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Digital Catapult, Senzations15

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Digital Catapult, Senzations15

  1. 1. Open Innovation in the UK Senzations’15 Summer School Belgrade, September 2nd Michele Nati Privacy and Trust Technical Leader @digitalcatapult, @michelenati
  2. 2. Outline •  Catapults •  Mission •  Digital Catapult •  Open Innovation •  Digital Catapult platforms and initiatives •  Ways to engage •  Trust Framework Initiative •  European Initiatives
  3. 3. Catapults structure and mission •  Catapults are not-for-profit •  Government-initiated start-ups (for five years) •  Collaborative Research and Development funding (now and in the future) •  Commercial stream (now and in the future) •  Mission •  Connect business and research •  Providing collaboration and working spaces •  Helping in identifying problems and solutions, commercialize academic research •  Turning commercial ideas into reality •  Providing technical, legal and commercial in-house expertise •  Attracting inward investment •  Support access to global market •  Engage with SMEs and Scale-ups* business •  How? •  Understand and define the Catapult core business 3 * 20% of year growth in turnover (or headcount) in the last 3 years
  4. 4. The journey so far… •  9 Catapults •  Cell Therapy •  Digital •  Energy Systems •  Future Cities •  High Value Manufacturing •  Offshore Renewable Energy •  Precision Medicine •  Satellite Applications •  Transport Systems •  Get in touch • 4
  5. 5. The Digital Catapult
  6. 6. A national centre to rapidly advance the UK’s best digital ideas Completely neutral Not for profit, private limited company Who are we?
  7. 7. Some of our partners and supporters
  8. 8. We are NOT a funder, incubator or accelerator! Our aim is to work with these organisations, not duplicate To unlock proprietary data in faster, better and more trusted ways Our Mission
  9. 9. Our focus is on the Data Value Chain How We Do This
  10. 10. Data From Internet of Things devices Personal Data Data with ownership rights Closed Organizational Data Where “our” data come from? 10
  11. 11. Pit Stops Hands-on help with specific issues around growth and scaling from our network of high-calibre experts Intense experience over two days 10-30 growing companies, deep technical experts, academics and students, larger corporates Co-creation workshop Bring together relevant stakeholders to identify problems, better scope them, design solutions
  12. 12. Digital Catapult – Platform PortfolioOpen Innovation 12  
  13. 13. What Open Innovation is? •  Advance internal technology by •  Using internal and external ideas, paths to market •  Sharing risk and reward •  Buying external invention •  Licensing inventions not being used •  Advantages •  Reduced cost of R&D •  Potential improvement in development •  Early-stage incorporation of customers •  Disadvantages •  Potential to lose competiveness by revealing intellectual property •  Increased complexity in controlling innovation 13
  14. 14. Models for Open Innovation •  Product platforming •  Developing and introducing a partially completed product •  Call for contributors to extend the platform and its value (SDK, APIs) •  Collaborative product design and development •  Incorporates contributors into the development cycle (e.g., co-creation workshop) •  Controlling and maintaining the product development •  Customer immersion •  Advance product presentation to customers •  Collection of customer inputs and their involvement in the design process •  Ideas competitions •  Access innovative ideas and understand customers and contributors needs •  Rewards to encourage competiveness among contributors (e.g., hackathon) •  Innovation networks •  Leverage networks of experts to develop solutions to identified problems 14
  15. 15. Open Innovation at Digital Catapult •  Product development •  Minimum Viable Product (MVP): product with the highest ROI •  Minimum set of features to allow platform deployment •  Feedback from early adopters, to avoid build products customers do not want •  Platforms and their aim •  Develop new ideas (Copyright Hub) •  Develop new business (Data Catalyser) •  Seek new ideas (Environmental Data Exchange, Nwave IoT radio testbed) •  Ways to engage •  Open calls (EuroCPS, Trusted Data Cloud) •  Networks growing (Personal Data and Trust Network) •  Initiatives launch (Trust Framework Initiative) 15
  16. 16. Copyright Hub Copyright Hub 16
  17. 17. Copyright Hub – Managing access to creative contents 17
  18. 18. Copyright  Hub  -­‐  Overview   An industry forum and technology platform providing services to enable digital data exchange, connecting users to rights owners and reducing licensing friction •  Reducing licensing barriers & opening up new markets whilst not interfering with existing business models •  Automating low value / high volume transactions - promoting digital data use & greater creator control •  Not for profit – specifically designed to create new ecosystems and business models •  Open internet-focused and built on open source technologies •  Culture, language and licensing regime agnostic – adaptable to specific needs whilst remaining interoperable •  Business model / payment mechanism agnostic – will interface with whatever model and services the rights owner uses •  Licence-type agnostic – determined by the rights owner, not the Hub 18
  19. 19. Copyright  Hub  -­‐  Tech   •  Enabling the identification of data wherever it is found •  Enabling the query of existing and new repositories of rights information using a common rights format based on the work of the Linked Content Coalition •  Provision of an index of identifiers, resolvable to existing identifiers •  Provision of repository services, linked to existing rights owner databases •  Provision of identifiers to identify transactions that have taken place on content. 19
  20. 20. Q2 2015 •  Images licencing •  External identifiers •  Ontology structure •  Developer Portal Q3-4 2015 •  Text and Music licencing •  Transformation Engine •  Transformation mappings Q1 2016 •  Rich license queries •  Release to open source community Copyright  Hub  –  Feature  Road  Map   •  Copyright Hub still in core development stage but moving quickly to live release of use cases and market -facing functionality •  We are very open to new partners keen to explore the Hub and the value to their business •  Q2 2015 sees first live use case released focused on images with other content types including music to be released throughout the year. •  Q1 2016 target to open source the Copyright Hub code using industry standard SW licensing models 20
  21. 21. Copyright Hub – Demo •  Search for “copyrightclickhub” images on Google search •  Pick an image and follow the link •  Explore the available license and acquire the content (by selecting the CH icon) •  HINT: the 3rd (ugly) one is for free; the cool ones you need to pay (don’t do it now J) •  Want a better user experience? •  Try the same using Chrome browser and the Copyright Hub plug in •  Now you can do the same using the “right button click” •  How this can be embedded in your website •  Java Script libraries are available to annotate and link your images to the CH • 21
  22. 22. Copyright Hub for Developers • •  Available APIs •  Account Service: •  To register as a new organization and to register new services and users •  Onboarding Service: •  To upload rights data about copyright works in CSV or JSON format •  Query Service: •  To query for license and right controller for copyright work 22
  23. 23. Copyright Hub and IoT •  The problem •  The amount of content/data generated from devices is growing rapidly however: •  No consistent way exists of identifying the producer of the content/data •  No simple way exists for the producer of content/data to assert their ownership rights •  Validating the provenance of any content/data can be very hard •  The solution: •  A HW originated Globally Unique Identifier embedded securely into the asset at the point of creation which will travel with the asset: •  Using a simple library included in the chip (e.g., ARM silicon) •  Identifiers that are created are compatible with the Copyright Hub’s Rights Ecosystem 23
  24. 24. End-points can interrogate the Copyright Hub, in order to discover the rights associated with the asset •  A Global Unique Identifier* is attached •  A link is made to a repository where the Digital Rights can be processed •  Repository and rights can be managed by the user •  The asset may or may not be Digitally watermarked, this could be embedded •  The identifier will ideally travel with the asset, but if stripped, processes such as finger-printing and recognition can be used to recognise it 2 3 Other Copyrigh t Hub services 1 *NB the ‘identifier' is not a cryptographic entity How  it  could  work   Example 1. – Creative Content 24
  25. 25. 2 How  it  could  work   Example 2. – Control of shared personal data generated by IoT devices •  As personal data is shared around the IoT ecosystem identifiers travel with the data that allow; –  Control of all or some aspects of the content –  Who is allowed to view that data –  What it is allowed to be used for –  How long the data is valid for, or allowed to be kept –  Auditability of the acquisition path ? 25
  26. 26. Data Catalyser
  27. 27. Why Closed Data? 80% Closed data has huge potential value The challenge is how to unlock it of data is closed corporate or personal data
  28. 28. The challenge •  All organisations create huge volumes of data as part of their operations •  Primary value well understood: secondary or tertiary value usually not known or realised •  Privacy & other commercial concerns mean data is rarely shared •  Huge amount of potential value untapped •  A lack of trust in platforms to securely mix data •  Limited neutral parties to facilitate engagement •  Trouble finding the right talent in the industry to generate innovative insight
  29. 29. The Data Catalyser is a suite of services enabling organisations to create value from mixing closed datasets Includes the provision of expertise & a secure cloud-based system Allows trusted innovators access & to create the insights Includes: •  Hadoop cluster •  Analytics services •  ETL services (extract, transform & load) •  Audit & monitoring •  Credential & rights management •  Boundary security •  Access security Our Solution: The Data Catalyser
  30. 30. Secure platform •  Certificate based security •  Fully audited and monitored •  Business Impact Level 3 equivalent Features of the Data Catalyser State-of-the-art analytics •  Big Data platform •  SQL R Server Legal framework & best practices •  Complete contract set •  Industry wide best practices •  Intellectual Property sharing contract templates Proven delivery capability •  Active Project Management •  Access to world class data scientists
  31. 31. Data Catalyser: The Architecture 31
  32. 32. Convene Data Providers Data Catalyser: The Approach 1 11 32
  33. 33. Convene Data Providers Provide project framework Data Catalyser: The Approach 2 1 2 33
  34. 34. Convene Data Providers Provide project framework Data Catalyser: The Approach 2 1 Security is made available through a set of specific controls 331 34
  35. 35. Convene Data Providers Provide project framework Data Catalyser: The Approach 2 1 Security is made available through a set of specific controls A set of legal contracts defines the rules for all participants of the platform 3 4 1 4 35
  36. 36. Convene Data Providers Provide project framework Data Catalyser: The Approach 2 1 Security is made available through a set of specific controls A set of legal contracts defines the rules for all participants of the platform 3 4 Access to best of breed Insight Producers through a selection process 1 55 36
  37. 37. Convene Data Providers Provide project framework Data Catalyser: The Approach 2 1 Security is made available through a set of specific controls A set of legal contracts defines the rules for all participants of the platform 3 4 Access to best of breed Insight Producers through a selection process Overall, a data science solution built on enterprise grade tech 6 1 5 37
  38. 38. Externally Hosted Catapult Hub Consulting Services (i.e. Data Cleansing)Advanced Offering Consulting Services Basic Offering Collaboration approach Legal & Risk Management (LRM) IP, Compliance, Security Platform TDH / Titan Market Data Providers, Scientists, and Innovators Data Innovators (SMEs) Data Providers (Corporates and Gov.) Data Scientists (SMEs and Scientists) LRM External Hub LRM for No Hub LRM on DC Hub Catapult Hosted Data Catalyser 3rd Party Deployment Personal Data LRM with Data License Offering Structure – Phase 1 31 2 Gateway Evolution with PS Out of Scope Personal Data Strong room 38
  39. 39. Copyright Hub Environmental Data Exchange (EDEx) 39
  40. 40. A new platform to make environmental data accessible and available. Our vision is to unlock innovation, empower new business and technological approaches Addressing environmental issues and opportunities Discover Search, Discovery and Use Unlocking the innovation needed to tackle environmental challenges and opportunities Discover A platform to help the search, discovery and use of environmental data, unlocking the innovation needed to tackle environmental challenges and opportunities. Use Access to and use of key environmental data Across flood risks, climate change and air pollution and many more   Use The platform enables access to and use of key environmental data across flood risks, climate change and air pollution and many more. Collaborate A community based on collaboration and like- minded individuals Forum approach with the ability to comment, vote and share dataand share data. Share The platform enables users to share, ideas and approaches around data use, as well as enabling the input and sharing of their own open source data. Share Enables Users to share, ideas and approaches around data use Input and sharing of their own open source data The Environment Data Exchange
  41. 41. Data Providers Star rating and comments – Usability, usefulness, current, comments etc. Developers Community Open Data Closed DataMeta Data Signposting CKAN Platform The Platform
  42. 42. The Datasets •  Over 500 datasets posted so far •  Open datasets: direct download, or accessible through APIs •  Closed datasets: required negotiation with the owner (info are provided by EDx) •  Datasets metadata (to be provided on registration) •  Search term •  Map based •  Data type •  License type •  Data publisher •  Data owner •  Rating level •  Number of uses •  Examples (available as CSV): •  London air pollution: The dataset shows which Index level each reading falls in, and contains charts showing pollutant levels by time of day per month •  Historical monthly data for meteorological stations: Monthly Historical information for 37 UK Meteorological Stations. Most go back to the early 1900s, but some go back as far as 1853 •  Bristol river water quality: River quality monitoring data (chemical, physical and bacteriological parameters tested) from 1994
  43. 43. Place Diggers – Dig Before you decide – an app that would allow buyers to review their area before buying focusing on air quality, quality of green space and land contamination. Eco League – Focusing on business being wasteful (£23 billion could be saved by UK businesses in one year” Defra – but there is little transparency around waste. They developed a solution that would create a league table celebrating the best and shaming the worst companies regarding company waste. Gaming for Environmental Awareness – New Castle University – using the data from the platform they developed a game that would take from surrounding locations and making people aware of environmental data and concerns in the areas. Insight DX – was focused on making it easier to find relevant environmental data and integrating an API to allow people to integrate and use data on a daily basis. Open for business - A multi-sided platform that brings together open data, industry data and proprietary firm level data to help firms become more environmentally and socially sustainable: Smog Dodgers - Air pollution causes 29,000 premature deaths every year in the UK – but individuals aren’t able to easily measure their personal exposure to pollution – Polly the app they developed using the Environmental Data Exchange Data – alerts and measures the pollution in the area. Bees Knees – Bee population is in serious decline 26% of the bee population remains under threat – developed an app using the data exchange that allows people to realise how they can help and support bees as well as understand more about the bee population. 43 Few useful ideas
  44. 44. Copyright Hub Nwave IoT radio testbed 44
  45. 45. The Internet of Things: Our asset •  Can connect 1M of sensing devices •  Up to 10 Km range •  For over 10 Years on a single battery •  With 2 GBP devices
  46. 46. Weightless Standards •  Two standards •  Weightless W: use available White Space frequencies, central database is interrogated to know available frequencies •  Weightless N: use sub-Giga ISM Bands, Ultra Narrow Band •  Communication •  Star topology •  1000 devices connected to the same base station •  Frequency hopping to avoid interference •  Channel is divided in sub-channel •  Very small packet •  Fixed channel time occupancy 46
  47. 47. Nwave solution 47
  48. 48. The Internet of Things: The “Collaborative” Approach Maximize the outcome, support the efforts Council savings wrt to involved citizens Other Councils can be involved, we will deploy and provide Base Stations in other Catapult Centers – Brighton, Sunderland, Bradford, more.. Smart Parking Pollution Reduction Parking Environment Social caring Assets Demonstrate and replicate Co-creation workshop with Camden council representatives 48 We present the technology: What we can sense, where, how We ask what will they do and why with the information
  49. 49. User Experience Design Personas: fictional characters to represent similar user types User Stories: what a user does or needs User Journeys: the experiences a person has when utilizing/ interacting with something 1 2 3
  50. 50. User Experience Design / Personas Manager of Boilers Technician of Boilers Site Manager / Security Owner of Boilers + +
  51. 51. User Experience Design / User Stories Receive intrusion alerts Carbon monoxide levels Compare stats Check stats Effortless communication Problem notifications Location & Directions Boiler information Solution reports 1 2 4 6 7 3 5 8 9 Progress reports Regular Updates Instant identification Remote control Record tracking Personalised Reports 10 11
  52. 52. User Experience Design / User Journeys TODAY Text & Call TOMORROW Email & Web FUTURE Smart Apps
  53. 53. Prototypes Automated Text Message Automated Phone Call Newsletter & Website Infographic Simple Mobile App Smart Mobile App 1 2 3 4 5
  54. 54. Automated Text Message
  55. 55. Automated Text Message Manager receives a text message on their phone about the intrusion Manager opens the text message to read it in full and to take an action Manager is on the phone with the technician…
  56. 56. Automated Phone Call
  57. 57. Automated voice says: “Intruder alarm in the Boiler Room 185 has been set off; press: To listen to the options again press #” Automated Phone Call Manager receives an automated phone call Manager decides to call the technician Manager is on the phone with the technician… Automated voice presents 3 options 1 to call the police, 2 to call the technician, or 3 to call the owner
  58. 58. Newsletter & Website Infographic
  59. 59. Camden Boilers / Newsletter & Website Infographic Email shows a summary of all statistics for that month Ability to scroll down and interact with map INBOX WEBSITE
  60. 60. Simple Mobile App
  61. 61. Camden Boilers / Simple Mobile App Manager receives a text message… Given the option of which technician they want to alert Confirmation screen that technician has been alerted. Given the option to alert technician or send a text message
  62. 62. Smart Mobile App
  63. 63. Camden Boilers / Smart Mobile App Overview MapCalendar
  64. 64. How to Engage? Open Innovation in UK and Europe @DigiCatapult
  65. 65. Personal Data and Trust Network
  66. 66. PDTN: The Rationale •  The next growth of the Internet is likely to rely on the successful generation and management of personal data. High levels of trust and confidence in these data are a pre-requisite for successful new services, which have both huge economic and social potential •  The Personal Data and Trust Network, building on world-class research and business insight, will help organisations to develop the next-generation of personal data management, giving the UK clear advantages for consumers and citizens
  67. 67. PDTN: The Community PDTN SMEs CorporatesUniversities 67
  68. 68. PDTN: The Benefits •  Corporate benefits: •  Access to potential innovation partners •  Supports corporate open innovation programmes •  Gain insight to evolving market trends, capabilities and opportunities •  Visibility of academic research & innovation •  SME benefits •  Opportunity to meet and work with potential customers •  Opportunities to meet other innovation partners to further differentiate your product •  Visibility of and contribution to, cutting edge thinking •  Identification of commercially important problems •  Academic benefits •  Problem definition of commercially important problems •  Build research roadmap •  Partners to commercialise capabilities 68
  69. 69. PDTN: The Structure •  Over 500 members so far •  9 core groups •  Oxford Area •  Health and Social Care •  Design •  Legal and Regulation •  Social Innovation •  Digital ID •  Corporate Transformation •  PIM •  Economics •  We raise questions, trigger discussions, organize round-table, make impact 69
  70. 70. Trust Framework Initiative
  71. 71. Personal Data sharing: The Opportunities 71 •  Data are currently silo’d – Generated and exploited vertically •  More horizontal opportunities are possible For example: •  Mobile phone data to alert social care if patient is unexpectedly idle •  Shopping data maybe used to inform healthcare advice •  Band data to inform of retail offers e.g. “bought broadband 12 months ago… so”
  72. 72. Personal Data sharing: The Barriers Building Trust: Need to empower the customer: Ethics: Recognize & respect the consumer’s whishes Control: Give tools/dashboards to enable real control Compliance: Verify orgs are sticking to rules Communication: Kitemark to show whose in the ethical sharing club Remove Friction: Need to solve three sources of friction: Technical: How to define and physically transfer the data Legal: How to establish the users identity and assert permission within each silo’d system Commercial: How to agree the price of access/ transfer
  73. 73. TFI: The “Collaborative” Approach 73 Trust Framework development (phase 1): (Align to existing models and base development) Customer stream BSI process User experience stream Commercial stream Legal stream Technical stream UseCase1: Social&Health UseCase2: Marketing UseCase3: PortableKYC UseCase4: Valuewith policy The steps: •  Identify work stream leaders •  I d e n t i f y i n v o l v e d stakeholders •  Build the network and co-create the solution
  74. 74. The Attributes Exchange Network 74 Scheme Operator Customers digital broker The relying partyThe Attribute provider The Scheme Certification
  75. 75. EuroCPS
  76. 76. About EuroCPS platforms Access to leading edge technology platforms
  77. 77. About EuroCPS centers Support from design centers, competence & cascade funding partners
  78. 78. Industrial experiments Funding through open calls is available to support industrial experiments §  3 open calls §  May & October 2015 §  April 2016 §  3 experiment types §  Software intensive, system integration & hardware components §  Up to 18 months duration §  3rd party funding §  50k€ - 150k€ in total per party
  79. 79. Digital Catapult in EuroCPS Governance & Network management (3pm) GA, MT & WP meetings attenance, travel, cascade funding management, finance support, contractual documents and contribution to the production of periodical reports §  Project strategy §  Project day-to-day management Industrial experiments coaching (12pm) §  SW Intensive projects §  System integration projects §  CPS with innovative components projects Networking selection (5pm) §  Networking and industrial experiments selection management §  CPS specifications & Industrial experiments monitoring and support Platform enablement (8pm) §  Working methodology with third parties §  CPS platforms §  Component platforms Dissemination and exploitation (9pm) §  Internet-based dissemination §  Dissemination and promotion §  Project reporting §  Cascade funding §  Exploitation §  Interaction with other Smart Anything Everywhere projects §  Facilitate exchange between 3rd parties and the project beneficiaries Competency center, networking partner & cascade funding partner WP1WP2WP3WP4WP5
  80. 80. EuroCPS in numbers 80 Measures of success KPIs Project completion 3 years EuroCPS budget 8,186,835€ EuroCPS cascade funding budget 2,176,154€ DigiCat budget 385k€ DigiCat cascade funding budget 165k€ EuroCPS awareness amongst 3rd parties 800 SMEs Industrial experiment proposals 80 proposals Selected proposals 30 - 40 proposals Successful proposals 8 proposals Funding per 3rd party 50k€ - 150k€
  81. 81. EuroCPS update TODAY Next Steps Quarterly deliverables 2018 Winners announcement Jul 2015 Smart Everything Everywhere event Mar 2015 SME call Apr 2015 Application evaluation Jun 2015 SME call communication campaign May 2015 Kickoff meeting Feb 2015 •  Engagement of technical expert •  SA signed by SME •  T0 in September •  Planning of 2nd call promotion •  IoT Pitstop - Brighton ü  Smart Anything Everywhere event landing page ü  Smart Anything Everywhere event coms ü  Smart Anything Everywhere event participation ü  EuroCPS website content and review ü  SME call draft ü  EuroCPS 1st press release ü  SME call publication ü  SME call process & forms (application & evaluation) ü  IoT Pitstop coms campaign ü  IoT Pitstop – SME brokerage event ü  SME call announcement ü  Social Media campaign ü  DigiCat landing page for SME call ü  EuroCPS 1st press release on DigiCat website ü  SME call promoted to IoT mailing list ü  SME call applications evaluation committee ü  Draft SA for SMEs ü  Social Media campaign ü  DigiCat news letter promotion of the call ü  SME coaching through the application process ü  DigiCat landing page for EuroCPS ü  External expert committee selection ü  SA for SMEs ü  FAQ on Euro CPS web site ü  Internal evaluation committee review ü  Winners on DigiCat landing page for EuroCPS
  82. 82. DigiCat contribution in numbers §  IoT pitstop networking event: 25 participants §  Newsletter: 2,956 reach (28 clicks) §  IoT mailing list: 112 reach (31 clicks) §  Tweets: 4,070 reach (32 clicks) §  Facebook: 35 reach (0 clicks) §  LinkedIn: 1,882 reach (10 clicks) §  Coffee mornings & 1-2-1 engagements
  83. 83. DigiCat impact - 1st SME Open Call 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 DigiCat: 30% of all applications UK SMEs: 21% of all applications Number of applications Design Centers SME Country Number of applications
  84. 84. 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Platform Distribution - 1st SME Open Call Platforms Number of applications
  85. 85. EuroCPS CF budget per beneficiary Beneficiary Total Nr of IEs Total Budget 1st call Nr of IEs 1st call Budget CEA 8 340,000€ 2 145,900€ AVL 4 218,750€ 1 103,837€ Thales 4 241,500€ 1 78,500€ LTU 3 165,000€ 0 0€ BME 4 219,730€ 2 136,500€ Unibo 4 221,200€ 1 63,875 FhG 3 165,000€ 1 73,850€ DigiCat 3 165,000€ 1 85,000€ HTNL 4 219,975€ 0 0€ FinePower 4 220,000€ 0 0€
  86. 86. 1st Open Call distribution Selected proposals CPS type distribution Selected proposals country distribution
  87. 87. 1st Open Call results SME Country CPS type Networking Partner Related Platform ExaInformatics UK Integration DigiCat Quark System on Chip Platform SuriCog SAS France Integration CEA iNEMO Inertial Platform Cellcall Kft Hungary Integration BME Quark System on Chip Platform Engineering GmbH Austria Integration AVL Integrated and Open Development Platform FCeDnEtI-SCSom Spain Software Thales Avionics Platform Winet Srl Italy Integration UNIBO iNEMO Inertial Platform Mikrolab Entwicklungsgesellschaft für Elektroniksysteme mbH Germany Integration FhG STM32 Microcontroller Platform HungaroLux Lighting Ltd Hungary Integration BME Quark System on Chip Platform Greenwaves Technologies France Integration CEA STM32 Microcontroller Platform
  88. 88. Innovation Branding Through Trusted ioT-ExaInfomatics §  Why ‘Ensure people using IoT networks trust the system to use their data responsibly’ §  How ‘State of the art security at the edge of the IoT network (sensor level) using the Intel platform’ §  What §  Identity management §  Security/Policy enforcement
  89. 89. DigiCat feedback §  DigiCat voted the top contributor (with highest impact too) in EuroCPS ü Excelling in networking ü Call dissemination ü SME support ü Reporting clarity ü Action initiative winners for DigiCat landing page §  Head of internal review groups in Graz
  90. 90. Work Package Breakdown WP1: Governance & Network management (CEA) – 3pm GA, MT & WP meetings attenance, travel, cascade funding management, finance support, contractual documents and contribution to the production of periodical reports §  Project strategy §  Project day-to-day management §  Project reporting WP3: Industrial experiments coaching (AVL) – 12pm §  SW Intensive projects §  Help alleviate the key pain points related to the challenges in turning prototypes to products. Access to datasets, software toolkits, novel cloud & mobile services §  System integration projects §  Access to digital platforms, datasets & software toolkits to analyze, visualize and develop services & products. Reusable demonstrators the 5G Demonstrator project (secure trusted data environments and cloud services) §  CPS with innovative components projects Deliverables: M12: 1st intermediate technical report on IE selection & monitoring M12: 1st intermediate technical report on experiments WP2:Networking selection (FhG) – 5pm §  Networking and industrial experiments selection management §  Internal evaluation commitee §  CPS specifications & Industrial experiments monitoring & support §  Evaluation spec format & gudelines §  3rd partty coaching on experiment §  3rd party management §  Facilitate exchange between 3rd parties & the project beneficiatries §  Quarterly online meetings §  Connected Product Studio events Deliverables: M2: Industrial selection procedure implementation report M3: Text of the first call M6: List of selected industrial experiments & selection process for 1st call M9: Text of the second call M12: List of selected industrial experiment & selection process for 2nd call WP4: Platform enablement (Thales) – 8pm §  Working methodology with third parties §  Coaching role for 3rd party §  Detail use case requirements for each experiment §  CPS platforms §  Component platforms Deliverables: M12: 1st intermediate reports on CPS & component platforms use WP5: Dissemination and exploitation (ST-F) – 9pm §  Internet-based dissemination §  Dissemination and promotion §  Exploitation §  Interaction with other Smart Anything Everywhere projects §  Cascade funding M3: Legal contract templates to formalize EuroCPS industrial experiment with end users M12: Periodic Activity and Management Reports M12: First Public Activity Report Deliverables: M2: Smart Anything Everywhere collaboration plan M3: Main public project website with the list of EuroCPS services M3: First press release M6: Questionnaire results M12: 1st intermediate report on dissemination & exploitation activities Deliverables:
  91. 91. Main Deliverables and Roadmap 91 H 2H 1 Dissemination & exploitation (3pm) Open call management (3pm) Experiment coaching (4pm) Working methodologies with 3rd parties (3pm) Project management and reporting/Finance support (1pm) m4m3 m8m7m6m5 m12m11m10m9m2m1 WP1WP2WP3WP4WP5 Legal contract Activity & management report30% Grant payment Implementation report 1st call Selected experiments & call process 2nd call Selected experiments & call process IE selection & monitoring report 1st Intermediate report on CPS & component platforms use Smart Anything Everywhere EuroCPS website & services Questionnaire results Dissemination & exploitation activities report Formalize industrial experiment Initial claim Industrial selection procedure SME call text preparation SME call text preparation Process definition & set up Experiments report Press release text preparation Build EuroCPS website & add content 1st Press release Create questionnaire & data analysis
  92. 92. Trusted Data Cloud – HII
  93. 93. Work Package BreakdownWP1 Trusted Data Management Platform(s) & Services Deployment of the data management platform(s) and service integration. Platform(s) & Services enable users (consumers or businesses) to manage their business and/or personal data in a trusted way. Trusted Cloud – Business Development Coordination of the Trusted Ecosystem set up, integration and communication and support of [TDM] platform owners and contributing SMEs to develop their businesses to the global level. Trusted Ecosystem Accelerator Leveraging the usage of the [TDM] platform(s) by integrating SMEs and the consumers in the ecosystem. The SMEs can be either users/customers of the platform or contributors, which provide new functionality, services and/or technology on top of the platforms. The aim is to support new Cloud based services and ecosystem development, as well as provide a platform that enables 3rd Parties to develop new “trusted” services on top of existing services/capabilities and build a business strategy towards a trusted cloud services offering. European Trusted Data Challenge The purpose of this task is to organise European Trusted Data Challenge 2015. The challenge exploits [TDM] Platform(s) and makes available various heterogeneous data sets provided by the different organisations and/or European Cities (EIT nodes). The aim of the Challenge is to crowdsource new data based business innovations and opportunities across Europe as well as to increase understanding Cloud and Big data related opportunities and issues (technology, business transformation, privacy & security regulations, etc.). . WP2WP3WP4 TDM Service Co-design & Applications Experiments Increase of the influence and the impact of the consumers and users. Individuals will be engaged with organisations in a collective dialogue. Security and privacy concerns and users perception towards trust are critical. The aim of this task to plan, coordinate and execute user-driven development, testing and evaluation for the selected TDM based services (from tasks 1, 2 & 4). The methods will emphasise user-centric approaches including e.g. living labs, co-design, co-innovation, hackathons & fast real-life experiments with feedback loops. WP5
  94. 94. Call Launch 4 Dec 2014 Call Results 27 Feb 2015 SME Call Application Deadline 13 Feb 2015 DigiCat’s Q1 - SME Call process milestones SME Call announcement Event & Call announcement London Event 19 Jan 2015 SME Call Event Applications Evaluation 17 Feb 2015 Applications Shortlist 23 Feb 2015 Finalists selection 24 Feb 2015 SME Applications Track 3 Track 2Track 1 Validation & 1st tier analysis SME evaluation results & recommendation 12 12 4 1 •  SME applications •  SME replies analysis (.xls) •  1st tier review results •  Link to Confluence space Attendees Finalists list Results announcement
  95. 95. Our Product Portfolio Pixelpin Chino Interplay Finbiosoft U-hopper Lukoton 3DRepo dataAI SMEs in trusted cloud ecosystem Trusted Cloud
  96. 96. DigiCat’s Q2 - SME engagement Highlights Quarterly deliverables 2015 EU framework Kick off meeting Apr 2015 SME Kick off workshop May 2015 SME support framework Apr 2015 §  SME acceleration framework §  SME contracts and financing §  TechPeak & Nestholma engagement Quarterly Deliverables & Q3 planning June 2015 §  Munich acceleration days §  2016 Programme of Work §  1-2-1 SME coaching sessions
  97. 97. SME engagement draft framework Kick off activities •  SME & partner speed dating •  Trusted cloud tech session •  TDM Partner guest talk •  Activity and cooperation planning Challenge Definition One to one business development workshops with SMEs Testing & validation Creating market pilots & demonstrators by: •  Pilot trial experiment •  Dissemination seminar •  Open call experiment •  Exploitation plan validation •  Impact assessment 1 2 Technology R&D Prototyping & testing ideas via Co-creation workshops. Making use of service/product/toolkit/ platforms like: •  Hackathon •  Pitstop •  Innovation clinic •  Pilot trial experiment •  Dissemination seminar •  Open call experiment 4 5 Guest talks •  IPR •  TDM platform topics •  Pitching and preparing investor materials •  Funding •  Business model development revisited •  Marketing •  QA session with topics that have come up with many companies 3 Exploitation Commercial deployment through: •  Impact assessment •  Showcase / Demo Day •  Impact survey 6
  98. 98. SME kick off activities Acceleration Partner’s meeting 14 May 2015 1-2-1 SME coaching June 2015 Trusted Cloud Tech Session 12 May 2015 Lean/Validation/ Planning 13 May 2015 Community Kick-start 11 May 2015 Knowledge Sharing •  Product & Business development – SME lessons learnt •  Trusted Cloud offering Experimentation •  Continues experimentation •  Living Lab •  Owela SME framework •  Speed date •  Task announcement Future Cloud •  HII Trusted Cloud •  SME & Partners Pitch Demo •  Application hosting (BT) •  PDS integration & APIs (TI) •  Task workshop - Planning sessions Planning Session •  Review and agree on proposed plans •  Identify SME support needs •  Agree on goals and actions •  Online survey Next Steps •  Webinars •  Tech Talks •  Pitstop/Consultancy •  Customer pitch
  99. 99. How useful were the different sessions Very usefulIrrelevant Ok, but still need to work on making them relevant to all 1-2-1 sessions with SMEs
  100. 100. Interested in pitching events Very usefulIrrelevant Actions: Pitching event (tentatively) during the Q3 Review in London
  101. 101. DigiCat’s Q2 in HII Trusted Cloud Management & Ecosystem Highlights §  SME acceleration framework §  SME contracts and financing §  TechPeak & Nestholma engagement §  Munich acceleration days §  2016 Programme of Work §  1-2-1 SME coaching sessions Quarterly deliverables 2015 EU framework Kick off meeting Apr 2015 SME Kick off workshop May 2015 SME support framework Apr 2015 Quarterly Deliverables & Q3 planning June 2015
  102. 102. Q2 reporting days - Helsinki §  Gathering requirements §  Business §  Customer §  Legal §  Security §  SME Pitch §  New entries from Italy & Finland §  Total of 8 SMEs on board §  1-2-1 coaching sessions §  Finbiosoft §  Lukoton
  103. 103. Day 1 SME workshop…
  104. 104. Next steps… §  1-2-1 pitching coaching with SMEs ü  11th-12th of June: Finbiosoft, Lukoton ü  1st-2nd of July: Interplay, U-Hopper, Finbiosoft, Chino ü  3rd&6th of July: 3D Repo, DataAi, PixelPin §  Webinars/Online training ü  Project Delivery Framework §  Product Delivery Framework §  1-2-1 project delivery coaching with SMEs ü  21st of July: DataAI §  24th of July: PixelPin §  1-2-1 product delivery coaching with SMEs §  TBD
  105. 105. Trusted Data Management with Service Ecosystem DigiCat role in 2016 PoW
  106. 106. 2016 PoW – Partners §  Digital Catapult §  British Telecom §  Telecom Italia §  F-Secure §  University of Milano §  CNR §  VTT §  Electrobit §  Reply §  Trento Rise
  107. 107. 2016 PoW in numbers 107 Measures of success KPIs Project Completion 1 year (Jan-Dec 2016) EIT Funding 2,811,000€ Partners Co-Funding 2,130,648€ Total Catalyst Funding 4,941648€ Carrier Funding 13,906,960€ SME Open Calls 1
  108. 108. 2016 PoW – Trusted Ecosystem Accelerator [70k€] §  Deliverables - Report on Trusted ecosystem services - Report on SME integration on top of the trusted ecosystem §  Activities - SME engagement through our 3 centers Open call/5-8 usecases/2-3 new services/1-2 business ideas - Framework activities with TechPeaks & Nestholma Webinars/Techtalks/Pitch/Pitstops - Engagement of local government organisations 2 requirements workshops with local governments report on status of attitude towards adoption of trusted cloud practices around personal data
  109. 109. 2016 PoW – Governance & Business Development [75k€] §  Deliverables - Report on Trusted ecosystem services - Report on SME integration on top of the trusted ecosystem §  Activities - Support Business Development of SMEs Use cases 5-8/1 Pitstop - Support EIT Digital X-Europe programme Accelerator program - Provide legal framework for data exchange with TI, VTT, Polimi Report on the legal framework for data exchange
  110. 110. Trusted Cloud Ecosystem
  111. 111. Get involved •  Exercise 1 •  Select a platform •  List similar platforms: strength and weakness, what functionalities you would like to see •  How will you use it? •  Use case (you can also try to play with some of the available environmental data sets) •  Define type of Open Innovation you envision? •  Exercise 2 •  Think about a Personal Data use case •  Describe the date required •  Identify the domain •  Identify the barriers •  Design a possible application •  Identify the benefit •  Exercise 3 •  Identify a service for Camden borough (or your local borough) •  Mock-up an application •  Identify the Personas •  Pitch the application: describe the benefit for the different stakeholders 111
  112. 112. Developing your ideas 112 Try following a LEAN process ¡  Problem being solved ¡  Hypothesis ¡  Research ¡  Target user ¡  A solution ¡  Prototype ¡  Validate
  113. 113. Thank you Digital Catapult Centre 101 Euston Road London NW1 2RA Tel: 0300 1233 101 Email: