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Curating Content with Digital Tools

Presentation to SLANZA Wellington members at a Saturday workshop on Saturday 15th September 2012

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Curating Content with Digital Tools

  1. 1. Curating Content with Digital Tools Practical Digital Tools Workshop by Senga White SLANZA Wellington Region Saturday 15th September 2012
  2. 2. What is curation?Curation is the act of individuals with a passion for acontent area to find, contextualize, and organizeinformation. Curators provide a consistent updateregarding what’s interesting, happening, and cool intheir focus. Curators tend to have a unique andconsistent point of view–providing a reliable contextfor the content that they discover and organize. Bell, Steven, Calling all Content Curators, Library Journal, July 12th 2012 content-curators-from-the-bell-tower/
  3. 3. Ways to use Tools:OrganisingCollaboratingSharingTeaching
  4. 4. Before you get started ……. Ask yourself “Why?” o Is it just for you? o Planning to share? o Students and/or Teachers? Decide on subjects o What is my criteria for selection? o How will I group them? o What tags will help me “find” them again?
  5. 5. Types of Tools  Diigo  Livebinders  Scoop It!  Pinterest  Symbaloo  Evernote
  6. 6. Diigo Diigo Collaborative research tool Knowledge sharing community Social content site Able to highlight and annotate information It is pronounced as Deego. The name "Diigo" is an abbreviation for "Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff."
  7. 7. Diigo Home Page
  8. 8. Hot Bookmarks
  9. 9. Different Plans
  10. 10. Example of Notes and Highlights
  11. 11. Tags & Lists
  12. 12. Diigo Livebinders3 ring binder for the webVisual portfolio that allows for contextCurate AND presentOnline lesson plansAccess to statistics of views
  13. 13. Livebinders Viking Unit
  14. 14. Some examplesof LivebindersTeachingResources at JHC
  15. 15. Diigo Scoop. It Visual curation based on topics Scoop. It will suggest new content for your topics Easily browse for topics of interest Easy to follow topics of interest Free access to Scoop. It only gives you limited number of topics
  16. 16. DiigoPinterestVirtual Pin-board for the internetVery visualVery addictiveSome concerns over copyrightEasy to use – create as many boards as you like
  17. 17. Diigo Symbaloo Electronic desktop organiser
  18. 18. A Student Explains Symbaloo
  19. 19. Diigo Evernote Online note-taking tool Save anything and access from anywhere
  20. 20. Other tools to consider   Learnist  Lore
  21. 21. Links• Calling all Content Curators• Diigo• Livebinders• Scoop. It• Pinterest• Symbaloo• Evernote• Vikings Livebinder• Reading for Enjoyment Livebinder• Hargest Student Livebinders• Hargest Staff Livebinders• How to use curation tools mentioned in this presentation• Other curation tools: - Present.Me - Lore
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  23. 23. Contact details: Twitter: @motherofwinter Wordpress: tertiaryprep.wordpress.com