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Does Your Company Need a Social Media Specialist


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Is your company in need of a social media specialist,are you looking for someone to post to all of your Social Media accounts. Let us post to all your accounts in a professional manner and you can get back to running your business. We are affordable and work at your direction and guidance.

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Does Your Company Need a Social Media Specialist

  1. 1. Does Your Company Need a Social Media Specialist ? We Can Help with your Social Media Needs
  2. 2. What Does a Social Media Specialist Do? A social media specialist is a freelance or full-time worker who maintains and expands a client’s social networking presence. Keeping profiles and all information current, especially for dynamic clients, is a key task of a social media specialist. Social networks thrive on interesting posts, and a specialist must come up with entertaining or at least interesting content to bring in traffic. While posting content on a social network account has its own benefits, the specialist must grow the account by adding followers. Oftentimes, people will comment on updates posted on the social network page, and it is the specialist's job to react to these comments to engage readers.
  3. 3. Our Company Business Logos
  4. 4. Ebusiness Developments Inc. Duane Malanchuk President: Ebusiness Developments Inc. Home Business Company started in July 2012 E-business Consultant / Mobile Web Developer AAB Degree E-business Technology Mechanic 25 years F4 Fighter Mechanic USAF 1980 -1984
  5. 5. Our Social Media Offering
  6. 6. More Responsibilities of a Social Media Specialist Stale social networking accounts that rarely change often get little traffic and few followers. It is the social media specialist’s job to ensure the page is constantly changing and current. This may mean adding posts about a new product or just changing the client's social networking mood. If an account isn't kept up to date, then people will often stop following the page, which decreases the business’s online presence and may sacrifice potential sales. Most clients will have social networking pages on several social networks, and the specialist will usually have to maintain all of them.
  8. 8. Let us help you reach your goals Social Media What: What are your goals or what are you trying to achieve. Some of your Goals may be: Create brand and/or product awareness Build a community Show your expertise Educate Stay top of mind Increase your reach Generate traffic to your website Build new partnerships Provide Customer Service Increase sales, Etc.
  9. 9. We Put Your Goals into Action 1. If your goal is to educate your audience we can post educational videos that can match your industry or market 2. If your goal is to build a larger community we can engage with your followers to build relationships and make new ones 3. If your goal is to send traffic to your website we can display your offers from your website on the social media websites as well as build new content 4. If your goal is to increase sales we can find clients and customers using Facebook graph search or generate an ad campaign or contest to gather more interest in your product or business
  10. 10. IT’S A MUST to Optimize and Use Your Home Page Images ! Cover Photos Images Videos Tell Them Who you Are Tell Then What you Do
  11. 11. Post Regularly & Optimize by Engagement Post Often Posting at random or not regularly enough can leave a negative impression on your page visitors and affect your reach. Also, posting too frequently can have an adverse effect on your Page engagement. Find your rhythm by testing your frequency and watching your numbers to optimize engagement .Creating a Content calendar can help you stay on track and makes the process easier to manage.
  12. 12. What Is Facebook PageRank Understand the Platform Facebook EdgeRank Did you know that not all your fans see your posts? Actually probably less than 16% of your fans see your Page posts! Edgerank determines what posts appear on a Facebook user’s newsfeed. Facebook EdgeRank formula includes: Affinity: Measures the relationship between the viewing user and the creator of the story. The closer the relationship the higher the score. Weight: Different types of posts carry different weights (photos, videos, status updates, links, etc.). The higher the weight, the higher the score. Time Decay: As a post ages it continually loses value.
  13. 13. Page vs. Profile vs. Groups Pages are for businesses and are entirely open to the public and search engines. Pages can also have applications and custom tabs to help engage with your audiences. You can have as many Pages as you want and there are no limits on the numbers of fans (likes) you can have. Profiles are for your personal use and represent you as a person. On your profile you have “friends”. You can have up to 5000 friends and you’re allowed to “like” up to 500 pages. You’re only allowed to have one personal profile. You can control your visibility with the privacy settings. Groups are for people who share a common interest. Group members can participate in chats, upload photos to shared albums, collaborate on group docs and invite members who are friends to group events. In Groups, there are 3 Privacy Options: Open, Closed or Secret.
  14. 14. What Not To Do On Your Facebook Business Page ! 1. Do not use Facebook like an Amazon storefront by posting your products every single day. Remember Facebook users like to interact. Getting comments, means more Facebook shares and when friends comment , Facebook lets more people see the post. What to do Instead: Talk about the product your posting and build an conversation around its value, functionality or interest. 2. Do not make posts to long, the users time span is short, try to keep the conversation going by asking the audience to answer a question about your posting. What to do instead: Post something shocking or unusual to gain their interest. Post an image and use the image to get a users attention, find a different or trendy image and put text over the image. 3. Do not abandon Facebook answer comments as soon as possible, someone asking about your product is similar to someone in your store asking you directly. 4. Forgetting the importance of your Cover photo and Profile image it’s a good idea to change these out regularly, your Facebook page is different that your website, it’s a great marketing tactic to change these images as the stories change and as new topics become relevant.
  15. 15. We Will Utilize - All Your Facebook Features       Vanity URL Post Targeting Pinned Posts Highlighted Posts Featured Likes Custom Tabs       Events Post scheduler Offers Promoted Posts Milestone Questions
  16. 16. TWITTER TIPS
  17. 17. Twitter Define Your Brand Do you want to specialize in one subject to attract a targeted audience? Or do you want to be more general, tweeting about numerous topics?
  18. 18. Methods We Use to Post on Twitter 1.) We Use Only -Two hash Tags Per Tweet 2.) We Find Keywords Related to the Business 3.) Our Tweets = 10 times your followers. So, if you have 50 followers, no more than 500 tweets
  19. 19. WHAT WILL E-BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTS POST ON TWITTER • Will Post content everyday • We will use your specific goals to win more users followers or friends • Will Post with News, Images, Videos, Trends, Company Products ,Events , News Reports, Offerings & Contests and Social Interaction with Users • Will research web for new content
  20. 20. Pricing •$9hr •10 hrs week x $9 = $90wk. $360mo. •Will Submit Monthly Report of Activity •Will Post on Social Media •Facebook •Twitter •Pintrest •Instagram •Billed via PayPal Subscription •Cancel at Anytime / No Contract
  21. 21. Starting New Social Media Accounts $200 per account- to Start any Social Media Account When starting new accounts, we recommend using ad spend & campaigns to bring in more users
  22. 22. Contact Us Anytime! Duane R. Malanchuk Call: (419) 902-9403 Ebusiness Developments Inc. Email Us at: