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OdinS smart products

  2. Odin Solutions Spin-off from the Universidad de Murcia (UMU) based on more than 7 years in the research and development on remote monitoring and sensor control systems
  3. Odin Solutions S.L. Why we decide to have this step: • Needs: – We have been looking for solution to retain the knowledge represented by the researchers working with us – Lack of ternure track within research institutions • Opportunities: – Maturity of the technologies we have been developing with extensive testing based on collaboration with industries – The flexibility/modular design that allows several usage of the same baseline – The University Smart campus deployment that brings a 30 building and 60 vehicles showcase • Challenges – Create a company with UMU participation (2 years of discussion on IPR, royalties, etc) – Define a business model for the IoT ecosystem
  4. Odin Solutions S.L. Spin-off leveraging on IoT technology and different enablers developed over several years: – Integration of heterogeneous sensors in a common IP-based gateways • KNX, HVAC, Deli, CAN, propietary alarms system, etc • 6LoWPAN support for new sensors – SCADA web system for monitoring and actuation over sensors with an editor for defining interactions – Results in the domotic, sensor fusion and the remote monitoring and operation on agricultural deployment
  5. Technology Enablers Medication dispenser Bed monitor SPo2 Weight scale Blood PressureContinua Alliance
  6. OdinS: ¿What is offering? Innovation in products Platforms Services Smart Cities Inteligent Management of Infrastructures Greenhouse and agricultural monitoring Vehicles Telemonitoring Efficient Energy Management User Centric Services Location based Services New Products Continue Evolution New Services UNIVERSIDAD DE MURCIA
  7. Platform of Monitoring and Control
  8. Scenario of Validation More of 30 buildings of the University of Murcia connected to City explorer
  9. Smart Buildings  Integral Management  Energy reduction
  10. Smart Management of Indoor Lighting Classroom
  11. Smart Campus Outdoor and Lighting
  12. Interacting through WebServices Map Visualization Street Lights Bus Stop Digcovery Mobile
  13. Management of Alarms System
  14. Management of Fire Detectors
  15. Smart Management of Electric Devices
  16. Access Control
  17. Monitoring of Energy Production
  18. Graphic Editor of City explorer
  19. 2 years for the Amortization of the Investment Benefits 23,12% of Annual Energy Saving in Buildings
  20. Country explorer  Monitoring of crops  Irrigation
  21. Country explorer measuring air/soil/water temperatures Soil parameters Water tension dielectric constant of the soil 3G/GPRS Electrical Enclosure IEEE 802.15.4 Waterproof Enclosure IEEE 802.15.4
  22. Irrigation Management and remote Monitoring  Define periods and time of crops irrigation  Incident Alerts  Remote management of valves and infield devices  Remote Water consumption counters  Management of irrigation community
  23. Remote control of soils for fertilization optimization and hydric fingerprint  Salinity, humidity and conductivity measurement  Mesh network of sensors  Decision making tools for irrigation and fertilization
  24. Floods monitorization and emergency alerts  Water level monitoring in wells and basins.  Water level and speed monitoring  Data analytics  Predicción de emergencias  Civil protection alerts
  25. 25 Agriculture control systems  Irrigation control systems:  Greenhouse  Datalogger
  26. Mobility explorer  Vehicle management  Tele-monitoring  RFID control of driver
  27. Mobility explorer  Transport Monitoring
  28. Mobility explorer  User centric services for mobility
  29. Sensor for Emergency  Mobile app for connection to 112  Overlay network to support different services
  30. Smart ... Smart city Smart roads Smart lighting Smart buildings Smart agriculture Smart environment Smart Solutions... Thank you!