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2014 Senate Bonding


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2014 Senate Bonding

  1. 1. 2014 Minnesota Senate Bonding Bill
  2. 2. Minnesota is already a great place to…
  3. 3. …do business Photo: zman
  4. 4. …raise a family Photo: Neil Coleman on Flickr
  5. 5. …and enjoy it all.
  6. 6. Colleges and Universities Local Governments and State Agencies Community leaders, non-profit organizations, and more…
  7. 7. …about needed improvements to keep Minnesota moving forward. Roads and Bridges Dams Civic Centers Transit Waste Management Facilities Sewer Systems More… Energy Facilities Public Buildings
  8. 8. …and some BIG wheels!
  9. 9. Business & Economic Development Housing & Infrastructure Education Public Safety Transportation The result is a carefully crafted package of investments.
  10. 10. Putting Minnesotans back to work. Business & Economic Development
  11. 11. Improving the quality of life for allHousing & Infrastructure
  12. 12. Preparing the Workforce of TomorrowEducation
  13. 13. Ensuring safe communitiesPublic Safety
  14. 14. Maintaining roads and bridgesTransportation
  15. 15. Preserving the forests, lakes, rivers, and wildlife Environment
  16. 16. The Senate Capital Investment Committee is comprised of members from all over the state with differing values. Fair
  17. 17. The Senate made equity and equal distribution of funded projects a priority in its bonding bill. Equitable
  18. 18. Adjusted for inflation BalancedThe average bonding bill over the past ten years is $1.1 billion.
  19. 19. Now is the time to .
  20. 20. Tell us about the infrastructure needs in your community that would help move Minnesota forward. Use the hashtag #BuildMN
  21. 21. http://