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8 ways to change the way you think about online Marketing


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8 ways to change the way you think about online Marketing

  1. 1. 8 Ways to Change the Way you Think about Online Marketing
  2. 2. Change #1. Screw the normal marketing funnel, turn it upside down • Turn the funnel upside down! • If you look at the current marketing funnel, its largest end is focused on getting new eyeballs on your website – which means that’s where most people put their time and energy. • What if you turned the funnel upside down and put a majority of your focus on your current clients? The results are amazing! By focusing most of your efforts on doing the best job possible for your current clients, you turn the funnel upside down and create a vacuum which will suck in all types of new opportunity.
  3. 3. Change #2 Context is King • Context has an interesting definition, it doesn't really entirely make total sense because perception is different for every human being that exists. • The best way I can come up with to define it myself is, the hidden meaning behind a word. If I whisper to you a comment vs. screaming it the meaning behind it is different. • How you present means everything!
  4. 4. Change #3 Just care • All you do is find people that are interested in the same things you or your business is and reach out and comment or say hello. This creates engagement which leads to a network and following. All businesses are trying to monetize what they are working on to create growth for their business.
  5. 5. Change #4 Take advantage of Online Changes • Google is always changing and trying to increase the user experience of their site – there is no point in fighting it or wasting any time being pissed about it. Look for the opportunities that each change creates and take action on them immediately
  6. 6. Change #5 Realize that Success take Time • Many business owners are frustrated when it comes to SEO because it can take quite a long time for ideal results and to see a Return on Investment. What takes so long? If search engines are so advanced, why does it take so much time for your relevant website to beat out your competition? • Truly understanding and analyzing your competition is never an overnight process. • Best onsite practices never stop. • Link building is not meant to be easy or fast • If SEO was quick, everyone would be at the top! • Search engine algorithms are constantly changing.
  7. 7. Change #6 Be willing to outwork your competition. • The internet doesn't care what day it is and it often even works better after hours when people done work, people have more time to search what you want, and look and share your social media entertainment.
  8. 8. Change #7 Root for your Competition • Growth only happens when you are pushed. Growth doesn't happen because you go with the flow, it happens because you work harder than your competition. Without your competition you cannot have growth or what are you growing? Root for your competition, whether it is a business or a sports team, or a magazine. Tell them how great they are and you will find inspiration to grow your own company along with your competition, which creates growth.
  9. 9. Change #8 Online Marketing is the New Lifeline for Businesses • Online is the lifeline for new business, if you don't have a huge focus on it you are missing out and missing out means leaving potential behind. We are in a really cool opportunistic era of growth where the people that work harder get more and the ones that don't get less. Online marketing is becoming so important you can't live without it for your business but offline caring means a lot.