recent web development graduates that need to build their website development portfolios. Hiring a cheap web developer is a completely different experience to hiring a full-staffed web development company; they may require more guidance from you on your
  9. 9. final expectations and will need a substantial website development brief to work with. You visit our Web development and web design team @ studio . Seoland is an online marketing company that has a special interest in Web design and development.