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Introducing Beautiful Soul June10


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The growth accelerator for social entreprises in Africa

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Introducing Beautiful Soul June10

  1. 1. BEAUTIFUL SOUL TM Concept & Test
  2. 2. 2 What is Beautiful Soul? Beautiful Soul is a growth accelerator for social ventures that bring well-being to impoverished EAUTIFUL SOUL communities in Africa SOCIAL WELL-BEING RIPPLE EFFECT ENTREPRENEURS ACHIEVE ACCELERATE SUPPORT
  3. 3. 3 EAUTIFUL SOUL Let’s first agree on Terminology… A Social entrepreneur is an agent of change who recognizes a social / societal problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to tackle it and make social/ societal change. While social entrepreneurs often work through nonprofits and citizen groups, many are now working in the private (for profit) and governmental sectors. In this presentation, we use the words “initiatives” or “social ventures“ to refer to their work. Source: Wikipedia revisited Well-Being Well-being includes income, access to goods and services, freedom, happiness, art, environmental health and innovation. However, income is the most important indicator of well-being until a threshold of USD 30-40 a day (PPP). Sources: World Bank, World Values Survey Ripple Effect is a gradually spreading effect or influence. Through expanding the impact of social entrepreneurs on an increasing number of communities, Beautiful Soul aims to reach the 600 millions people who do not or barely meet their basic needs in sub-Saharan Africa .
  4. 4. The Story behind Beautiful Soul My grand-father once told me the story of a kid , who was so poor that he had to eat sand to calm BEAUTIFUL SOUL his hunger. Through a life of determination and hard work, he and his wife put themselves out of poverty, and made sure that their eight children all graduated from universities. I am the granddaughter of these extraordinary persons. I carry the emotional and mental imprints of their experiences. Hence, I am always moved to tears by social injustice, which is prevalent in Africa. -Since 1980, the continent has seen an increase in absolute numbers of extremely poor people from 163.6 million to 380 million. This number is forecasted to rise to 404 million in 2015. - An additional 200 million people barely meet their basic needs with less than $2 a day. - Life expectancy is actually falling to the age of 46. - 42 per cent of Africa's population still do not have access to safe water. (1) I strongly believe that Africans are “response-able” in the face of those circumstances and have the power to influence them. I am also convinced that change start with the self. Hundreds of Africans share my convictions and are daily involved in tackling poverty and its causes and consequences. Allan Schwarz has helped multiply by 14 the household income of his community members. Claude Moreira saves 60 children with cancer per year in Senegal. These “social entrepreneurs” and their initiatives are, to date, the single best way to bring well-being to impoverished communities in Africa. The idea behind Beautiful Soul is straightforward. We accelerate the growth of those social entrepreneurs’ initiatives and expand their impact until the 600 million poor people in Africa reach a household income level of USD 30-40 per day. Allan is working with 20 communities, our aim is to help him reach 100. Claude treats 120 children with cancer per year, we will ensure his work benefits 600 children. As Beautiful Soul founder, I decided to dedicate my time, energy and expertise in building the platform, which will allow Beautiful Soul to blossom. Join us.
  5. 5. 5 Seasoned vs. new social entrepreneurs …our selection criteria The kernel of Beautiful Soul’s tribe is a group of seasoned social entrepreneurs who took EAUTIFUL SOUL a leap of faith to bring well-being to poor communities in Africa. They come from a variety of backgrounds and work for different types of organisations (community associations, governments, corporations, their own venture, civil organisations, informal organisations). Their initiatives are non-profit or for-profit. However, they all share the following selection criteria:  They are already making a measurable social/societal change on the ground;  They can demonstrate that they have already taken steps – successful or not, to grow this impact;  They find poverty unacceptable;  They also realize that they are the single most limiting factor in the process of growing their social ventures. Hence, they are determined to relentlessly develop themselves to maximize their impact;  They advocate magnanimity and are ready to support each other to leverage their impact. Co-opting seasoned social entrepreneurs vs. new social entrepreneurs has many advantages, among which: maximising our chances of success and making it easier to draw sufficient support. Our hope is that with the adequate exposure, our social entrepreneurs will inspire new ones.
  6. 6. 6 Beautiful Soul platform acts as an accelerator Beautiful Soul platform develops the social entrepreneurs and accelerates the growth(streamlining, scaling up or replication) of their social ventures to achieve greater impact. It currently consists of the following two building blocks:  A Curriculum, which hones the social entrepreneurs’ self awareness, leadership and business skills to expand their venture and their impact;  A Management Support Program that provides Beautiful Soul’ social entrepreneurs with: 1. The capital (human, financial, technology, information, etc.) they need to fast track the execution of their growth strategy; 2. The relevant exposure to showcase their work and inspire new vocations. CURRICULUM MANAGEMENT SUPPORT PROGRAM 6 months of 5 days of Mentoring or Coaching intensive 12 months of Fast Track Execution Seminar 18 months to bring the social entrepreneurs’ leadership and venture to the next level
  7. 7. 7 The Curriculum The curriculum is divided into two phases: EAUTIFUL SOUL Phase 1: Personal Coaching and Business Mentoring Throughout this phase, which lasts up to 6 months, social entrepreneurs are invited: 1. to reflect on their leadership and intentions to date and their potential for the future. scrutinize their social ventures. With the support of a mentor or a coach, the social entrepreneur will look at crucial elements to grow his/her impact incl.: the market, the industry and the entrepreneurial team. The focus is also on removing existing barriers to personal and business growth. Outcomes of this process would include: a biography, a personal map (strengths inventory, values, motivators, goal, analysis of the social entrepreneur connectedness), an audit of the social venture incl. a measure of its impact, and an expansion plan. Phase 2: Intensive seminar This phase consists of a 5 day intensive seminar where social entrepreneurs – with the help of coaches, mentors and other supporters - will further their reflection and analysis. They will also work on several themes and issues incl.: How to build effective teams, impact measurement tools, ethics, business plan presentation to potential supporters, Yoga, meditation, nutrition, etc. Participants are expected to leave the seminar with renewed energy, detailed action plans and additional follow-up support.
  8. 8. 8 The Support Management Program Once the seminar ends, we spend 12 months fast-tracking the implementation of the social EAUTIFUL SOUL entrepreneurs’ growth plan. We ensure that they are reinforced by , equipped with and given appropriate: Human Capital We recruit young professionals with typically 5 to 7 years of relevant experience and a deep interest in social ventures, and assign each recruit to a particular social venture for a duration of up to 12months. She/he works alongside Beautiful Soul Social entrepreneurs on specific assignments with measurable objectives. Remunerations and working conditions are defined on a case by case basis. However, to reduce costs, we will usually partner with organizations that remunerate their employees or members to work on a pro-bono basis for social ventures. Other Capital The objective is to attract as many valuable supporters as possible to invest, provide expertise, technology and information to Beautiful Soul. How to do it effectively will be the leader’s next challenge once the curriculum is up and running. Impact Measurement tools We will use and refine existing tools e.g. The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab. As a principle, the measurement and related evaluation work will be done by independent parties.
  9. 9. 9 Beautiful Soul Supporters The tribe also comprises a number of supporters who provide social entrepreneurs with time, expertise and / or resources. Supporters Role Estimated commitment Executive • Help clarify the social entrepreneurs motivations, leadership potential, • Pro-bono coaches and strengths, etc; • Up to 20 hours during 6 Business Mentors • Conduct the Social ventures due diligence; months • Oversee the market and industry analysis as well as the growth •5 days seminar (optional) feasibility study , and the business plan. Experts • Share your knowledge and experience with Beautiful Soul Tribe • Pro-bono members Job seekers • Join one of Beautiful Soul’ social ventures to strengthen its execution • Assignments of up to 12 capacity months Customers, • Buy Beautiful Soul Tribe members products and services clients Distributors, • Partner with Beautiful Soul Tribe on a specific project, • TBD Suppliers, etc. • Provide Beautiful Soul Tribe with additional distribution channels, cost- effective and environmentally friendly supply, etc. Investors , • Invest in or donate funds to one or several social ventures • TBD Donors Connectors • Introduce people who could help Beautiful Soul Tribe and vice-versa
  10. 10. The Test Dates, Locations and Other information 2010 Social Entrepreneurs Profiles List of Supporters
  11. 11. 11 The Test  The current phase March 2010 – September 2011, is a road test to assess the feasibility of Beautiful Soul. Its main objectives are to demonstrate results, to find the best business model and modus operandi and to garner additional support; 10 to 12 social entrepreneurs will enroll into Beautiful Soul accelerator program. They will follow our mentorship program and training seminar and will be supported to find additional resources to grow their social ventures; By enrolling into this 18 months program, they allows us to draw first hand insights on how best to design Beautiful Soul offer. Also, they act as a sounding board to define our selection criteria , objectives and business model, to test new ideas and to challenge Beautiful Soul business plan.  No profit will be made from the test;  Dates, locations and fees are as follows: Program Dates Length Location Tuition Fees Personal Coaching and March 2010 Up to 6 months On-line (Skype free Business Mentoring recommended), on- site Intensive Seminar 2 to 7 November 2010 5 days Paris, France free 11 Fast Track Execution September 2010 Up to 12 months On-site TBD
  12. 12. 12 Introducing Beautiful Soul Social Entrepreneurs EAUTIFUL SOUL
  13. 13. Allan Schwartz’s passion is to break the poverty-forest destruction cycle. Few years ago, he claimed that it was possible for Africa to produce and market high value designer woodwork, jewelry in this case, as opposed to cutting down large numbers of trees for fuel or exporting wood as a raw commodity. Allan collaborates with forest communities to take an inventory of resources and creates a management plan that balances timber harvesting with re-planting. He also employs workers and trains them in sustainable, value-added methods of production that generate income while contributing to the management of the forest. Unlike other forest conservation projects, which depend on financial aid, his approach is funded mainly through private investment. Today, the Memzibite Sustainable Forestry Program is a profitable social business, which involves more than 20 communities. Participants now earn 14 times their previous incomes. And the project has recently featured in fancy magazines and was voted one of the top ten fair trade products at New York's fashion week. ALLAN SCHWARZ Allan is an MIT graduate and an Ashoka fellow. Memzibite Sustainable Forestry Program Mozambique 13
  14. 14. Celine Balança’s commitment for the development and protection of the rights of underprivileged people dated from more than 10 years. In 1999, she joined "Handicap International" to work against anti- personnel mines. She raised the organization profile through media events and active lobbying towards the populations and governments that have not signed the Mine Ban Treaty. For Terre des Hommes, she subsequently established a health program for marginalized women and children in Morocco. 500 women and children benefited from this program for two years. In keeping with her commitment, Celine now head the center of CELINE BALANCA migrants (CAM) of Caritas in Rabat. This center of 40 employees helps migrants - mostly from sub-Saharan Africa - to defend their CARITAS human rights and to fulfill their basic needs. Through this project, Morocco more than 4000 migrants per year see their basic needs catered for. For this year alone more than 1,000 migrants have seen their psycho-social situation stabilized, and 3000 have had access to health centers; also, a hundred children and teenagers have been inserted in the Moroccan society (schools, vocational training,...). Celine's ambition is to professionalize the work of the centre and continue to offer this support to a growing population; violence against women is constantly increasing, and the number of young unaccompanied migrants is also growing in Morocco! Celine graduated with a Master of Laws from university PARIS X and a postgraduate degree in international economic and development law from university PARIS V. 14
  15. 15. In 2000, several African doctors decided to find ways to treat and cure children with cancer in their respective countries. They partnered with western colleagues and created the Franco- African Pediatric Oncology Group. Professor Claude Moreira is part of this group. The pediatric oncology unit he created is the first center that diagnoses and treats child cancers in the sub- region. In 10 years, he has mobilized his country, Senegal, to treat more than 500 children with cancer and to cure almost half of them. However, the unit handles less than 20% of the 600 children affected by cancer every year in Senegal. Also, the unbearable financial burden of cancer – chemotherapy drugs are among the most expensive drugs - adds to the disease burden and limits the treatments. Claude faces two challenges: (1) develop with his fellow Senegalese pediatricians and those in the sub-region new pediatric oncology centers, (2) find ways to subsidize the treatments. Claude is a pediatrician specialized in pediatric oncology. Supported by his family, sports and music, he shares his time between his patients and his fight against child cancer. He Pr. CLAUDE MOREIRA teaches pediatrics at the University of Dakar. He is also involved Dantec Pediatric in many research programs on child cancer and pain management, both nationally and internationally. Oncology Unit Senegal 15
  16. 16. Didier Acouetey is the President and Founder of the AfricSearch Group, the first multi-national HR Consulting firm specialized in Africa. A passionate about Africa’s development and political issues and a firm believer in the benefits of education, Didier has devoted most of his life providing young African professionals with opportunities to work in and participate to the development of Africa. Since its inception in 1996, the AfricSearch Group has helped recruit more than 1,500 Africans. It was the first organization that actively countered the brain drain process of Africa. A recipient of many awards including the “Africa International” award for “the 50 most active Africans in the world for the last 50 years”, Didier regularly features on television and radio and in numerous magazines and newspapers. Prior to the AfricSearch Group, Didier worked 10 years in the Advertising and Packaging industry. He was also President of “Renaissance Africaine”, an international association that promoted a new development strategy for the African continent. Didier graduated from the Arts et Metiers school in Paris and holds an MBA from ESCP-EAP. He loves jazz music and tennis. DIDIER ACOUETEY AfricSearch Group France 16
  17. 17. Dorette is a social innovator and local economic development specialist with ten years direct experience in grassroots development of communities in South Africa. She has co-founded Uthango Social Investments, a public benefit company recognized internationally for its innovative approaches to civil society engagement and sustainable solutions to poverty. Most recently, Dorette heads up the new media strategy for Uthango to recommend emerging digital tools that would aid programmes addressing digital equity and information poverty. In her early years, she was appointed (at age 25) Youngest Senior Lecturer to the Cape Peninsula University of Technology to train young educators in Entrepreneurship, Educational Psychology and Religious Studies. She also served on the Hewlett Packard Global Advisory Board for Micro-Enterprises, as well as the Life Skills Standard Generating Body in South Africa. Her passion for innovation and action-learning training led to her secondment in 1998 as project manager of a national Febdev Entrepreneurship development program for Further Education and Training Colleges sponsored by DFID. The project was recognised by the Universities of Rhodes and Cape Town as a pioneering and integrated technopreneurial approach to skills training that led directly to improved skills and self-sufficiency in poor areas. DORETTE STEENKAMP These days, Dorette investigates the power of new media and Uthango Social Investments virtual worlds in participatory research and social capital development, to enhance the forces of change in communities South Africa through the wisdom of crowds. Dorette has a BA (Psychology) and B.Ed (Educational Psychology) as well as Post-Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship 17 Development from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.
  18. 18. Erna is the Co-Founder of Uthango Social Investments and is known as strategic paradigm pioneer in poverty alleviation. She received the Centennial Award from Rotary International in 2005 for "Service above Self", for her inspiring leadership role in the Uthango Micro-Enterprise Project, which also won the prestigious Impumelelo Innovation Trust Award in the same year for sustainability and innovation. Her earlier work in development, in the Western Cape with the City of Cape Town, was heralded in South Africa as she was recognized with various national awards for her groundbreaking approach to micro-enterprise mentoring and life coaching of emerging business owners - leading to her previously unemployed clients becoming successful contractors for government tenders and job creators. She is a vibrant, critical-thinker, social entrepreneur and community enthusiast that relentlessly seeks social justice. Her passion is to create healthy and sustainable communities (at a personal, family community and global scale), by harnessing local intelligence that could inform not only local development strategies, but also broader policies effecting the allocation of resources within specific areas. Today, in her capacity as Executive Director at Uthango, she is responsible for business development, asset-based strategies for low-income communities and social innovation. ERNA SITTIG Erna has worked directly with various rural and urban communities throughout South Africa to conceptualize and facilitate Uthango Social Investments entrepreneurial ways to stimulate personal, social and economic South Africa development in sustainable ways. 18
  19. 19. Naréma Koné’s call is to improve the living conditions and education of women and children in Africa. She strongly believes those are the future for economic change in Africa if adequately empowered. In 1997, she founded, together with friends, “APER” - Association Pour les Enfants de la Rue, a nonprofit organization that assisted street children and helped their re-integration into society. However, sustaining the association proved to be a challenge as the founders, absorbed in their professional careers, could not dedicate sufficient time and energy to the association. It would take an additional 13 years for Naréma to respond to her call and establish the “An Baou na Deoun” in Mali. “An Baou na Deoun” supports orphans and women in starting up self-help projects. It provides them with educational programs, vocational training and microfinance funding. Successful beneficiaries are encouraged to re-invest in their projects and support other orphans or women. Naréma brings to “An Baou na Deoun” a seasoned managerial experience and a deep knowledge of Africa. Indeed, she has held various management positions for Shell, Coca Cola, for Celtel (now Zain) in West, Central and East Africa and recently in the Middle East. In addition, she has NAREMA KONE been extensively involved in community projects. She was a An Baou na Deoun volunteer with Marta’s Table in Washington DC where she assisted children from difficult social backgrounds with their Mali – Bahrain homework and after school activities. She was also vice- president for community affairs for the Junior Chamber International in Mali and a volunteer for the Lions Club in Niger. 19 Naréma is graduated from the American University in Washington DC (USA) and Claude Bernard University in Lyon (France).
  20. 20. Change leader, entrepreneur and doer are the terms that best define Patricia . She combines the ability to engage and align the interests of multiple stakeholders with the skill to trigger and execute large-scale projects. A native of Senegal, her drive has always been to raise the living standards of people in Africa. From the onset of her career, she used entrepreneurship and private sector development to achieve her goal. She gradually focused her work on Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship as powerful instruments for social change. She is currently road-testing Beautiful Soul™ as a platform to expand the positive social impacts of businesses in Africa. Prior to Beautiful Soul™, Patricia was a driving force behind the International Trade Centre’s internal task force that redefined the vision, values, positioning and operating model of the organization. She also led - from design to execution, innovative projects involving diverse stakeholders. She had previously held various position with Oracle Corporation, Setup Partners and Afrique Perspectives, in which she essentially provided advisory or interim management services to entrepreneurs leading companies through growth phase. Patricia holds a MSTCF from Paris-Dauphine, a Certificate of PATRICIA SENNEQUIER Innovation and Entrepreneurship from ESCP-EAP, and an INSEAD MBA. She is a CEDR accredited mediator. Beautiful Soul U.A.E 20
  21. 21. A native of Ghana, Tawiah Agyarko-Kwarteng’s passion and commitment to working collaboratively, to design and implement innovative development solutions for Africa’s less fortunate stems, comes from a firm belief that Africans can pull themselves out of poverty, with a helping hand. Since 2004, Tawiah has worked with World Education, Inc (WEI) to provide educational opportunities and increase educational standards across West Africa. With expertise in team building, facilitation and capacity building, Tawiah has actively contributed to the provision of scholarships, mentoring and HIV/AIDS programs for over 70,000 girls and boys at the basic education level through a network of over 40 local non- governmental organizations (NGOs) in 13 West African countries over the past 6 years. Currently, as WEI’s Project Director for the Empowering Cocoa Households with Opportunities and Education Solutions (ECHOES) program in Ghana, Tawiah is the technical lead for the implementation of community based and community managed literacy program for over 600 adults and out-of-school youth. She also currently serves as the Acting Country Director for World Education’s office in Ghana, an invaluable experience which is building up her managerial skills set. TAWIAH AGYARKO-KWARTENG Previous experiences have also included supporting private sector World Education initiatives for HIV/AIDS in Africa with the World Bank, teaching and research with college students at Kwame Nkrumah University of Ghana Science and Technology’s Department of Planning and teaching primary school in Kumasi, Ghana. Tawiah holds a first degree in Development Policy Planning from Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology 21 and a Master of Public Administration in International Development (MPA/ID) from Harvard University’s Kennedy School.
  22. 22. Tembeka is passionate about empowerment and the alleviation of poverty. She firmly believes that poverty can be defeated by creating self sufficiency and offering opportunities that are not dependent on long term support structures. She left a senior position in government to start her own empowerment organisation “Talking Beads” in 1997 which has trained over 5000 (mainly rural women and the youth) in beadwork. Tembeka’s aim was to revive the dying local craft traditions whilst providing work for South African women. The sustainability of this project was dependent on the transfer of crafting skills that ensured the preservation of the crafts while empowering marginalised people. Tembeka is also the managing director of Ngezandla Zethu (With Our Hands) which is the training wing of Talking Beads. In 2000 she won the Shoprite Checkers “Woman of the Year” TEMBEKA NKANBA VAN WYK (business category). Talking Beads Tembeka obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Xhosa South Africa from the University of Fort Hare and honours in African Literature. She has a MBA from Henley, England and a Masters in African Studies from UCLA, USA. She also holds a Higher Diploma for the Education of Adults from Wits University and a certificate in Entrepreneurship from the University of Pretoria. She serves on several boards and is an accomplished producer, scriptwriter and poet. 22
  23. 23. 23 Introducing Beautiful Soul Supporters The following people (name, job, company, residence ) are supporting Beautiful Soul. Coaches and Mentors 1. Marina Prifti, HR Manager , Intracom Telecom , Greece EAUTIFUL SOUL 2. Gilles Gambade, Top Team World, Greece, 3. Sabine Henrichfreise, Founder Philena, France, 4. Guillaume Sennequier, General Manager, Philip Morris, UAE, 5. Loukas Tzitzis, Deputy CTO , Sitronics , Russia, tzitzis/1/512/615 6. Alex Dembitz, Charmain, Sofgen SA, Switzerland, 7. Anne Helene Nicolas, Founder, Innovatys Consulting,France, www.innovatys-, 8. Gaia Arnaboldi, Private Equity Investor, UK Experts 7. Olivier Basso, Partner, Aden Executives, Belgium, Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 8. Reine Marie Diop, Product Manager, L’Oreal, France, Marketing, 9. Pierre Elmassian , Tai-Chi Master 10. Fatma Juma , Artist, logo design 11. Vera Schopper, Photographer Partners ADVANCIA,
  24. 24. Join us