Natural user interface


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My presentation for ZwolleShares.Net 27-08-2012

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Natural user interface

  1. 1. Natural User Interface #ZWOLLESHARES Met dank aan: Dennis Vroegop
  2. 2. Voorstellen…• Roy Janssen• Microsoft PixelSense / Surface Specialist• Beheerder “Microsoft Surface Dutch Developers” LinkedIn Groep
  3. 3. “The way people interact withcomputers is going todramatically change in the nextfive years.” Bill Gates, CEO Summit 2008
  4. 4. “Ill be brave, in five years wellhave many tens of million ofpeople sitting browsing theirphotos, browsing their music,organising their lives using thistype of touch interface.” Bill Gates, CEO Summit 2008
  5. 5. "I mean, you should be able tocome to computers and interactwith them in a much more naturalway, to ask questions, have themrespond to you to do tasks thatare valuable to you."Graig Mundy (Chief Research and Strategy Officer, MS)
  6. 6. Geschiedenis 1969 1983 2007 CLI GUI NUI
  7. 7. NUI “It’s hard to design a simple, focused, intuitive interface. It’s easy to complicate things by adding (navigational) elements. These are the greatest design challenges.” Daniel Makoski (Microsoft Surface team)
  8. 8. Kenmerken…• Effectief onzichtbaar• Geen of lage leercurve• Schaalt mee met kennis gebruiker• Natuurlijke bewegingen, acties en gebaren• “the user should feel like a natural”
  9. 9. Hoe bereik je dit… • Focus op de primaire functie • Doe veel met heel weinig • Gebruik geen overbodige elementen
  10. 10. Metro“The Metro design principles center on alook that uses type to echo the visuallanguage of airport and metro systemsignage.”
  11. 11. Windows 8
  12. 12. Modern UI“Modern UI is our design language. We callit Modern UI because it’s modern and clean.It’s fast and in motion. It’s about content andtypography. And it’s entirely authentic.”
  13. 13. Clean, light and open • Feels fast and responsive • Focus on primary tasks • Do a lot with very little • Fierce reduction of unnecessary elements • Delightful use of whitespace • Full bleed canvas
  14. 14. Celebrate typography • Type is beautiful, not just legible • Clear, straightforward information design • Uncompromising sensitivity to weight, balance and scale
  15. 15. Content, notchrome • Delight through content instead of decoration • Reduce visuals that are not content • Content is the UI • Direct interaction with the content
  16. 16. Authentically digital • Design for the form factor • Don’t try to be what it’s not • Be direct
  17. 17. And…• No save buttons• No exit buttons• Consistent gestures• Consistent User Interface across platform• App Bar support• Preferably Charm Support
  18. 18. Windows Phone
  19. 19. Windows 8
  20. 20. PixelSense
  21. 21. PixelSense• 360° interface• Multiple users• Vermijd tekstinvoer• Massive multi-touch• Maak gebruik van fysieke objecten• Magisch gevoel oproepen bij gebruikers
  22. 22. Vragen…
  23. 23. Contact Twitter: @SemperIT