Tertiary prep unit

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Apr. 30, 2012

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Tertiary prep unit

  1. Tertiary Prep Unit Tertiary Prep Unit Senga White James Hargest College LILAC Conference, Glasgow 12 April 2012
  2. Information Literacy @ JHC Year 7 – 13 programme designed to build on IL skills of students progressively through each year level
  3. Why? o Bridging the gap between secondary and tertiary education o Offering extension for motivated senior students o Increasing the profile of the library within the school o Closest University almost 3 hours away
  4. MISSION STATEMENT James Hargest College fosters all round development and the pursuit of excellence in a stimulating and supportive environment so that our students are equipped to create the best possible future for themselves and their world.
  5. Extract from James Hargest College Vision: To fulfil the vision of the New Zealand Curriculum by the development of confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners in a way that reflects the expectations and needs of the Hargest community. Our strong achievement focus is of prime importance, with sights set firmly on the pursuit of excellence and best performance by all.
  6. So far …….. Overall IL Programme at JHC Tertiary Prep Unit – work began in 2010 Trialled with Year 13 students Tertiary Prep Website
  7. Barriers:  Time …. Time …. Time  …. And Timing
  8. Session 1: What’s it all about!!? o Why are we here? o The Information Society o What does researching online mean?
  9. Session 2: Search Engines & Databases o Using Google o Google vs. Sweet Search o EPIC Databases – Advanced searching
  10. Session 3: Note-taking & Study Skills  Cornell Note Taking Method  Mind Mapping  P.A.S.S Study Groups  Studying for Exams
  11. Session 4: Bibliographies & Reference Lists  Why?  How to create  Using them  In-text citation  Online options
  12. Session 5: Academic Libraries  What’s different?  …….. And what’s the same?  How to use one  Things to remember
  13. Session 6: Field Trip  Visit to the Southland Campus of the University of Otago Education Campus Library  How to use a tertiary library catalogue /
  14. 2012 Year 12 study period Two options for Year 13 students
  15. Next Steps:  Make programme sustainable  Develop online resources  Create IL mentors  Evaluate programme  Survey students beyond Hargest
  16. Contact details: Twitter: @motherofwinter Wordpress: /

Editor's Notes

  1. James Hargest College is a 2-campus, 2-library school with an approx. roll of 2000 students. 68.2% of students go on to attend a tertiary institution.
  2. Progression to date:2005:Research on seamless transition began2006:C.A.P – Curriculum Alignment Programme Trialled Info Lit Unit through English/Science/Social Studies departments2007-08:Otago/Southland Info Lit Project Y11-13 Research classes - on-going2007:Y9 English - Cultural Connections unit - 2 years2008:Y10 Social Studies - In Our Backyard unit - 4 years2009:Y9 English - Top Secret Unit replaced Cultural Connections - still current2010:Y8 Evaluation of websites - still current Work began on Tertiary Prep Unit2011:Y7 QUICK - Quality Information Checklist2012:Y10 Social Studies - Kiwi Innovators unit being developed
  3. Next step to address gaps identified with C.A.P in 2006Many students go to University and the closest one is 21/2 hours awayIdentifies another direct link between the library and the curriculumExtends motivated, bright students
  4. Senior LeadershipTeam very supportiveInput from Policy, Planning and Evaluation Librarian at the Otago Universities Bill Robertson Education LibrarySat in on a Library Orientation session at Otago UniversityParticipated in a 2 hour study skills session designed for 1st year university studentsCreated website to use with students
  5. Barriers:Working out where it can fit in the school dayY13 study periods don't align for sufficient numbers of studentsStudents have commitments outside school hoursWhen to fit the 6-week blocks into the school yearTime for planning
  6. Session 1 - What's it all about?Set out intentions for the sessions - want them to be interactive and share the things that are already working well for them with othersDiscuss our need for information - Shift Happens clipDiscuss what quality researching online means as opposed to finding other types of information on line
  7. Session 2 - Search Engines and DatabasesPractical, hands on session. Google searching strategy. Compare with Sweet SearchAdvanced uses of databasesExplain school's access to EPIC databases
  8. Session 3Brainstorm ways in which students already take notesExplain how we already teach Dot Jot notes to junior classesIntroduce Cornell note taking methodEncourage setting up of study group
  9. Session 5 - Academic LibrariesTransferable skillsDewey vs Library of CongressEncourage librarians for help and doing sessions offered
  10. Session 6 - Field TripTour of Education Library in InvercargillTalk with library manager thereSession on using catalogue and Endnote bibliography generator
  11. 2012Offer sessions to Y12 students during their 25th periodFor Y13's - 1 study period a week and session during study centre
  12. Next StepsSurvey students who participate - things that were of benefit, suggestions for improvementSurvey ex-Hargest students who've completed their first two years about what they would like to have known before they got to universityY12 students this year to become part of our library team as IL mentorsAttempt to make programme sustainableContinue to develop online units as another option for students
  13. Article on Tertiary Prep Unit in SLANZA Collected Magazine Term 4, 2011