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The Read-Write Secure Linked Data Web

In order to enable a space of co-operation between distributed organisation in an agile manner read only Linked Data is not enough. One also needs:

to write data to remote systems in a RESTful manner
to allow an actor to bind himself to a remote action
global identification - so that an actor can know who said what and what action he commited himself to
distributed access control

Henry Story will show how the LDP Protocol (in last call) enables one to build this, how it ties into WebID and Web Access Control, and how it differentiates itself and complements technologies such as SPARQL.

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The Read-Write Secure Linked Data Web

  1. 1. The Read-Write Secure Linked Data Web Henry Story
  2. 2. Les données liés
  3. 3. La logique des données liés
  4. 4. Vint Cert & Tim Berners Lee
  5. 5. Un Graphe RDF
  6. 6. case class PointedGraph(point: Node, graph: Graph)
  7. 7. timbl/foaf.knows /foaf:knows
  8. 8. case class NamedGraph(name: IRI, graph: Graph)
  9. 9. case class PointedNamedGraph(point: Node, ng: NamedGraph)
  10. 10. timbl~>foaf:knows
  11. 11. Sur le résau:
  12. 12. HTTP PATCH
  13. 13. Que faire si TimBL veut que ces amis, ou les amis de ces amis puissent lui envoyer des notifications?
  14. 14. ldp:Container
  15. 15. Mais comment faire pour éviter les spammeurs? une identité globale et distribué: WebID l’authentification le controle d’access
  16. 16. La logique des données liés
  17. 17. deux types de copies de graph
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Web Access Control
  20. 20. Pour en savoir plus: • WebID, WebACL, • LDP: •