Sentri's SASPUG deck: Heavy Metal Power Pivot Redux


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Sentri's SharePoint practice director Jason Himmelstein speaks at SASPUG. Topic: Heavy Metal PowerPivot Redux

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Sentri's SASPUG deck: Heavy Metal Power Pivot Redux

  1. 1. HEAVY METAL POWERPIVOT Jason Himmelstein SharePoint Practice Director, Sentri, Inc @sharepointlhorn
  2. 2. About me • Jason Himmelstein, MCITP, MCTS • SharePoint Practice Director, Sentri Inc. • Microsoft vTSP ● virtual Technology Solutions Professional • SharePoint Foundation Logger ( • Web: • Blog: • Twitter: @sharepointlhorn • LinkedIn:
  3. 3. About Sentri Microsoft Solutions & Consulting Services ∞ Microsoft Cloud Services ∞ Call Center Solutions Israel - Development & ∞ Engineering Managed Services Microsoft 2010/2011 NortheastMicrosoft 2011 Northeast VOICE
  4. 4. Core Interactive ComponentsE-Mail Intranet/ExtranetCollaboration Workflow/Forms Exchange SharePoint Document ManagementUnified MessagingShared Calendars Content ManagementManaged Folders SearchMobile Business IntelligenceProtection Collaboration Protection Lync VoIP Collaboration Chat Presence Video Protection Conferencing
  5. 5. Microsoft Integrated Business Technology Presentation SharePoint Server Extranets Intranets Dashboards Analytic Scorecards Workflow Views Structured Process Management CIM/Contact Center CRM ERP Communications Platform Lync Lync PBX Exchange 2010 Platform Integration Remote Virtualization SQL Server Monitoring Security Access Services
  6. 6. The Sentri Solution Offering SilosTypical Microsoft Technology Server Platform Portals and ManagedDynamics CRM Unified Virtualization System Collaboration Services Communications Desktop Management Server Active Directory Sales Help Desk SCVMM Cloud Strategy Marketing Tier II High Availability Windows 7 Data Center Customer Service Portals Tier III Overall Microsoft Strategy App-V Workflow Platform Exchange SCCM Search Cloud Unified Messaging Enterprise Voice Unified Communication and Collaboration CRM In the Cloud On-Premises
  7. 7. HEAVY METAL POWERPIVOT• Architecture• Installation• In Action Examples• Denali
  8. 8. Architecture XML SQL SSAS Text Oracle Informix PowerPivot UDR RSS SharePoint DB2 Sybase SSRS Terra Access Azure data
  9. 9. INSTALLING POWERPIVOT• New 2010 farm• Pre-existing 2010 farm
  10. 10. PRE-EXISTING 2010 FARM• App Server• SharePoint Admin Service account• MS Data Access Engine 2010 Redist• SQL Server 2008 R2 Setup in Admin mode
  11. 11. PRE-EXISTING 2010 FARM• Add Features• New Installation NOT Add Features• SQL Server PowerPivot for SharePoint• HACK IT!
  12. 12. PRE-EXISTING 2010 FARM
  13. 13. PRE-EXISTING FARM – Hack Part• ConfigurationFile.ini• FARMADMINPORT• Microsoft.AnalysisServices.SharePoint.Integration.dll•• C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server100Setup BootstrapSQLServer2008R2x64
  14. 14. DEMO• Some cool examples of PowerPivot in action.
  16. 16. New SQL Server 2012 Was Project Crescent Now Power ViewWas Project Juneau SQL Server Data Tools
  17. 17. What’s coming in SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot
  18. 18. SQL Server Denali PowerPivot• Builds upon V1 release in SQL Server 2008 R2• New administrative capabilities ● Lots of bug fixing, failover capabilities and scalability enhancements ● Default allocation algorithm changed to health-based rather than round-robin (means we are more responsive to low memory situations ● More administrative controls: • Manage the amount of database caching done on the app servers • database caching cleanup (based on inactivity) • Disable data refresh jobs if they are constantly failing, or if they succeed but are not being viewed
  19. 19. SQL Server Denali PowerPivot(cont.)• A new setup experience• Rather than installing and configuring SharePoint directly, setup now just lays down the bits and there is a new standalone configuration wizard• Capabilities: ● Wizard has both a one-click “GO” option as well as a step-by-step experience ● Existing farm steps integrated with the wizard ● Individual steps can be scripted ● History is directly integrated into the tool ● Able to uninstall, upgrade, repair and patch separately
  20. 20. PowerPivot v2 Setup and Config...
  21. 21. The Code Behind the Build (copied from the UI)# Open PowerShell library from: C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server110ToolsPowerPivotToolsConfigurationToolResourcesConfigurePowerPivot.ps1Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server110ToolsPowerPivotToolsConfigurationToolResourcesPowerPivotFarm.wspAdd-SPSolution -LiteralPath C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server110ToolsPowerPivotToolsConfigurationToolResourcesPowerPivotWebApp.wspDeployFarmSolutionDeployWebAppSolutionToCentralAdminInstall-SPFeature -path PowerPivotInstall-SPFeature -path PowerPivotAdminInstall-SPFeature -path PowerPivotSiteSetEngineServiceCredentials spfloggerb_powerpivotv2 $password; New-PowerPivotEngineServiceInstance -Provision:$trueNew-PowerPivotSystemServiceInstance -Provision:$trueNew-PowerPivotServiceApplication -ServiceApplicationName PowerPivot Service Application -DatabaseServerName SQL2012 -DatabaseNamePowerPivotServiceApplicationDB -AddToDefaultProxyGroup:$true;Set-PowerPivotSystemService -WorkbookUpgradeOnDataRefresh:$True -Confirm:$falseDeployWebAppSolution http://sp2010sp1/ 2047EnableSiteFeatures http://sp2010sp1 $trueStartService "Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Claims.SPWindowsTokenServiceInstance"UpdateSecureStoreMasterKey Secure Store Service Proxy ********CreateUnattendedAccountForDataRefresh http://sp2010sp1 PowerPivotUnattendedAccount PowerPivot Unattended Account for Data RefreshSPFLOGGERb_spAdmin $passwordAddMSOLAP5AsECSTrustedProvider Excel Services Application
  22. 22. SQL Server Denali PowerPivot(cont.)• Important note: SharePoint SP1 is required for CTP3, RC0 (and RTM)• SQL Setup will issue a warning if SharePoint SP1 has not been installed when the PowerPivot bits are laid down. This gives you some time to upgrade to SP SP1.• However, if you still haven’t upgraded to SP1, by the time you get to run the PowerPivot configuration wizard, we will throw a fatal error and you will be blocked from configuring your SharePoint farm until you upgrade to SP1.
  23. 23. Gotchas! The multi-server hiccupCTP3 comes with TCPIP disabled Until you enable this, no off server communication will happen to SQL
  24. 24. Gotchas! The single-server hiccupCan’t log in to SharePoint locally? Check your Loopback settings!
  25. 25. Special announcements• New book coming for SharePoint and SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence:
  26. 26. Handy Reference Information• Useful Links • – Jase’s blog – @sharepointlhorn – – - THE Authoratative SharePoint Versions and Downloads list • - Corne’s blog – @cjvandyk –• Microsoft References ● Microsoft Full Up BI Demo Machine •• Download links • – Dave Wickert & Lee Graber (Microsoft Product Team Members) » Best exclusively PowerPivot blog around • – Its not PowerPivot, but its wicked cool so check it out!