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Microprocessor projects - M.E, B.E, Ph.D, EEE, ECE, EIE Projects


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Engineering Research, Consultancy, Training and Design

Project Center For Research in Power Electronics and Power Systems


B.E - Electrical and Electronics Engineering,

B.E - Electronics and Communication Engineering,

B.E - Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering,

B.E - Bio medical Engineering,

B.E - Tele-communication Engineering,

B.E - Computer Science and Information Technology,

M.E - Power Systems Engineering,

M.E - Applied Electronics,

M.E - Power Electronics And Drive,

M.E - Mechatronics ,


Project Cost for the above courses will be Rs 16,000 (INR) to Rs 20,000 (INR)

( including Consultation Fees)

Ph.D - Electrical Engineering - Power Systems Engineering - Power Electronics

- Project Cost Rs 3,50,000 to Rs 4,20,000

Ph.D - Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Control systems

- Project Cost Rs 3,50,000 to Rs 4,20,000

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Microprocessor projects - M.E, B.E, Ph.D, EEE, ECE, EIE Projects

  1. 1. EXPERT SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS Email: Cell: +91-9952749533, +91-9345276362 website: Chennai , Tamil Nadu, India Mobile View HOME POWER SYSTEMS IEEE 2012 ABSTRACTS PROJECT AREAS VIDEOS KITS AND SPARES PROJECTS LIST ONE-DAY WORKSHOP JOB OPENINGS ELECTRICAL WORKS ONLINE TUTORING ELECTRONICS SERVICING CONTACTS FAQ Downloads MicroprocessorProject Titles 1. Microprocessor based temperature control 2. Processor based automatic temperature control 3. Microprocessor based automatic power factor monitor cum controller 4. Micro controller based AC volt stabilizer and furnace safeguard supervisory system 5. PC based data acquisition card register 6. Microprocessor based accurate automatic conveyor controller 7. PC based steam controller with PID action 8. Micro – controller based digital over current relay 9. Wireless Message via mobile hand set using 8085 and LCD display system 10. Annunciation system for 8 faulty Conditions 11. 8 Channel Analog to Digital Converter 12. 8 Zone Intruder Alarm System 13. 8085 Based security Access Control System 14. Electronic Voting Machine microcontroller 8085 15. Microcontroller based Contact less Tacho Generator for Speed Measurement.
  2. 2. we are in tamil nadu Part Time B.E >> Power Systems Titles >> VLSI Projects >> Electronics Projects >> Microprocessor Projects >> Solar Projects >> ANN Projects >> DSP Projects >> Power Electronics Projects >> Fuzzy Projects >> Mechanical Projects >> Embedded Projects >> PC Based Projects >> Instrumentation Projects >> Communication Projects >> Robotics Projects >> Biomedical Projects Projects & Reasearch at ESS Online coaching Jobs full time and part time at ESS Sample videos Training on Embedded Systems Matlab coaching - Online our contacts Tags