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Thyristor switched reactive power compensation - M.E Power Electronics projects


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Power Electronics Titles

ME (Power Electronics and Drives)

Due importance is accorded to both subjects and dissertation work. Each of these Projects are handled by chosen, experienced staff, and is complemented by senior practicing experts from reputed industry. The dissertation work is supervised meticulously by our specialized faculty.

Phase 1 and Phase II

Number of Projects per academic year - 50 Numbers Including Funded Projects . Selection Process - First come First serve Basis.

Three phase inverter and converters

Buck Boost Converter using 89s51

Matrix Converter Using Micro Controllers

Inverter and converter topologies

Fuzzy based control of Electric Drives.

Optimal design of Electrical Machines

BLDC and SR motor Drives

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Thyristor switched reactive power compensation - M.E Power Electronics projects

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  2. 2. Block Diagram of Thyristor switched RPC System. In addition to not being able to achieve the desired power factor it is also possible
  3. 3. that the use of fixed compensation can also result in leading power factor under certain load conditions. This is also unhealthy for the installation as it can result in over voltage, saturation of transformers, etc. It is therefore necessary to automatically vary without manual intervention, the compensation to suit the load requirements. Some loads (such as welding equipments, injection moulding equipment, starting of large induction motors, traction loads) which demand, under certain operating conditions, large amount of reactive power for very short duration of time. Thyristor switched automatic power factor correction system (Fig) is used in this application which have a response time in milliseconds. In this system, it is possible to switch in capacitors such that the inrush transient currents are totally eliminated. In addition the capacitors can be switched repetitively intent any limits since, there is no need for allowing discharge of the capacitor before it is switched in. EXPERTSYSTEMSANDSOLUTIONS 48, North Street, Aranarai, Perambalur, Tamil Nadu, India. Email ID:, Website: Phone: 9952749533, THYRISTOR SWITCHED REACTIVE POWER COMPENSATION