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Avatars as media Stars: Second Life as a Global Media Event


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Avatars as media Stars: Second Life as a Global Media Event

  1. 1. Sebastian Klement Prof. Dr. Caja Thimm IfK/Medienwissenschaft Avatars as media Stars : Second Life as a Global Media Event
  2. 2. 1. Second Life as a media event 2. Avatars as media stars 3. Media events in Second Life and Real Life 4. Future of Second Life
  3. 3. Facts about Second Life
  4. 4. Explore Create Socialize Have fun Second Life is not an online computer game
  5. 5. <ul><li>Cybermoney in Second Life: Linden$ </li></ul><ul><li>1 US$ = 270 Linden$ </li></ul><ul><li>Buy and sell Linden$ from Linden Lab </li></ul><ul><li>Spend the money for … </li></ul><ul><li>Earn money, get rich (?) </li></ul>
  6. 6. Capital business magazine
  7. 7. DER SPIEGEL weekly journal
  8. 8. FAZ, national newspaper
  9. 9. Avatars as media stars Getting started in Second Life : All you need is an avatar…
  10. 10. Avatars are… <ul><li>Internet user´s representation of himself or herself , such representations can explore the virtual universe </li></ul><ul><li>avatars can be in the form of a 3D model (computer games) or a two-dimensional icon ( Internet forums, other communities) </li></ul><ul><li>origin derives from the Sanscript word Avatara, meaning “incarnation” </li></ul><ul><li>Use of Avatar to mean online virtual body was popularised </li></ul><ul><li>by Neal Stephenson in his cyberpunk novel Snow Crash (1992) </li></ul>
  11. 11.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Who do you want to be? Editing the appearence…
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Founder of Second Life“: Philip Linden
  16. 16. The Businesswoman: Anshe Chung
  17. 17. Real Life meets Second Life: famous ex-general manager Calmund talks about his involvement in Second Life
  18. 18. Rainer Calmund presents his Second Life project on TV (Stern TV)
  19. 19. Calmund becomes an avatar
  20. 20.
  21. 21.
  22. 22. His new appearence
  23. 23. Calmund as avatar in Second Life
  24. 24. 64.000 virtual m² „Calli´s Island“
  25. 25. Real life meets Second Life
  26. 26. Media events in Second Life and Real Life Mass media in Second Life
  27. 27. Newspaper: The Avastar
  28. 28. Avastar headquarters
  29. 29. <ul><li>December 2006: German tabloid giant „Bild“ launched this in-world virtual newspaper </li></ul><ul><li>provides news, entertainment, service and orientation for the residents </li></ul><ul><li>issue costs 150 Linden$ </li></ul><ul><li>being sold through street vendors and self-service boxes </li></ul><ul><li>4 editors and many freelancers provide the news in Second Life </li></ul>
  30. 30. Television: Life-4-U
  31. 31. Headquarters Life-4-U
  32. 32. Animated anchorman
  33. 33. TV event: live broadcasting of Lang Lang´s concert
  34. 34. Also available in Real Life. Lang Lang on YouTube
  35. 35. Lang Lang in the press: coverage before and after the concert
  36. 36. Spreading the news: free television to go
  37. 37. News agency: Reuters
  38. 38. REUTERS News Center: Second Life and Real Life News
  39. 39. Headquarters: Reuters
  40. 40. The link between Second Life and Real Life
  41. 41. Reuters Auditorium
  42. 42. Live interview with Desmond Tutu
  43. 43. Mixed media event: Desmond Tutu and interviewer in Cape Town
  44. 44. Live avatar audience listen to the interview
  45. 45. The future of Second Life <ul><li>Second Life overhyped? </li></ul><ul><li>Importance of Second Life as a space for social and technological experimentation </li></ul><ul><li>eventisation, no future without media events in SL </li></ul><ul><li>allowing its members freedom in how they create their world </li></ul><ul><li>place where we can try out the technologies, improve the interfaces and figure out what forms of social relationship work online </li></ul><ul><li>early stage in building usable and useful online environments </li></ul>
  46. 46. Thank you for your attention. Kontakt: Prof. Dr. Caja Thimm : Sebastian Klement :