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5 essential seo points you have to understand


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This writeup has been developed for CEO's of large companies to better understand Search engine marketing also known as SEO.

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5 essential seo points you have to understand

  1. 1. 4 Essential SEO Points a CEO needs to understand If you speak to the big shot CEO’s of the fortune 500 companies you quickly realize that they don’t necessarily understand the concept of “search engine marketing”. When they hear the words “Search Engine Optimization” they see easy money and high rankings -- they do not necessarily comprehend how Search Engine Optimization actually works and what sort of work is needed to actually develop and generate an effective search engine marketing campaign. We believe that a CEO of a company should concern themselves with the company and not about every small little thing that is happening on the online marketing front. In an attempt to assist CEOs and the decision makers on the working of Search Engine Optimization we have accumulated a 4 point list on the workings of SEO’s and what CEO’s need to look out for. Our main objective in this write up is to make sure the reader understands how digital marketing fits into a business model and how you can help to make it a success.
  2. 2. 1. Search Engine Optimization does not come cheap Let’s start the hardest; get this out of the way. If you want SEO done on your business website you need to know that it’s not free and it’s not cheap either. You will sometimes find SEO companies advertising their SEO services to the public at insane low prices. These people will not help your cause. In fact these firms will only give you or your boss a headache. Decision makers and the finance dept. are always focusing on cash and means to conserve it. This really is standard corporate practices, but it's rather important to comprehend that quality Search Engine Optimization will cost money. A number of the expenses associated with search engine optimization for a big brand comprise of: SEO Company Services:Many businesses hire an SEO firm to take care of search engine marketing. Again you need to avoid these cheap E-marketing companies that attempt to sell you with a so called "seo bundles" that contains a pre-defined amount of incoming links. Please
  3. 3. note that absolutely no reputable Search Engine Optimization firm works on yearly or monthly retainer. Each website is different, how would these SEO specialists know how many links and social links your website will need before you have even started. Link Building: When we refer to link building we are not talking about creating thousands of links everywhere, this will only lead problems with the search engines and may even make your website disappear from the rankings. With link building we refer to writing content, reaching out to other businesses in the same niche, forming relationships with niche websites, and doing guest posting on big authority niche website that will provide no follow or do follow links to your business website. Onsite SEOs: Some of the bigger firms will hire an in house search specialist to managethe whole search marketing operation. Do understand that this not mean the Seo-guy is actually doing the work. They may be the middle man that is organizing everything search engine
  4. 4. related. This includes creating content, building links, making friends with authority website etc. 2. Search Engine Optimization does start today and end tomorrow In the event you’re CEO wants immediate traffic to his website then your company needs to look at rather going for PPC marketing. Any technique used to fast game the search engines and place your site on top is extremely dangerous and may eventually destroy your site and remove you from the Google search results. I personally believe in developing a strong base before starting any kind of link building. It takes more time but at the end of day when you competitors are caught out, you are the one that wins. You have to view search engine marketing as a long term strategy. 3. Search Engine Optimization is only a part of the online marketing strategy SEO should not be seen as the - be all end all. But whatever advertising you do, you should always keep
  5. 5. SEO in mind. For instance: Content that is written for your web site and blogs should be customized around the company Search Engine Optimization effort. The content should contain certain keywords and phrases that describe your services and products. Press releases and media outreach ought to be produced with SEO in mind. When you upload the article to a press release website you need to add a link to products or the home page. Search optimization should be considered when creating a new web site layout. 4. Search Engine Optimization is constantly Evolving While no search Engine optimization service company can make “performance guarantees” and promises, we know that the only thing that is certain is that Search Engine Optimization is always evolving and will keep on
  6. 6. changing for many years to come. If you're serious about your company then you are going to need SEO. In the electronic age we now live in, you cannot just blow it off anymore. Most people use the internet these days and the number is growing. If you as an CEO of an company do not see the benefits of having an online presence you have to readjust your understanding of Google and the internet. Search metric companies and Google have mentioned that over there is an average of 3.2 billion searches on Google each day. That is insane if you think that Google only have about 60% of the search market. This SEO article was brought to you by Cape Town favorite Seo Company – . For more information you can contact us @