1. Google Display Presentation - Search University 3


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Google's vision on how technology is reshaping the display industry: Pascal Laere, Google's display responsible in Belgium, will explain Google positioning in display advertising today as well as share a vision of the business development in the next couple of years. He will explain how it all fits in the actual display landscape and will go through the challenges to achieve Google's objectives in the future.

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1. Google Display Presentation - Search University 3

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  2. 2. Display AdvertisingA vision of Google on how technology is reshaping the display industry 9h30 – 9h50
  3. 3. 3
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  5. 5. Media solutions @ Google Adserving DSP Media Ad Creative reportin Optimisation optimisation g
  6. 6. What’s new in the display ecosystem Real Time Bidding Contextual dynamic adserving
  7. 7. The display ecosystem as we know it User Sites AD Network User Sites User AD Advertiser Agency Network User Sites AD Network User Sites User
  8. 8. Inventory buying approach €
  9. 9. Inventory buying approach London ? London 1€ Katmandu ? London 1€ New York? London 1€ 9
  10. 10. Towards a more user centric approach What if we could target an individual on an impression-by-impression basis ?
  11. 11. What is real time bidding ? Real Time Bidding is a dynamic auction process where each impression is bid for in real time versus a static auction where the impressions are typically bundled in groups. 11
  12. 12. Individual buying approach London ? London 3€ Katmandu ? Nepal 1€ New York ? New 2€ 12 York
  13. 13. Demystifying real time bidding Callout T Impression shared with bidders including Impression info geo, ad slot, content passed through and user parameters Real-time bidders Additional information Agency is added: site vertical Publishers + buy side and seller declared data restrictions Bid submitted in real-time Seller determines whether site name or cookies are made available to bidders Auction Real-Time bids Offer to publisher compete with all contains winner’s ad other bids in the tag, winner’s second auction price CPM, and winner’s declarations
  14. 14. Google in this new display ecosystem User Sites AD Network User adexchanges Sites User platforms DSP/RTB ADAdvertiser Agency Network User Sites AD Network User Sites User
  15. 15. Real time bidding Advantages • Targeting individuals instead of inventory • Cost efficiency • Higher performance • Greater granularity with targeting and measurement
  16. 16. What about creative optimization ? 16
  17. 17. Dynamic creative optimization Technologies that can tailor display creatives to user profiles Ads are dynamically assembled when a publisher page loads according to user profile, media placement, behavioral targeting or remarketing 17
  18. 18. Technology further boosts engagement • Headline – weather-based • Product Images – weather-based • Product copy – product-based • Footer image – weather-based • Local Lowe’s – IP-zip code based • Call-To-Action – BT-based 18
  19. 19. Contextual dynamic ads Please use presentation mode in PowerPoint
  20. 20. 20