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Oak Brook, Illinois Home Care and Healthcare Staffing Services


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BrightStar provides homecare, including elder care, childcare and qualified caregivers along with medical staffing solutions in Oak Brook, IL. From childcare to elder care, the Oak Brook BrightStar team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Proudly Serving Southeast DuPage County, including Burr Ridge, Clarendon Hills, Darien, Downers Grove, Elmhurst, Hinsdale, Lemont, Oak Brook, Oakbrook Terrace, Villa Park, Westmont, and Willowbrook.

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Oak Brook, Illinois Home Care and Healthcare Staffing Services

  1. 1. Oak Brook, Illinois Home Careand Healthcare Staffing Services
  2. 2. Jim Guzdziol & Phyllis O’Brien- Proud OwnersInspiration for opening a BrightStar franchise arose from apersonal experience for husband and wife Jim Guzdziol, MBAand Phyllis O’Brien, RN, owners of the Oak Brook andNaperville offices.
  3. 3. “ We witnessed firsthand Phyllis’ mother’s need for care and thedifficulties a family faces when a family member is suffering. Thedemands of caring for a loved one cause a great deal of stress on theprimary decision maker and caregiver. It is very fulfilling to providesuch a needed service. Phyllis and I view this as a tremendousopportunity to leverage our career strengths and bring a higher levelof service to this community.Recognizing that the key to containing healthcare costs is following amanaged care model, we have introduced Care CoordinationServices to help clients and families maintain their independencewhile dealing with the complex issues surrounding age related ”vulnerabilities.
  4. 4. From childcare to elder care, the Oak Brook BrightStar team isavailable to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Proudly Serving Southeast DuPage County, including Burr Ridge,Clarendon Hills, Darien, Downers Grove, Elmhurst, Hinsdale, Lemont,Oak Brook, Oakbrook Terrace, Villa Park, Westmont, andWillowbrook.
  5. 5. Jim Guzdziol, MBA and Phyllis O’Brien, RN | OwnersAfter experiencing Phyl’s mother’s journey toward the end of her life,we were inspired to combine our career strengths and the BrightStarbusiness model to bring a higher level of home care services tosurrounding communities.Jim brings over 25 years of executive-level business experience,holding C-level positions for the past ten years. Phyllis has over 25years experience as a registered nurse.
  6. 6. Terri Grant | Branch Director“aI CNA and an EMT. healthcare field for over 15 years, starting outas have been in theI managed a Medicare-certified and private duty Home HealthAgency in Tucson, Arizona for seven years providing quality care andservice to patients and their families. Before joining BrightStar Imanaged a Chicago-based nurse staffing agency. I am excited to beworking with BrightStar where I am able to continue providing qualityservice to Healthcare providers and our homecare clients, which Itruly enjoy and am very passionate about. ”
  7. 7. Anna Skrzypek, MSW/GCM | Director – CareManagement “ As an MSW and case management attained in a wide range ofin geriatric care social services professional with particular expertisesocial services settings over the past 15 years, I am adept atdeveloping and implementing innovative, client-focused geriatric careprograms to ensure clients have the best resources possible.I specialize in assisting the elderly and their families with long termcare options and solutions with a focus on keeping clients in thecommunity. By untangling complex issues, identifying resources andproviding options that are safe, smart and appropriate, family systemscan regain a sense of control and peace of mind.I am passionate about creating individualized solutions that maximize ”quality of life so individuals can experience a fuller, richer life.
  8. 8. Maureen Wood | Director - Business Development “ My background includes lengthy tenures in business educationand professional services management.As a result of my Board service for St. Paul’s House, a Health CareCenter near Wrigley Field, I launched my “encore” career into servingthis nation’s greatest generation. The last eight years I have focusedprimarily on marketing continuing care in a community setting. ”
  9. 9. Maureen Wood | Director - Business Development “ My most recent assisted living andManagement Coordinator hasanew independent / position as Move memory care community forafforded me firsthand insight into the many challenges and difficultiesseniors and their families face when transitioning from their homes tosenior communities - the thought of downsizing, preparing to sell yourhome, the actual sale and physical move - can be daunting to say theleast!I am a strong proponent of the BrightStar model because our focus isto support seniors by providing excellent care and services in thecomfort of their own homes. As Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said,“There’s no place like home. ”
  10. 10. Melissa Gates, RN | Nurse Manager “ From 2001athrough 2006 I served our country in thethe ER,States Navy as Hospital Corpsman (Medic); working in Unitedmedical ward on board the USS John C. Stennis, and Pediatric Clinic.In the years following the military I worked in a pain clinic setting.I oversee the clinical aspects of the business which includes makingsupervisory visits to our private clients and truly enjoy providing one-on-one medical care to each of our patients. ”
  11. 11. Marilyn Ferro, RN | Care Coordinator “ With a wealth of healthcare experience, both hands-on andadministrative, my passion is providing each of my clients with thehighest level of care possible. As an electro-diagnostic technician atthe local community hospital and on weekends in a physician’s privatepractice performing specialized neurologic testing, I gained a solidneurological knowledge base and learned the value of patienteducation and compassionate care.Later, while managing a physician’s private specialty practice devotedto children with neurologic challenges, I completed my nursingdegree. As a Care Coordinator my role is to assess each patient’s needsand provide recommendations, linkages to services and oversight ofmedical services to ensure an integrated approach to optimal care. Eachclient is treated as though they were my mom or dad. ”
  12. 12. Brittany Ryburn | Scheduling / Staffing Manager“ I received my Medical Administrative Assistant Certification fromOlympia College and have four years experience in schedulingcoordination and medical office administration. My role is to match theskills, personality and availability of our field staff with the needs of eachclient. Job #1 is to be sure that each of our staff members knows wherethey need to be and when to be there. In the healthcare business, ourclients’ needs change with every passing hour. How’s that for jobsecurity! ”Deanne Ciullo | Human Resources Manager“ Withfield, my focus is to ensure our employee and staffing in themedical over eight years experience in recruiting screening andcredentialing meets the high standards of the Joint Commission. I amalso attending Lewis University in the evenings to finish my Bachelor ofArts in Human Resource Management. ”
  13. 13. ServicesAs a leading Home Care provider, BrightStar Naperville / Oak Brookis now introducing Care Coordination to help clients and familiesmaintain their independence while dealing with the complex issuessurrounding age related vulnerabilities.BrightStar’s professional approach uses registered nurses and socialworkers to assist elderly clients and their family members withrecommendations, linkages to services and coordination of carebased on individual needs and preferences.
  14. 14. Our Home Care Coordinators can help clients andfamilies cope with the challenges of aging by:• Offering education, support, and advocacy to individuals and families transitioning between care settings• Writing a care plan and ensuring it is being followed• Monitoring and coaching in-home help• Identifying unmet needs• Making sure things are going well and alerting families of problemsBenefits of these Services• Managed health outcomes and costs• Reduced hospitalizations / re-hospitalizations• Smoother transitions between different medical settings
  15. 15. Homecare and Medical Staffing Services Provided:Skilled (Medical) Care• 24-Hour High-Tech Care for Adults, Children and Infants• In-Home Blood Draws and Injections• Medication Set-Ups and Medication Reminders• Home Infusion• Wound Care• I.V. Therapy• Physical Therapy• Speech Therapy• Occupational Therapy• Social Services
  16. 16. Personal Care / Companion Care• Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care• Personal Care Services• Bath Visits• CNA Caregivers• Companion Caregivers• Respite Care• Shopping and Transportation Services• Companion Services• Transportation• Live-In Arrangements• Nanny, Baby Sitting, Childcare Services• Newborn/Multiples Care• Light Housekeeping/Meal Prep
  17. 17. Staffing Solutions:• RN/LPN/CNA/MA/MSW Staffing• Medical Office/Clinic/Lab Personnel• Mobile Phlebotomy• School/Corporate Campus Nurses• School Social Workers• Eval-to-Perm, Temp-to-Perm• Direct Hire
  18. 18. Ask about our additional professional geriatric caremanagement services:• Objective, comprehensive evaluations and plans• A single point of access to a wide range of eldercare options• Expert help in determining proper placement when homecare is no longer an option• Liaison service for families living at a distance• Time and money saving expertise• Assistance/mediation at times of crisis• Counseling and supportVISIT OUR GERIATRIC CAREMANAGEMENT SERVICES WEBSITE
  19. 19. Testimonials“All of your CNAs and nurses providing continuous care hospicestaffing for my father are first-rate and genuinely care about theirpatients as well as family members. Everyone I met from BrightStaracted as though they were members of the hospice team and I believeit’s a testament to your organization. I wanted to reach out to you toapplaud you for your great work and to ensure that all the staff atBrightStar receive the recognition they deserve.” – John, May 2010“During a difficult transition period in caring for my mother, I wasfortunate to be referred to BrightStar. I found the people at BrightStarto be immediately accessible, flexible in their scheduling andaccommodating to our specific needs. I would not hesitate torecommend BrightStar to a friend.” – Judith, April 2010For More Testimonials
  20. 20. For more information please visit BrightStar Care of Oak Brook, Illinois Jim Guzdziol & Phyllis OBrien 1415 W. 22nd Street Tower Floor Oak Brook, IL 60523 Phone: (630) 571-5555 Fax: (630) 571-5556Web: