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Educational facilities, fume extraction for welding students


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Education #facilities for welding students are trying to meet the demand for #welders. Here are five schools that addressed student health and safety with Sentry Air welding fume extractors.

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Educational facilities, fume extraction for welding students

  1. 1. Educational facilities for welding students Gearing up to meet the demand for welders.
  2. 2. What’s the problem? Educational facility managers must rapidly create training centers for welding students, but they are subject to: • Grant award schedules • Available built space • Budgetary constraints • Student health and safety standards
  3. 3. Anthem College Houston, Texas Blinn College, Technical Education Center Brenham, Texas Hobart Institute of Welding Technology Troy, Ohio Metro Technology Center, South Bryant Campus Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Vermont Technical College Randolph, Vermont How 5 schools solved their welding fume extraction problem 2 3 4 5 1
  4. 4. Anthem College The capture hoods feature heavy-duty magnets that can be affixed to metal fixtures near the torch’s flame. Wall-mounted welding fume extractors with magnetic hoods Manage fumes without dedicated ductwork
  5. 5. Blinn College Technical Education Center Both wall-mounted and portable welding fume extractors Straight- forward install 00 Light assembly, then ready for work
  6. 6. Hobart Institute of Welding Technology The school needed a portable fume extractor that could support 2 students simultaneously for intermittent MIG and TIG welding. Model 450 Floor Sentry Double, 950 CFM Powerful, portable
  7. 7. Metro Technology Center, South Bryant The center offers several welding courses that include theory, fabrication, pipe welding, MIG, TIG, FCAW, SMAW. Seven Model 400 Dual Welding Fume Extractors can serve 14 students simultaneously.
  8. 8. Vermont Technical College “All are installed and all performing very well. To top it all off, the welding professors have been very pleased (hallelujah!!).” Theodore R. Manazir Director of Facilities Vermont Tech Wall-mounted Dual Model 400 Welding Fume Extractors
  9. 9. On the fast track for a welding school? To talk about welding fume extractors for your facility, contact us. Email us at, call us at 800.799.4609, visit our website at