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Supporting Literacy in Libraries


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Presentation for Southland Literacy Teachers at James Hargest College November 2011 by Senga White, Library Manager, James Hargest College, Invercargill, New Zealand

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Supporting Literacy in Libraries

  1. 1. SUPPORTINGLITERACYResources for supporting the workof literacy teachers in SouthlandschoolsSenga White RLIANZALibrary ManagerJames Hargest College, Invercargill
  2. 2. Reading for Enjoyment• Reading together or aloud• Introducing new genres: Sophisticated picture books, Graphic novels, High interest non-fiction, Verse novels, Short stories• Ensuring students are comfortable using their school library and confident in finding what they need• Reading on e-book platforms• Listening to audio books
  3. 3. Extending Reading• Book reviews and book blogs• Following series or authors enjoyed• Author websites• Book Trailers• Trailers for movies adapted from good young adult novels• Livebinders folder with links to resources
  4. 4. Supporting Research• How to use contents, index, glossary, timeline pages within a book• Skimming and scanning for information• Encyclopaedia Quizzes – fun, competitive, collaborative • Instructions on how to run them:• How to select a variety of resources – Reference material, Books, Magazines and Newspapers, Websites, Databases• Good search engines to use with students • Livebinder: Online Searching for Students • EPIC databases: