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Wireless projects


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Wireless projects

  1. 1. Wireless Project List 1. Auditorium Monitor And Control Using GSM Technology With Security System 2. Phase Preventer Through SMS Indication Energy Meter Monitor Through GSM Techniques 3. GSM based home automation with security system 4. Automatic Transformer Fault Message Indicator 5. GSM based ambulance intimation system 6. GSM CDMA Cell Phone Jammer For Security And Silence With Digital Display 7. Cell Phone Based total Car Controlling System 8. Locker Security System With SMS Informer 9. SMS based electricity Billing system 10. GPS based automatic station announcement and display system for trains/buses 11. Blue Tooth Jammer for Security Application 12. Advanced Automatic Vehicle Crash Notification using GSM Technology 13. Cell Phone Detector for Security Application 14. Artificial intelligent based Equipments Failure Detecting & Automatic Dialing to the Concern Service Engineer Cell-Phone / Telephone 15. GPS based automatic root announcement system for blind people 16. Coin Based Solar Mobile Phone Charger 17. Bank Security System With Auto Dialer 18. Implementation Of Global And Remote Positioning System For defense And Other Purposes Using Mobile Networks 19. GSM And GPS Interface For Human Tracking System 20. Automatic Steering Of Farm Vehicles Using GPS Remote Control Using Mobile Through Spoken Commands
  2. 2. 21. Security Breach Information For Unauthorized Entry Based On Mobile Technique 22. GSM Based Automatic Irrigation Water Controller System 23. SMS Based Banking Security System 24. Auto-Dialer Home Security System 25. GPS based location indicating system for unmanned automobile 26. SMS controlled pick and place robot with video camera 27. Automatic taxi trip sensing and indication system through GSM 28. GSM based AC or DC motor speed monitoring and controlling system 29. Advanced Transformer Monitoring And Indication Using Voice Mail 30. I2C Based Short Circuit Indication To EB And SMS Informer 31. SMS Enabled Autonomous Robotics For Military Applications 32. GSM based well-groomed information system for missing ATM cards 33. Mobile phone jammer 34. GSM Based multi-machine industrial controlling system 35. An On-Line Monitoring System Of Temperature Of Conductors And Fittings Based On GSM SMS And ZIGBEE (IEEE 2008) 36. GSM Mobile Phone based Automobile Security System 37. Design And Implementation Of Real Time Security Guard Robot Using GSM/CDMA Networking 38. GSM Based Speed Control Of Three Phase Induction Motor 39. GSM Based Home Security System To Get Intrusion Alerts Like Door/Windows Open Alerts Onto Your Cell Phone 40. GPS based bus or train collision avoiding system 41. GSM Based remote measurement of electricity and control system for home
  3. 3. 42. GSM Based Highway Road Traffic Monitoring System 43. GSM based traffic density controlling system 44. GSM based smart information system for lost ATM cards 45. Mobile phone tracking system by using GPM and GSM 46. GPS BASED HUMAN TRACKING SYSTEM 47. ZigBee Device Access Control and Reliable Data Transmission in ZigBee Based Health Monitoring System 48. Automatic multi field irrigation system with well monitoring using wireless technology 49. ZigBee security for Home automation using attribute-based cryptography 50. Automatic localised Railway Passenger Alerting System 51. More efficient home energy management system based on ZigBee communication and infrared remote controls 52. Development of communication interface of AC charging for charging station based on ZigBee 53. Real time paddy crop field monitoring using Zigbee network 54. Speed dictators for forced speed limiting at critical places - Virtual Speed Breakers 55. ZigBee based wireless sensor networks for service robot 56. City automation using Adhoc Technology - Smart City Design 57. Flood warning System for railways using contacless all weather sensor 58. wireless microwave camera for security applications in large apartments and Industries 59. Hybrid Wireless Communication System Using ZigBee and WiFi Technology in the Coalmine Tunnels 60. ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network Using Physics-Based Optimally Sampling for Soil Moisture Measurement 61. Passenger Assistance System for Public Transport Systems both in Bus stops and in Bus
  4. 4. 62. Energy conscious application of ZigBee wireless networks in machine health monitoring systems 63. Secure Communication using pseudorandom coding 64. ZigBee electric vehicle charging system 65. Traffic Rules violation detection with vehicle identification and storage 66. The design and implementation of a teacher-student interaction system based on ZigBee and RFID 67. A call-to-service design for mobile robots using Zigbee sensor networks 68. Wireless Automation of EB billing with added features 69. RFID and ZigBee based manufacturing monitoring system 70. Implementing Wireless Circular with broadcast and unicast mode for colleges and industries 71. Large scale active RFID system utilizing ZigBee networks 72. A ZigBee-based Wireless Sensor Network Node for Ultraviolet Detection of Flame 73. A ZigBee-based telecardiology system for remote healthcare service delivery 74. Monitoring and Alarming System Based on Zigbee Technology 75. Design of monitor-and-control system for Supermarket fresh area based on ZigBee 76. A ZigBee Smart Energy Implementation for Energy Efficient Buildings 77. Digital control for home lighting systems with ZigBee communication 78. Voice recognition based wireless home automation system 79. A Hybrid Wired/Wireless Networking Infrastructure for Greenhouse Management 80. A Design of Wireless Bridge Stress Sensor
  5. 5. 81. Design and implementation of WSN monitoring system for grain depot based on XBee/XBee Pro 82. Design of the intelligent public transportation monitoring system based on WSN 83. Excessive pollution reporting system for vehicles using multi hop metropolitan networks. 84. Remote sensing and control of an irrigation system using a distributed wireless sensor network 85. Adaptive signal switching for emergency vehicles using dynamic GPS tracking. 86. Maintenance free Agricultural WSN implementation for precession farming. 87. Marine ADHOC networks based portable SOS and navigation systems for fishermen. 88. Highway speed dictators for forced speed limiting of vehicles using low cost RF transceivers. 89. ZigBee tree topology based two way circular cum attendance system for institutions. 90. Short distance RF link based transportation assisting system for the blind using voice processor. 91. Deep sea probe based wireless tsunami or seismic activity alerting system. 92. RF information and warning system for drivers. 93. Short distance RF communication and smart card based automatic bus fare system. 94. Patient monitoring using GSM and ZigBee for hospitals and old age homes 95. Embedded web server for remote laboratory access for undergraduate students studying electronic engineering 96. A low-cost embedded web-server for an institutional e-learning strategy
  6. 6. 97. Design of on-line Interactive Data Acquisition and Control System for embedded real time applications 98. Networked monitoring system based on embedded dynamic web 99. Modeling TCP/IP stack in a single custom processor, with secure data transmission to an Altera-based Web server 100.A Web PLC Using Distributed Web Servers for Data Acquisition and Control 101.Wed Based PLC Design and Implementation of a Self-Configuring Instrument Control System 102.Wild animals movement monitoring system for crop protection along forests 103.Universal remote control with sound recognition using ipods, mobile phones and mp3 players 104.Intelligent online measurement and management of Energy meter data through advanced wireless Network 105.Propeller Display Of Time / Message 106.Vehicle Tracking By GPS – GSM 107.Wireless Heart Attack Detector Using GSM 108.A Wireless Vending Machine System Based On GSM 109.Automatic Meter Reading System Using GSM 110.GSM Controlled Robot Using DTMF Technology By Voice Call 111.Industrial automation with feedback control system using DTMF GSM Technology 112.Students Enquiry System Based On GSM 113.GSM Based Fantasy House 114.Body Temperature And Electrocardiogram Monitoring Using An SMS Base Telemedicine System 115.Home security and automation using GSM. 116.SMS based AC Control. 117.SD card Device driver for mobile platform. 118.Intrusion Detection Using RFID with password by GSM
  7. 7. 119.Vehicle Position Tracking Using GSM Modem 120.GSM Based IVRS System 121.Intelligent quiz server based on GSM Technology. 122.Construction of Intelligent mobile phone with GPS enabled features. 123.Microcontroller and GSM based Automatic irrigation control. 124.GSM based wireless substation Fuse blown indicator 125.SMS based irrigation system 126.GSM mobile based device monitoring and control system 127.Railway accident tracking system 128.Multi user digital remainder 129.Multi purpose security system using GSM. 130.GSM based instantaneous vehicle registration details extraction system very useful for traffic police 131.Home appliances monitoring and controlling system using GSM with fencing auto alerts 132.Automated Electric Billing System 133.Cell phone operated land rover with cam. 134.Embedded and GSM based IA marks monitoring system. 135.Embedded and GSM Based intelligence irrigation system. 136.Home appliance control with security system. 137.GSM based patient tracking system. 138.Automatic taxi Trip Sensing and Indicating System through GSM. 139.Gas leakage detection system using GSM. 140.Vehicle safety system with alcohol detector. 141.SMS based weather monitoring system. 142.Interactive voice response(IVR) system 143.GSM based school children security system based on RFID. 144.Real-time home automation based on GSM and wireless ZigBee 145.Credit card security in real time application using GSM technology
  8. 8. 146.GSM based digital Notice board with display on GLCD display 147.GSM based digital Notice board with display on PC Monitor 148.GSM/GPRS based digital Notice board with display on Scrolling LED Display 149.SMS based SCADA implementation for industrial applications with fencing security system 150.Dual GSM Modems based irrigation water pump controller for illiterates 151.SMS based notice board using GSM & LCD with period bell 152.Security Integrated system based on wireless access protocol for industrial Applications with SMS alert system using GSM modem 153.Phase irrigation motor monitoring and Auto-controlling based on GSM Technology 154.GSM based pre-paid Energy Meter with low balance alert 155.Temperature based Fan Speed Controller and SMS alerts using GSM modem 156.UPS battery monitoring system over GSM for high availability Systems (Banking/finance/medical etc) 157.Smart card and GSM based advanced security system 158.Advanced Real time Remote LED scrolling notice board using GSM with SMS 159.Voice operated Home appliance control System 160.GSM and GPS interface for human tracking system 161.Confirming Order Through SMS Printer 162.Automatic geo-positioning and SMS alerts on road traffic density 163.SMS Based DC Motor Speed Controller with password protection 164.ECG data transferring through GSM network 165.SMS based remote SIM card’s address book access system 166.Voice enables device switching for physically challenged and emergency alerts through SMS
  9. 9. 167.Home security System based on LPG gas, Smoke and Fire Sensors with SMS Based alerts 168.Digital Fuel level Indicator with vehicle tracking system using GSM 169.Automatic – Phase alert message with Micro controller based irrigation system 170.Design Of Intelligent Mobile Vehicle Checking System Based On ARM 171.GSM mobile phone based automobile security system 172.SMS based home Automation system 173.GSM based speed control of single phase induction motor 174.GSM based speed control of three phase induction motor 175.SMS based security system 176.GSM controlled industrial monitor/controller 177.Call based home appliance controller 178.Security breach information for unauthorized entry based on mobile 179.Mobile and smart card based voting system 180.Post paid Energy mater using GSM 181.Solar based cell phone charger with coin pay system 182.Statistical analysis of weather forecasting in outdoor game stadiums 183.Development of remote monitoring system for cold storage (ieee) 184.Wind power generation monitoring system based on wireless sensor network 185.Railway anti collision system using gps 186.GSM Based Industrial Fault Diagnose 187.Advanced Vehicle Security System with Theft control and Accident Notification 188.Daily SMS report based prepaid energy meter 189.Accident detection system
  10. 10. 190.Microcontroller based embedded closed loop feedback control system using GSM technology