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Microcontroller based solar pv system ups - Embedded Projects


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We provide guidance and codes for the for the following power systems areas.

Deregulated Systems,

Wind power Generation and Grid connection

Unit commitment

Economic Dispatch using AI methods

Voltage stability

FLC Control

Transformer Fault Identifications

SCADA - Power system Automation

We provide guidance and codes for the for the following power Electronics areas.

1. Three phase inverter and converters

2. Buck Boost Converter

3. Matrix Converter

4. Inverter and converter topologies

5. Fuzzy based control of Electric Drives.

6. Optimal design of Electrical Machines

7. BLDC and SR motor Drives

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Microcontroller based solar pv system ups - Embedded Projects

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  3. 3. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems are being popular and presently used in commercial, industrial and residential applications. Presently the UPS system has two major classifications, one is on line UPS and another one is off line UPS. In both the types the battery system inside the UPS is charged by the mains AC Supply. A by-pass mode of operation is also incorporated in the UPS during normal supply. This paper presents a novel technology to charge the battery using Renewable Energy Systems (RES) particularly of Solar PV power. Battery charging can mostly be done by the solar power whereas if the PV power is inadequate, then the UPS system i.e. the battery is discarded from the PV panel and automatically connected to EB mains. The inverter in the UPS system can also replaced by controlled Voltage Source Inverter (VSI). A prototype of 1-Ph, 1-kVA UPS system has been examined for the above work. Controlled inverter has been realized by a dedicated PIC 16F877 controller. The output of the inverter has been maintained as 230 V +/- 2% by using PWM technique, which is incorporated in the PIC controller