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Improved fuzzy logic controller for agc system after deregulation


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Center for Research Projects
Cell:9952749533, 8608603634
Neyveli - Indra Nagar, Near to Neyveli Arch GATE Branches also at Chennai and Chidambaram
IEEE and Non IEEE based Projects For
Final year students of B.E in EEE, ECE, EIE, Mech, Automobile, Mechatronics ,
M.E (Power Systems)
M.E (Applied Electronics)
M.E (Power Electronics)
M.E (VLSI Design)
M.E ( Control Systems )
M.E ( Process Control )
Ph.D Electrical and Electronics.
Power Systems
Power Electronics
Students can assemble their hardware in our Research labs. Experts will be guiding the projects.
We provide you with
• Confirmation letter, Project Estimation, Completion Certificate
• Abstracts Block Diagram, Circuit Diagram of the project
• Supporting documents- notes
• Datasheets, Reference Papers
• Software tools and Real time support.
• Online Classes for Master degree and PhD Projects
• Journal Publication for researchers in Power systems and Power electronics
Short term and Online courses
• C and C++, Embedded C,
• MicroController 8051,PIC 16F877
• ARM 7 and ARM 9 Processors
• MATLAB Fundamental, MATLAB Simpower Systems,
• MATLAB Control systems
• MATLAB Fuzzy Toolbox
• MATLAB GA , ANN Toolbox
• Engineering MATHS MI, MII and MIII
Deregulated Systems, Wind power Generation and Grid connection, Profit based Unit commitment, Economic dispatch, Using AI methods for Voltage stability FLC Control, Transformer Fault Identifications, SCADA in Power system Automation, FireFly Algorithm, PSO and QPSO , Genetic Algorithm, Fuzzy logic, Artifical Neural networks, PSCAD for Power systems.
Three phase inverter and converters, Buck Boost Converter Matrix Converter, Inverter and converter topologies, Fuzzy based control of Electric Drives, Optimal design of Electrical Machines, BLDC and SR motor Drives.

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Improved fuzzy logic controller for agc system after deregulation

  1. 1. EXPERT SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS OMR, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Email ID:, Web: Cell: 9952749533 Date: 26 – 08 - 2011 From R.SENTHIL KUMAR, B.E, M.E, (Ph.D). Assistant Professor (Senior Grade), Technical Advisor ESS, cell: 9952749533, Email:,, web: IMPROVED FUZZY LOGIC CONTROLLER FOR AGC SYSTEM AFTER DEREGULATION S. No Details- specifications 1 PHASE I - Mathematical Model of two area system. - Transfer function of two area system 2 Cost Simlink Model of PI, PID controller. Rs 10,000 - Time response parameter. PHASE II - Fuzzy implementation of for Two area system in Matlab - TS inference method - rule base development - Time response parameter. Rs 15,000 (fifteen thousand Only) Total Rs5,000 Please make the above mentioned payment as soon as possible, so that we can start your project. Results will be delivered only after 90 days from the date of payment of full amount. Account details for payment SENTHIL KUMAR .R Account number: 104001500779 1. Name: 2. 3. Branch: ICICI CHENNAI SAIDAPET BRANCH Thanking you R.SENTHIL KUMAR, B.E, M.E, (PhD). Technical Advisor ESS,