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FIWARE and IoT net services by DunavNET, SenZations 2015


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B. Pokric & DNET team: "Dockerizing" FIWARE Context broker, Complex event processing, protocol adapters and deploying them in cloud: how we used FIWARE and IoT in agriculture.

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FIWARE and IoT net services by DunavNET, SenZations 2015

  1. 1. DunavNET FIWARE, iotNET and Services Petar Knežević & Boris Pokrić 01.09.2015.
  2. 2. Agenda Intro to FIWARE FI-WARE Generic Enablers iotNET and usage of FIWARE Case studies Dockerize and deploy IoT components
  3. 3. IoT Standards and Fragmentation Accessing “things” involves a set of problems: • interaction with a heterogeneous devices running different protocols (due to the lack of globally accepted standards), • they are not always reachable since they are connected through heterogeneous wireless networks, • they cannot transmit information too frequently due to battery drainage OMA NGSI 9/10
  4. 4. What is FIWARE? An open source cloud platform and components together with a set of APIs developed through EC FI-PPP programme as part of its Digital Agenda 2020, 400 million euros The areas of the FI-WARE: • Internet of Things, Open Data, Big data, enhanced User Experiences, e- health, smart city, e-government, tourism. The goal of the FI-WARE: Advance the global competitiveness of the EU economy. Cost-effective creation and delivery of services, providing high QoS and security guarantees.
  5. 5. FIWARE Eco System FIWARE – component suite, catalogue @ FIWARE Lab - non-commercial sandbox environment where innovation and experimentation based on FIWARE technologies take place FIWARE Ops - collection of tools that eases the deployment, setup and operation of FIWARE instances by Platform Providers FIWARE Accelerate - Acceleration Programme aims at promoting the take up of FIWARE technologies among solution integrators and application developers, with special focus on SMEs and start-ups FIWARE Mundus - designed to bring coverage to this effort engaging local ICT players and domain stakeholders, and eventually liaising with local governments in different parts of the world, including Latin American, Africa and Asia
  6. 6. FIWARE Generic Enablers Set of APIs, rendered as open source. Ready-made components for developers. Generic and reusable building blocks. Well-defined APIs, easing development
  7. 7. Usage Development of Context-Aware Applications using FIWARE – Orion Context Broker Connection to the Internet of Things - IDAS IoT Agents Real time processing of Context Events - Proton Complex Event Processing (CEP) Handling Authorization & Access Control to APIS - Security standards (OAuth, XACML) Publication of Context Information as Open Data - CKAN extensions
  8. 8. Usage Big Data Analysis of Historic Context Information – Cygnus, HDFS Creating Application Dashboards - Wirecloud Real time processing of Media Streams - Kurento Providing an Advanced User Experience (UX) - Augmented Reality or 3D visualization Hosting your Application on a FIWARE Cloud - FIWARE Cloud
  9. 9. Architecture
  10. 10. FIWARE Generic Enablers- IoT Services Enablement
  11. 11. The goal of the FI-WARE is creating smart applications Being “Smart” requires first being “Aware” Implementing a Smart Application requires gathering and managing useful data (context information) via sensors, mobile apps…. Place = “X”, temperature = 30º What’s the current temperature in place “X”? A sensor in a pedestrian street The Public Bus Transport Management systemA person from his smartphone It’s too hot! Notify me the changes of temperature in place “X” 11 Context Management in FIWARE
  12. 12. Context Broker operations: push & pull data Context Producers publish data/context elements by invoking the updateContext operation on a Context Broker. Context Consumers can retrieve data/context elements by invoking the queryContext operation on a Context Broker Context Consumer queryContext Context Producer updateContext Context Broker 12
  13. 13. iotNET on FIWARE
  14. 14. 12/10/14 iotNET Azure
  15. 15. iotNET on Azure
  16. 16. ekoNET – Air quality monitoring
  17. 17. ekoNET device
  18. 18. ekoNET and AR
  19. 19. ekoNET and AR
  20. 20. irrigNET – Optimisation of crop irrigation
  21. 21. foodNET – Connecting producers and consumers
  22. 22. pestNET – Open field pest detection • Acoustic detectors based on 0-14 kHz microphone with 500 Hz band harmonics • Acoustic detectors placed underground based on the piezoelectric sensor • Single frame camera detector used for capturing static images in the traps • Video cameras placed on drones
  23. 23. Dockerize and deploy IoT components • Docker • Fiware Generic Enablers  Orion Context Broker ( OCB )  Complex Event Processing ( CEP )  Backend Device Management – IDAS ( IoT agents)
  24. 24. What is Docker? • Docker is an open platform for building, shipping and running distributed applications • Docker allows you to package an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development
  25. 25. Docker architecture
  26. 26. Way Docker? • Build once…run anywhere • A clean, safe, hygienic and portable runtime environment for your app • No worries about missing dependencies, packages and other pain points during subsequent deployments • Run each app in its own isolated container, so you can run various versions of libraries and other dependencies for each app without worrying • Automate testing, integration, packaging…anything you can script • Reduce/eliminate concerns about compatibility on different platforms, either your own or your customers • Cheap, zero-penalty containers to deploy services. A VM without the overhead of a VM. Instant replay and reset of image snapshots. That’s the power of Docker
  27. 27. Orion Context Broker ( OCB ) Centos 6.6 official image Orion Context Broker Application Centos 6.6 official image Cygnus Application MongoDB official image MySQL DB official image
  28. 28. Complex Event Processing ( CEP ) Tomcat official image Complex Event Processing ( CEP ) Docker build file:
  29. 29. Backend Device Management – IDAS Centos 6.6 official image IoT Agent UL2.0/HTTP Centos 6.6 official image IoT Agent MQTT Centos 6.6 official image Mosquitto MQTT broker MongoDB official image
  30. 30. Questions?