Enhanced hearing protection with electronic ear muffs


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Many are unaware about the importance of hearing protection. The world's largest occupational health problem by the World Health Organization is noise in the workplace.

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Enhanced hearing protection with electronic ear muffs

  1. 1. Enhanced Hearing Protection with Electronic Ear MuffsMany are unaware about the importance of hearing protection. The worlds largest occupational health problem by theWorld Health Organization is noise in the workplace. Studies by Defense Research and Development Canada indicatethat noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is clearly evident after three to five years of continued or repeated exposures tolevels in excess of 85 dBA. NIHL is 100 percent preventable but once acquired, it’s permanent and irreversible!As it has to be worn for a number of hours, the earmuffs that you decide to purchase should be comfortable to wear. Itis therefore important to educate workers on the need to wear HPDs and the hazards of exposing themselves to highnoise levels. All hearing protection devices are required to carry a Noise Reduction Rating, or NNR rating, that tells youabout its effectiveness. For instance, a rating of NNR 10 will reduce the volume of sounds entering the ear byapproximately 10 dB.Electronic hearing protection products are intended to improve short range communications in noisy environments.They are definitely worth considering for protecting your hearing. Electronic ear muffs are simply the best solution tothe hearing protection needs of a user in the aviation industry, shooting, hunting or any other industrial applications.Electronic shooting ear muffs provide the ability to hear sounds occurring around you better while wearing the ear muffsthan you can without any protection. With the ear muffs in place, your hearing is enhanced through a built-in amplifier.It is best to opt for a superior technology that allows the user to hear every sound, including conversation, even duringhigh volume noise spikes, instead of the traditional hearing protection devices, which simply block out all sound. Ratherthan eliminate background noise, it must suppresses it down to a safe 82 decibels below the legislated maximum levelof 85 decibels so the user is still aware of their working environment. Most importantly, it must allow face-to-faceconversation, mobile phone and two-way radio. Many manufacturers produce HPDs that incorporate protection alongwith communications capabilities. With these devices allow users to communicate face to face at short and longdistances via a two way radio, Bluetooth cell phone or hands free communication with VOX activation in high noiseenvironments.Hearing protection is vital in high noise environments, but to work it must be robustly supported by management. Theright electronic earmuffs can achieve the perfect balance between comfort, noise attenuation and purity of sound.Know more on: Communication headsets Hearing Loss Prevention