Research Design Proposal


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Research Design Proposal

  1. 1. Research Design Proposal Template 1Natalie SemanResearch Design Proposal10th Honors World Literature/CompositionLester and HamiltonSpring 2012Research Paper TopicMy research topic is sexual abuse to women in the military, and how it effects them as active dutymembers and veterans alike. The U.S media provides enough information about the current war inIraq,however, I have not heard a single thing about rape and sexual abuse. It seems as though this issue isa secret to be kept away from the general public, which is tragic for girls who are enlisting and unawareof the issue.What I Know about the Topic at This Point and Why I’m InterestedThus far, I have learned that sexual abuse is a huge issue that the U.S military tends to discount. Based onmy presearch, I have found that most victims of this kind of abuse tend to keep quiet about it, for fear ofputting their military rank in jeopardy. In many cases, the abuser is of a higher rank than the victim,causing her to feel trapped. Based on the novels we have read in class this year, I know that every militaryunit is like a family of comrades based on a value system of trust and respect. Victims of sexual abuse inthese cases are robbed of that experience as a whole. The trust and respect are stolen from them, leavingthe victims prisoners in their own “family” unit. My presearch also stated that sexual abuse is viewed as“part of the job” from the point of view of the officers. This troubled me, and left me interested andconfused about why this hasn’t been stopped.What I Want To LearnThrough my research, I plan to learn how sexual abuse has continued in the military without beingstopped. I also want to know what happens to a female when she is impregnated as a result of this. I hopeto learn more about how the military is helping the victims, and the process the victims must undergo toreport such abuse.Example research proposal from Tom Romano
  2. 2. Research Design Proposal Template 2My Initial List of Questions We Have About Our Topic-What measures does a victim have to go through to report abuse?-How is the military judicial system different from the U.S?-What happens to impregnated female soldiers when they’re pregnant in battle?-Does the government pay for abortions for these victims?-Does the impregnated victim get to go home to be with her child after birth?-How is our country working to improve the statistics of women as victims?-When did this begin to be an issue?-What happens to the victims when they are stationed back at home?-How do they tell their husbands?-What happens to a convicted soldier?-Why is this issue not spoken of in the media?-How efficient are the treatments for the mental trauma that results?-What percentage of women actually seek help?My Three Primary Research QuestionsTopic:Should the effects of sexual abuse to female soldiers be considered a detriment to the integrity ofthe U.S military?Big Question 1:What measures are the military officials taking to put a stop to this? Why haven’t thesemeasures been broadcasted?Big Question 2:How does this abuse effect veterans and how is it different from rape in civilian life?Our Research Plan Based on the research I’ve conducted thus far, I feel that online databases such as AcademicSearch Complete are the most promising for gathering quality information with the least amount of bias.Example research proposal from Tom Romano
  3. 3. Research Design Proposal Template 3This, coupled with Gale-based databases, provides enough information on my topic to be selective aboutwhat information I use, which is very helpful. Overall, my plan for gathering information will be centeredon digital texts and databases. In addition, I plan to organize and manage my information usingSymbaloo and documenting the citations in Easybib. These resources aid in the management of my time.Through mediums such as these and Google docs, the time I would normally use downloading files froma flash drive, I use to make progress in the research process. I do not envision having any problems withtime management; I learned from the mistakes I made in the fall research project process.Content Creation ToolsFor this project, I plan to create a presentation Zen type project. I am interested in this product becausethe simplicity of the visual allows the information to be very impactful, and I believe that this issuedeserves to be voiced. Along the road to creating the final product, I will be using Microsoft Word tocreate my spoken information, and Flickr to provide the photos. Additionally, I will use Microsoft PowerPoint to create the compilation of photos, and an element to add voice such as Movie Maker.Final Learning ProductMy final product will be presented as a Presentation Zen, because the simplicity of the project itself drawsmore attention to the complexity of the issue and the research behind it. Generally, Presentation Zens arevery impactful and allow a hard-hitting element of reality to intertwine with the facts. I plan to use ashaping sheet to organize my research to insure that every element of the issue is presented equally andefficiently. By outlining my sequence of information, the likelihood of leaving anything out is anonexistent element.Preliminary Bibliography"The Silent Battle for Servicewomen: Sexual Assault." Philadelphia Inquirer [Philadelphia, PA] 18 Sept.2011. Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 28 Mar. 2012Example research proposal from Tom Romano
  4. 4. Research Design Proposal Template 4"An Injustice for Women in Uniform."New York Times (2011): 22. Student Research Center.Web. 28Mar. 2012. <>.Hoppen, Jane. "Sexual Violence Is a Serious Problem for Women in the Military." Sexual Violence.Ed.Louise Gerdes. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2008. Opposing Viewpoints. Rpt. from "Women in theMilitary: Whos Got Your Back?" off Our Backs 36 (2006): 14. Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context.Web. 28 Mar. 2012 research proposal from Tom Romano